Training Aids

Golf training aids

Golf is a game that for most people requires a lot of practice.

Over the years it has spawned thousands upon thousands of different aids for practice and training.

I’ll be putting a small percentage of them to the test.

Whether it’s a putting mat to help you practice during the winter or a golf simulator fit for a king, there is usually something to suit every budget and training need.

Training Aids:

A basket of range balls

Swing Plane Training Aids

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Old man wearing a VR headset

Golf Simulator Space Requirements

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Putt out

Indoor Putting Green Reviews

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Useful Links:

SKLZ: Manufacturers of many useful training aids for golf. Have had one of their chipping mats for years.

GolfTrainingAids: A website stocking a massive variety of different gadgets to improve your game.

PuttOut: In my opinion one of the best putting mats out there unless money is no object.