Chipping Practice Net Review


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Given the wet weather and short daylight hours in the UK during the autumn and winter, I decided I needed to come up with some indoor practice solutions.

Unfortunately, I don’t have space for a full-size golf simulator so had to get a bit more creative.

I decided to plump for a chipping net, some lightweight practice balls and a basic artificial grass mat.

Chipping Net

In the end, I decided to go with an inexpensive net from Amazon.

The same product seems to be being sold under a number of different product names including:

  • Ruizhuo
  • