Equipment Reviews: Honest Opinions

Who doesn’t love wandering around a golf shop looking at all the shiny new toys! That new driver from Taylor Made, some gorgeous blade irons from Mizuno or a new Vokey wedge.

If you’re new to golf then you might not be sure what to buy so take a look at this guide to what to buy.

Many players use golf clubs bought off the rack successfully but it’s probably wise to get fitted if you’re thinking of spending serious cash. If you are particularly short or tall then you will almost certainly need to have your clubs fitted in order to make the most of your potential. Don’t forget the size of your hands might also mean you need thicker (or thinner) grips.

Equipment Reviews: Methodology

Unlike many of the golf blogs out there I’m going to try to stick to reviewing stuff that I’ve actually had in my hand or ask someone else who has the product to review it. Unfortunately, I don’t have the budget to test every single item on the market when it comes out!

If you have a new piece of kit that you think is the bee’s knees then by all means send in a review to [email protected].

I currently split this up into three sections covering golf clubs, golf bags and golf balls.

Golf Clubs

In this section, you’ll find reviews and comparisons of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters. I’ll also include hints and tips on how to find the best clubs for you and your budget.

Don’t assume that a new club can cure all ills though. If you are still using a persimmon driver and blade irons then you might want to consider upgrading but if you have clubs that were fitted for you in the last few years then you may find buying the latest clubs may only bring minor improvements.

It’s easy to get sucked into the hype about new clubs when you see a professional hit a 350 yarder on TV but don’t forget you probably don’t spend as much time working on your game as they do!

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Golf Bags

Yes, you guessed it this section is covering the wide selection of golf bags. From pencil bags to tour bags, from cart bags to carry bags. Having a decent quality bag won’t improve your shot-making but it will make life easier toting your gear around the course. You may find it useful to have two bags. A carry bag for a quick round after work on a summer’s evening and a larger cart bag for your serious games.

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Golf Balls

If you’re looking for reviews of golf balls then this is the section for you. You can’t play without at least one!

Should you go for Titleist Pro V1 or stick to the bargain bucket? Many people play with completely the wrong ball. You need to try to match your choice up with your game. Often the cost is the overriding factor in their choice which is understandable if you tend to lose a lot of ammo!

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