How To Play Golf For Cheap

Do you love the thrill of a good golf game, but feel like it’s out of your price range? Never fear – playing golf for cheap is possible! With a few simple steps and tricks up your sleeve, you can enjoy this classic sport without breaking the bank. So why not give it a go? Let us show you how to play golf for cheap – with ease and grace!

For those wanting to hit the links on the budget, there are plenty of options available that won’t break their wallets. From taking advantage of discounts to finding ways to get the best value for your Dollar, Pound or Euro, we’ll take you through all the tips and tricks needed to help you save money while enjoying one of life’s great pleasures: golfing!

So if you’re looking to make your mark on the green without sacrificing your wallet, read on. 

How To Play Golf For Cheap
Photo S.Millard – How To Play Golf For Cheap

Top Tips For Finding Affordable Golf Courses

Golf can be an expensive game to play. Green fees and equipment costs add up quickly, so it’s important to find ways to save money while still enjoying the sport. Here are some strategies for finding affordable golf courses:

Public golf courses are often the most cost-effective way to go if you’re looking to play golf on a budget. Most public courses have lower fees than private ones and offer discounts for tee times booked outside of peak hours. 

Another great option is to take advantage of special deals offered by local courses or shops that sell discounted rounds in bulk. You may also want to look into apps or websites that provide competitive rates for booking tee times online – this could help you find cheaper prices without sacrificing quality!

SAS Golf on putting together a budget set

Tips For Playing Cheap Rounds Of Golf

  • Look for twilight rates at your local golf courses. Even some of the best golf courses offer reduced rates where you’ll find much better value. Even if you may not be able to get a full round in, you could still save a packet.
  • See if you can get a reduction for booking as a fourball. If you have a group of friends you might be able to negotiate a better rate, particularly at off-peak times.
  • Take advantage of discounts and coupons from online sources such as Groupon. A quick search showed prices starting at as little as $12!
  • Sign up for online tee-booking sites like GolfNow. They offer great “hot deals” on many courses.
  • Use public courses instead of private ones when possible as they are usually the cheapest way to play golf 
  • Look out for competitions at local courses. They can often be quite a bit cheaper than a normal fee.
  • Deemples App. If you are in Victoria, Australia (Malaysia and the Philippines too) then you can use the Deemples App to book reduced-rate games and also arrange a playing partner if you need one.
  • If you have an audience then you could even run a promotion for a course in exchange for some free golf games.

These options will help you get out onto the links without breaking the bank. Plus, it’s worth checking with friends who may have access to discounted rounds or membership programs that could lower your cost even further. 

Depending on where in the world you are and how much golf you want to play you may find that joining your local club is an attractive option. I pay around $10 per round on average at my home club based on the fees and the number of times per year that I get to play. Generally speaking, you would need to be able to play 2-3 times per week to see the cost per round drop below the very cheapest fees.

Reserving Tee Times In Advance

The number of golf courses in the U.S. alone is around 18,000. With so many options available to those looking to play a round or two, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to get the best deal. One great way for players on a budget to save money is by reserving tee times in advance.

When booking online, there are often discounts offered depending on the course, day and time that one chooses. Many sites offer discounted rates if you reserve your spot at least 7 days before playing. Additionally, some clubs may even throw in free extras like range balls or a golf cart when you book ahead of time.

CourseDiscountsSavings ($)
Public CoursesUp to 50% off the normal rate with advanced reservation50-75 per round
Private Clubs & ResortsSpecial offers for members and guests staying overnight20-30 per round
Typical Discounts

Alternatives To Expensive Greens Fees

The high cost of playing golf can be prohibitive. But there are alternatives to expensive fees that can help you save a lot and still enjoy the game.

Taking on part-time jobs at local courses, such as caddying or working at the range, is an excellent way to get reduced rates. Caddies usually make around $20 per hour plus tips which can add up quickly. You could also check out driving ranges in your area for possible deals – some offer special hourly rates or discounted buckets of balls later in the day. In addition to earning some money, you could get reduced rates or even free rounds.

There are some golf clubs that still have artisan sections. These allow you a reduced rate membership in exchange for working a few hours a week.

Driving Range Costs Soon Add Up
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Driving Range Costs Soon Add Up

Keep Your Practice Costs Down

Even PGA Tour stars had to think about the pennies growing up. Tony Finau used to practice in his garage with an old mattress to catch the balls! You need to get creative to work on your game without spending a fortune.

Where To Buy Cost-Effective Golf Equipment

Now that you have found affordable golf courses, the next step is to save cash by finding cost-effective golf equipment. Golf clubs can be expensive, but there are ways to save money on them without sacrificing quality.

