Course Reviews

Course review - Golf course by the ocean

If you would like to submit a course review then I would be more than happy to take a look. Please email your review to [email protected] If you happen to have any photographs then please attach them to the email.

Course Reviews:

I’ve played close to 500 courses over more than 30 years. A good percentage of those were played in competitions. In theory, that means I should have been seeing the course at its ‘best’.

You need to take any course review with a pinch of salt, even mine! It is just one person’s opinion on one day. All courses go through ups and downs in terms of condition. However, I would like to think even if the course isn’t in great condition on the day or I’m playing it in terrible weather that I can form an opinion based on the design of the course.

Like a lot of people, I prefer to live a champagne lifestyle on beer money!

While I have paid what some would class as ridiculous sums of money to play golf, I still love to find a bargain.

Even better if I can play a good quality course for a rock bottom price.

I’m not so much of a snob that I would not play a course at least once irrespective of its reputation. However, there are a number of courses I have played down the years that I am in no rush to return to.

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