Motocaddy M1 Pro Review

This article is a review of the Motocaddy M1 Pro electric trolley that I have been using for the last 7 years or so. I’ll be looking at its features, benefits, folding mechanism, battery life, ease of use, as well as the pros and cons.

I’ll also cover some of the poor reviews that have been reported about the trolley.

Note: in the UK this would be called an electric golf trolley, in the US it is likely to be described as an electric hand cart or electric push cart.

Motocaddy M1 Pro Review
Photo Geoffrey Baker

Key Takeaways: Motocaddy M1 Pro Review

  • Motocaddy M1 Pro is a reliable and affordable (when it first launched) golf trolley.
  • The M1 Pro features a compact folding design, three-point folding system, and integrated accessory station for easy transportation and storage.
  • The trolley has a whisper-quiet motor, nine different speed settings, and practical benefits such as easy transportation and space-saving storage.
  • The M1 Pro offers battery options of Lead-acid and Lithium batteries, with estimated usage times based on playing preferences and expected duration of use.

Who Are MotoCaddy

Motocaddy is a golf equipment company founded in 2004 with a focus on providing reliable and affordable golf trolleys. They offer a comprehensive range of products for golfers worldwide.

Their mission is to design, build, and offer functional trolleys for all ages and abilities. The company has gained a strong reputation for its consumer research and product development efforts. Furthermore, they are leading the shift towards Lithium batteries for powered golf hand trolleys.

The company’s products are available in over 40 countries globally and they have received numerous awards for their electric and push models. They also provide market-leading customer service with strong after-sales support.

Overall, Motocaddy is recognized as an innovative brand trusted by golfers worldwide, offering high-quality products that meet various preferences and needs in the industry.

Motocaddy M1 Base
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Motocaddy M1 Base

Features And Benefits

The features and benefits of the M1 Pro electric push cart include:

  • Compact folding design: Allows for easy transportation and storage, fitting into even the smallest car boot.
  • New style frame with a three-point folding system: Ensures stability and durability.
  • Integrated Accessory Station: Provides convenience by allowing users to easily attach accessories.
  • Handle height adjuster: Allows for customization based on user preference.
  • Device cradle: Designed to hold GPS devices securely.
  • The M1 Pro electric trolley features a patented USB charging port that allows for convenient recharging of mobile devices.
  • Various battery options and motor settings: Users can choose their preferred power source and speed setting for smooth and controlled movement on different terrains.

Overall, the M1 PRO trolley offers golfers versatility, convenience, and ease of use.

Accessories that you could add include an umbrella holder which is very useful in UK weather! You could also add a drinks holder or even a seat! Hedghog-style winter wheels are also an option if your club insists on them during the winter months. You can also add a matching MotoCaddy cart bag to complete the look.

Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism of the M1 Pro electric trolley features a three-point folding system that ensures stability and durability. This design allows for compact folding, making it easier to transport and store.

The twin-tube frame enables the battery to remain in the tray when folded, adding convenience for users. The integrated Accessory Station, handle height adjuster, and device cradle further enhance its functionality.

Some people have commented when seeing me putting the trolley together that it looks quite complicated but in reality the steps are numbered on the trolley so you shouldn’t have any issues after the first couple of attempts.

Motocaddy M1 Pro Wheel
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Motocaddy M1 Pro Wheel

Battery Life

The trolley is powered by a whisper-quiet 230w motor that provides smooth and controlled movement. With nine different speed settings, users can customize the speed based on their preferences.

The battery life of the trolley is determined by the chosen battery option, which includes an 18 hole Lead-acid battery, an 18 hole Lithium battery, a 36 hole Lithium battery, and a super-lightweight Lithium battery. The table below provides an overview of the battery options and their corresponding estimated usage times:

Battery OptionEstimated Usage Time
18 hole Lead-acidApproximately 18 holes
18 hole LithiumApproximately 18 holes
36 hole LithiumApproximately 36 holes
Super-lightweight LithiumApproximately 27 holes

It is important to note that these estimated usage times may vary depending on factors such as terrain, weather conditions, and the weight being carried on the trolley. Overall, golfers can choose a battery option based on their playing preferences and expected duration of use without worrying about running out of power during their rounds.

