Cabretta Leather Golf Glove Reviews

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Cabretta Leather Golf Glove Reviews: Introduction

If you’re looking for the ultimate in terms of feel then a Cabretta leather glove is the way to go, although there was a time a few years ago when kangaroo leather was being used by some manufacturers! Being a bit of a golf snob I’ve always tended to use a leather glove only resorting to all-weather gloves when playing in the rain (which I try to avoid!).

As you can see from the photograph I’m going to be looking at a wide variety of gloves from different manufacturers so it will take me some time to fill in all the product reviews.

Photo Geoffrey BakerSelection of Cabretta gloves

I will be taking a look at the following gloves:

  • Srixon Cabretta Leather
  • Ping Tour Sensorcool
  • Mizuno Elite
  • Callaway Dawn Patrol
  • Titleist Permasoft
  • Titleist Players
  • Footjoy StaSof
  • Footjoy Pure Touch Limited
  • Bridgestone Tour Premium
  • TaylorMade TP
  • Cobra Pur Tour
  • Kirkland Signature Cabretta Leather
srixon new packet
Photo Geoffrey BakerSrixon Cabretta glove

Are You Buying The Correct Size Glove?

Maybe as many as 20% of golfers are actually buying the wrong size of glove. It should fit you like a second skin with no loose bits around the palm or fingers.

If you have relatively short fingers you may find that a cadet-size glove will be a nicer fit and give you better control of the club.

Top Pick

31AGUI86T9S. SL160

Srixon Cabretta Leather

  • Premium Cabretta leather for optimal fit, feel and performance
  • Perforations on top of hands, fingers and between fingers for increased breathability and moisture reduction
  • Silicon tanning process provides soft, supple feel and excellent grip
  • Superior grip for better performance on the course

Srixon Cabretta Leather

This has tended to be my go-to glove for the past several years. I found that it offers an excellent feel, and decent durability and can be obtained at a reasonable price – certainly when compared to many other manufacturers’ products.

I find this glove fits my hand quite well and I don’t have any loose areas. I suppose it’s possible that I should maybe drop down a glove size but I found, in the past, when trying them on that the next size down was usually so tight I felt I would be ripping the seams on the glove.

For the money, I think this glove offers a great combination of feel and durability. While it’s possible to get slightly cheaper leather gloves or slightly more durable ones for me this Srixon hits the mark.

srixon glove
Photo Geoffrey BakerSrixon glove
Worn Srixon glove
Photo Geoffrey BakerWorn Srixon glove


  • Fits my hand nicely
  • Excellent feel
  • Reasonably durable
  • Can be picked up for a reasonable price


  • Can’t really think of any

If you like the look of this glove then UK readers should check out CG Discount Golf. They often have good deals on gloves.

You can also find a very similar glove on Amazon that doesn’t feature the stretch insert on the knuckles. Check it out here.

Ping tour sensorcool
Photo Geoffrey Baker Ping tour sensorcool

Top Pick

Ping Glove
Ping Glove

Ping Tour with Sensor Cool

  • Ping Tour golf glove made from durable Solite premium cabretta leather
  • Micro-Pur technology provides softness, comfort, and performance
  • Pre-curved fingers for a natural fit and feel
  • Finger vents and perforations for breathability and sweat prevention
  • Perforated leather Velcro closure maximizes ventilation
  • SensorCool technology in wristband helps keep hand free from sweat.

Ping Tour Sensorcool

The only leather glove produced by Ping. Features SensorCool moisture-wicking technology in the wristband and made from Solite premium Cabretta leather.

The glove even has pre-curved fingers to help with the fit and grip of the club.

The leather is lovely and soft to the touch and the glove does offer excellent levels of feel despite feeling a little thicker than my usual Srixon glove.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have the same levels of durability as my normal glove since it has a tendency to stretch out of shape more quickly and also show signs of wear much quicker as well.

With a recommended retail price of $30, it is at the higher end of the market. While I wouldn’t be averse to using this glove in the future I would need to pick them up for a similar price to my regular glove or ideally a bit cheaper as they tend to wear out more quickly.

You can pick up the Ping Tour glove through Amazon or you could check out some other online stores to see who has the best deals at the moment.


  • Good fit
  • Excellent feel


  • Tendency to stretch more quickly
  • Appears a little less durable than some
Mizuno elite back
Photo Geoffrey BakerMizuno elite

Top Pick

41FQWPXi+1L. SL160

Mizuno Elite Glove

  • Fit bridge: allows for contoured fit from palm to back of hand
  • Professional grade cabarets leather palm: top quality leather for soft feel and comfort
  • Flex mesh: adds flexibility and breathability
  • Double stitch thumb: provides secure fit with double stitching pattern.

Mizuno Elite

The Mizuno Elite glove is a hybrid with certain parts made from Cabretta leather and others from synthetic leather. The rear of the glove also features fabric that is carefully placed to allow the glove to stretch without stretching the leather as much or at least in theory.

I wouldn’t normally have opted for a glove of this type but they were on a special offer so I thought I’d give them a try.

In terms of fit, I found the fingers were a fraction too long for me so maybe would have been better off with one size smaller for this particular glove but as I purchased online it was more trouble than it was worth to send them back for the smaller size.

Performance -wise they proved to be pretty durable although the synthetic leather meant that I didn’t think the “feel” was quite as good.

I’m usually not a fan of gloves featuring fabric patches and in this case, I don’t think I was converted. The glove quickly became fairly loose. In fact, I would have avoided using it in a  competitive round even after just a couple of rounds.