  • Buy Used One way to get a good deal on a set of clubs is to buy used ones. You can often find gently used and occasionally even brand new sets of golf clubs for much cheaper than buying them from the store. Look for old clubs in sales at local pawn shops or online retailers like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook marketplace or Golfbidder.  Globalgolf has a wide selection of used equipment for sale. 
  • Discontinued Clubs Another option for getting great deals on golf clubs is looking for discontinued models. They will usually be sold off at as much as 50% off to clear the way for new ranges of clubs.
  • Golf Balls If funds are tight then used golf balls can usually be found relatively cheaply online or in pro shops. You might even find people that live near the golf course selling balls off for cheap.

Invest in a if you’re serious about the game but don’t have much green.

Brand New Drivers Are Never Cheap
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Brand New Drivers Are Never Cheap

Learn How To Regrip Your Clubs

If you start playing more regularly then you’ll find that you will need to replace the grips on your clubs every year or so. Your local pro shop might charge you as much as $100 plus the cost of the grips to fit a full set. In reality, changing the grips isn’t that hard as long as you have a vice and a sharp knife. If you are short on cash then that is an easy way to refurbish your clubs for relatively little outlay just some elbow grease.

I have been regripping my clubs for years so I’ve saved a packet!

Clothing Ideas For The Budget-Minded Golfer

Let’s face it: playing a round of golf can be expensive. But, if you’re budget-minded and want to get the most out of your game without breaking the bank, there are ways to save money on clothing for your premium golf experience.

For starters, try shopping around online or in stores for hot deals on apparel. Many retailers offer discounts that can help reduce costs significantly when picking up new clothes or accessories. You might also find secondhand items at consignment shops; these often have great prices compared to purchasing brand-new clothes.

If you are visiting a club with a dress code then you might think you need to spend a fortune on golf gear but in reality as long as you look clean and tidy and have a collared shirt and slacks you are going to be good to go. I recently picked up 6 unbranded golf polos for $20! That’s less than half the price of typical golf shirts. Okay, I don’t look like a PGA Tour star but then I don’t play like one either.

You’ve probably heard the saying “All the gear but no idea”. I’d rather people recognize the quality of my golf rather than the logos on my clothes.

Finding Budget Shoes Is Tricky But Not Impossible
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Finding Budget Shoes Is Tricky But Not Impossible

Golf Shoes On A Budget

Golf shoes are really expensive I hear your cry! Well, I admit that top-end shoes are now pretty pricey. Fortunately for the more thrifty amongst us, you can still find a decent pair of golf shoes for $40-$60. Look after your feet and they will look after you! You don’t want to skimp on footwear as you’ll be walking for 4 hours or so. I wouldn’t recommend buying used ones either as they will probably not fit you too well if they are fairly well-used.

Free Online Golf Instruction

Golfers on a budget can still get their game up to par. There are many resources online that offer free golf lessons and tips from professional instructors to improve your game, both in video and written form. The best part about these services is that there’s no need for travel – all the instruction you need is right at your fingertips. With this type of access, it’s easy to improve your skills quickly without having to invest too much money. So go ahead and start playing smarter today – grab some free online golf instruction and then get out on the course!

How Walking Can Save You Money At The Course

One way to save quite a bit of money is walking instead of riding a cart. Not only will this help keep your costs down, but getting out in nature and enjoying the fresh air can make for an even better game.

Plus, when you’re walking around the course you get to warm up as you go along – no need to stretch or pay for extra time with a golf instructor! A pair of comfortable shoes should do the trick; just make sure they’re supportive enough to last 18 holes. With a little bit of planning ahead and preparation, you could save enough money that next season’s greens fees won’t seem so intimidating after all.

As an added benefit you’ll also be working off some calories!

Take Your Own Food And Drink

Let’s face it, one way that venues can make lots of money is by overcharging on food & drink. Take your own water and if you think you get hungry take some snacks with you instead of buying them at the club. A typical golf pro shop will be much more expensive than your local supermarket. Try to avoid buying anything from the beer cart as that will probably be even more expensive.

Look After Your Gear

One, often overlooked, way of keeping your costs down is to look after the equipment you already have. When your gear gets wet make sure to dry it out properly. Keep your shoes clean so they last as long as possible.

If your glove is sweaty then dry it out before putting it away preferably in the original packaging.

How To Play Golf For Cheap: Conclusion

As Walter Hagen said, “I don’t want to be a millionaire, I just want to live like one.” By being smart, you can save money while still enjoying the game. 

Planning ahead can save you money by reserving tee times in advance online.

Take advantage of free online instruction instead of expensive lessons. Working part-time or volunteering at a club can get you deals or reduced rates.

Golf is often thought of as an expensive sport; however, with some planning and creativity, it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s like finding buried treasure – if you look hard enough for the right deals, you’ll discover something truly valuable. And when it comes to cheap golf, there are plenty of opportunities out there for you to take advantage of!

Golf doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag attached!

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