Golf Shoes

golf shoes

In my humble opinion, one of the most important bits of kit to get right.

It’s no good spending $500 on a driver and $2000 on a set of irons if your feet are in agony for four hours!

Even if you can’t afford to pay top dollar for golf shoes at least spend some time finding a pair that fit you correctly.

Getting the correct width is just as important as picking the right shoe size. Unfortunately finding wide-fitting shoes is even harder than finding normal shoes in wide fittings.

Most manufacturers produce new models on a pretty regular basis which means there are usually deep discounts to be found on golf shoes if you are prepared to do a little searching.

If you are looking for some ideas on a good pair of shoes then check out these shoes that are ideal for walkers.

Golf Shoes

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Top Golf Shoe Manufacturers

Footjoy: has been making shoes sine 1857! The defacto standard on all the major professional tours. Has been the leading shoe on the PGA Tour since 1945!

Skechers: A relatively new footwear company that began in 1992. Now offers a decent range of golf shoes with a heavy emphasis on comfort.

New Balance: Not renowned for their golf shoes historically but their recent releases tend to be well received and they are one of the few that offer wide fittings!

Adidas: Global sportswear brand. Their shoes always seem a little narrow to me!

Nike: Tried building a Golf brand but ultimately pulled out of the equipment market and now just sticks to shoes and apparel.

Ecco: Premium scandavian brand.

True Linkswear: A modern brand that appears to be doing well.

Stylo: Iconic British brand as worn by players such as Sir Nick Faldo, Arnold Palmer and Billy Casper.