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Helping you enjoy your golf!

For me, there are two kinds of people, golfers and everyone else!

I’ve been playing golf for over 30 years now and I decided to start a blog covering topics in the world of golf that interest me and might help you.

If you are a golfer or would like to take up the game then hopefully you should find something of interest!

I’d like to try and grow cleek&JIGGER into one of the best golf blogs out there!

Geoff Baker – Editor and Author

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Why Cleek&Jigger?

Cleek and jigger are old-fashioned names for particular golf clubs. Prior to the 1930s golf clubs weren’t sold as matched sets of numbered woods and irons. They each had their own unique name such as spoon, brassie, baffy, mashie or niblick.

A cleek had a metal head that was elongated and didn’t have much loft. It was a bit like a modern long iron (1-iron or 2-iron).

A jigger was a bit like a modern chipper with a short shaft and very little loft.

As a student of the game, I thought Cleek&Jigger sounded like an interesting name for a golf blog!

picture of Geoff Baker - author of cleekandjigger.com
Geoff Baker – golfer and editor!

Meet The Team

In addition to the articles written by myself, I’ve also had contributions from these golf lovers.

Nick Tannahill photo - author
Nick Tannahill

Nick was an NCAA-level varsity player for 4 years and now coaches golf at college.

For help with your game, you can contact Nick.

Ian Brooks
Ian Brooks

Ian is a freelance writer on Fiverr with a love for everything golf. He has previously worked as a Marketing Executive for Irish golf retailer, Halpenny Golf.

Gabby Gretch Profile Pic
Gabby Gretch

Gabby has been an avid golfer and writer for 7 years. Gabby also enjoys teaching others the sport when she’s not playing it herself. She holds a current handicap of 12 and a personal best of six over par for eighteen holes.

Greg Kennedy

Greg describes himself as an average guy that loves golf!

Quiz Answers

If you want the answers to my YouTube quizzes then you can find them here.

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