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About this site

Hi, I’m Geoff Baker.

Golf has been my consuming passion for over 30 years.

Due primarily to caring responsibilities, I haven’t been able to play much lately, so I created this website to channel my golfing urges.

My handicap has been as low as 5 and I have also served in a number of roles (captain, treasurer, handicap secretary) at one of my former clubs.

The site is going to be a mishmash of everything golf-related.

I’ll be doing reviews of courses I play and equipment that comes my way.

Plus I’ll be posting loads of answers to common golfing questions.

As I’m from the UK you’ll have to forgive me if some English terms and spellings slip through!

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Golfing Achievements

While I can’t claim to be the world’s greatest golfer I have managed the odd win down the years including the following:

Dartmouth Golf Club

  • Presidents Putter (Best Gross on Presidents Day)
  • Club Champion (Gross)
  • Wallness Cup

Here are a few newspaper cuttings from when the local evening newspaper (Express & Star) occasionally printed the local golf club scores.

Express & Star June 15 2002 - golf club returns
Express & Star June 15 2002 – golf club returns
Express & Star golf club returns
Express & Star golf club returns

Oxley Park Golf Club

  • Anglo-American Matchplay Winner
  • Harold Bird Matchplay Winner

I think the P Ward mentioned in the clipping above (Oxley Park – Medal – Division 1) is none other than Piers from Meandmygolf!

South Staffordshire Golf Club

  • Final Stableford Div. 1

I managed to shoot my lowest competitive round here (so far). It was a 1-under par 70 to win a minor competition.

Woburn Golf Club

  • Mixed Open (with Mrs. J.Bevin)

Edgbaston Golf Club

  • Mixed Open (with Mrs. J.Bevin)