I found the original 18 hole lithium battery that came with the trolley would usually last 27 holes – certainly on the relatively flat course I played at that time and even on hilly courses it never failed to complete 18.

As the battery aged, I did notice that it seemed to be struggling slightly. I eventually gave the battery away because the charger failed and the cost of a new charger from the manufacturer was almost as expensive as a new battery and charger from a third-party supplier. I now use third-party batteries which are around half the cost of original batteries from the manufacturer (when and if they have them in stock).

Brolly Holder
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Brolly Holder

Ease Of Use

To assess the ease of use of the M1 Pro electric trolley, factors such as its design, controls, and functionality need to be considered.


  • Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to maneuver on the golf course.
  • Ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip during operation.
  • Foldable frame allows for convenient storage and transportation.


  • Intuitive control panel with one button for power, speed adjustment, and distance measurements.
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen displays important information such as battery life and distance traveled.
  • User-friendly interface ensures effortless navigation through various settings.


  • Smooth operation with variable speed settings to suit different terrain conditions.
  • Adjustable bag supports secure golf bags of various sizes without any hassle.
  • Automatic distance control feature enables hands-free movement by following the golfer’s pace.

Overall, the M1 Pro electric trolley offers a user-friendly experience through its well-designed structure, intuitive controls, and practical features.

Pros And Cons


In terms of design, the M1 Pro has a sleek and modern appearance that is visually appealing. The compact size makes it easy to transport and store.

When it comes to controls, the M1 Pro offers straightforward buttons and a clear digital display for easy navigation.

The functionality of this trolley is commendable as it provides smooth operation and reliable performance on various types of terrain.

I particularly like the bag locking mechanism which keeps your bag secure and the distance function which lets you send the trolley 15, 30 or 45 yards automatically.

Lastly, in terms of user experience, many customers appreciate the convenience and ease of use offered by the M1 Pro.


Some users have reported issues with the durability of certain parts.

Some users have experienced difficulties with battery life and charging time.

There have been occasional complaints regarding customer service response times.

Overall, while this electric trolley has several positive features such as its design aesthetics and functional performance, there are also areas for improvement that should be considered before making a purchase decision.

Poor Reviews

As touched on in the pros and cons section the trolley has been the subject of some poor reviews. Some users have encountered various issues with the M1 Pro trolley, including instability when stored upright in a car and the device holder being unsuitable for thicker/wider devices.

Another user reported multiple repairs required within a short period of time, raising concerns about the durability of the trolley. Furthermore, some customers have criticized MotoCaddy’s customer service.

Despite these negative reviews, it is important to note that many users have expressed satisfaction with the design and ease of use of the M1 Pro trolley, highlighting its compactness and easy fit in a car boot.

My own experiences over 7 years of using this trolley have been mixed. A fault developed within a few months of purchase and this was handled swiftly by a local repair agent. More recently the same fault has arisen again but of course, it is now out of warranty so while the trolley is usable it is rather noisy. In recent dealings with their customer service, I was less than impressed when I enquired about replacement batteries and chargers. The costs of which were exorbitant when compared with third parties and in any case they weren’t getting any stock for at least a month!

Other Models In The M1 Range

In addition to the standard M1 Pro with a lead-acid battery and the slightly more expensive M1 Pro lithium electric trolley, the company launched the M1 Pro DHC trolley in 2017. The DHC stood for downhill control. To quote the company:

“Downhill Control (DHC) technology to automatically adjust and maintain a constant speed while moving down a gradient for a smoother ride”

MotoCaddy website


The M1 Pro is generally a highly regarded electric golf caddy that offers numerous features and benefits.

Its folding mechanism allows for easy transportation and storage, while its long battery life ensures uninterrupted play on the course.

The trolley is user-friendly, making it suitable for all golfers.

However, some poor reviews highlight potential drawbacks to consider.

Overall, the M1 Pro is a reliable choice for golf enthusiasts looking for a convenient and efficient way to carry their clubs on the course. Current models are quite a bit more expensive now than when I purchased mine in 2017.

On the whole, I have been happy with the trolley itself although my experiences with customer service have been both good and bad. 

This model was superseded by a slimmer model with a different shaped battery which meant you couldn’t use your old M1 battery!

Do you still need convincing that electric trolleys are worth it?

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