Worn Mizuno Elite
Photo Geoffrey BakerWorn Mizuno elite


  • Great for the price I paid


  • Stretches quicker than some
  • Fingers seemed to long for my hand anyway

You can buy the Mizuno Elite glove on Amazon. Readers based in the UK might be better looking at CG Discount Golf as they have a good deal running on these Mizuno gloves.

Callaway dawn patrol packaging
Photo Geoffrey BakerCallaway Dawn Patrol packaging
callaway dawn patrol new rear
Photo Geoffrey BakerDawn Patrol

Top Pick

51vPEvoezsL. SL160

Callaway Dawn Patrol

  • Left orientation for wearing on left hand
  • Improved full premium leather construction for superior feel, fit, and comfort
  • Perforations on top of hand and fingers for reduced moisture and increased breathability
  • Opti Fit adjustable closure for thin, light, and secure fit
  • Stretch binding cuff for a secure feel and moisture absorption

Callaway Dawn Patrol

My initial impressions of this glove were quite good. The fit was nice and the leather felt fairly soft. 

This glove has actually proved to be something of a revelation. Although it feels slightly thicker than some (e.g. Titleist players) it is still giving great feedback and grip.

The area where it really excels though is durability. I have now used this glove for approximately 30 rounds (I’m usually playing two or three balls so it’s really more like 60) and as you can see from the pictures there’s very little in the way of noticeable wear. It looks like this glove is going to be good for at least another 30 to 40 rounds since it’s holding its shape quite well too.

Certainly, once I have completed this testing process Callaway Dawn Patrol is likely to be a glove I start to look for to replace my current favorite (Srixon Cabretta leather).

callawy dawn patrol 30 rounds
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Dawn patrol after 30 rounds


  • Superb durability


  • The leather feels slightly thicker than some models

These gloves will be available at most good golf stores or you can save yourself a journey and get them from Amazon.

Top Pick

31QN1w1uRzL. SL160

Cobra Pur Tour

  • Made of 100% Sheep Leather
  • Features PURFIT Tech-Form fitted construction and contoured wristband for ultimate comfort
  • Uses Premium AAA Cabretta Leather for a luxurious feel
  • Strategically placed micro-performance material provides breathability and the wrist sweatband wicks moisture away for moisture control
  • Has premium details such as a debossed Snake Logo and hidden woven labels for an upgraded look

    Cobra Pur Tour

    Really liked this glove from the outset. Nice fit and appeared well made. Its RRP is at a typical price point for this quality of glove around £15 although you can probably pick one up online for around £12. In the USA you would be looking around the $15-$20 mark.

    • 100% high-grade Cabretta leather
    • Tailored cuff for a better fit
    • Comfortable
    • Perforated for breathability
    cobra pur tour packet
    Photo Geoffrey BakerCobra Pur Tour

    Unlike most other reviewers I am doing long-term testing of the gloves. Usually around 30 rounds or so. I think this gives me a better idea of the overall value for money you will get.

    I doubt if Cobra is a name that many would immediately associate with gloves but I was pleasantly surprised how well this performed over approximately 30 rounds. It did stretch a little over that time but was still very usable right up to the point a hole developed on the thumb pad.

    I think I may be gripping a little too hard there as I tend to wear I hole in the thumb on almost every glove.

    As with any other Cabretta leather glove you need to look after it. Try to avoid getting it wet and on warmer days I would advise having a few different gloves that you can swap to in order to avoid any single glove getting too sweaty.

    Overall it is a solid choice although not as durable as the Callaway Dawn Patrol.

    cobra pur tour rear
    Photo Geoffrey Bakerback of Cobra Pur Tour
    cobra pur tour front
    Photo Geoffrey Bakerfront of Cobra Pur Tour


    • Lovely feel
    • Good fit for my hand


    • Didn’t last quite as long as some

    Top Pick

    414DLLjq4nL. SL160

    Kirkland Signature glove

    • Left Hand Glove for the Right Handed Golfer.
    • Premium Cabretta Leather.
    • One-Piece Glove. Resists Moisture.
    • Closure Tab.

      Kirkland Signature Cabretta Leather

      Initial thoughts: Looks and feels good considering it’s about half the price of the other gloves in this test.

      kirkland signature cabretta leather
      Photo Geoffrey BakerKirkland Signature Cabretta leather

      Probably used this glove now for 15-20 rounds and it’s still holding together reasonably well despite being used on some warm and sweaty days!

      I purchased a 3-pack from Amazon as I don’t have a Costco anywhere near me. Probably means I spent more than I would have if I’d brought them directly though!

      kirkland reasonable fit
      Photo Geoffrey BakerKirkland – reasonable fit

      The triple pack that I purchased had a handy size guide on the reverse which suggested I maybe should go for one size smaller if I order them again.

      The glove has started to stretch a little bit so losing its effectiveness.


      • At around £8 per glove, they are pretty cheap.
      • Seem well-made
      • Durability is pretty good


      • Not quite as good a fit for me as some others

      Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

      Is a leather golf glove better than an all-weather glove?

      In dry conditions, I think a leather glove is the better option in terms of the level of grip and feel. However, in hot and humid conditions an all-weather glove may do a better job. An all-weather glove will probably last longer on average and will be cheaper.

      Is Cabretta leather real leather?

      Cabretta leather is sheepskin as opposed to cowhide. While it is considered the gold standard in terms of golf gloves it is less durable than cowhide and cheaper.

      Is Cabretta leather good for golf gloves?

      Cabretta leather is soft and supple so is ideal for a golf glove that you want to fit like a second skin.

      How Do I Clean My Golf Gloves?

      With care, it is possible to extend the life of your gloves. Here are some tips.

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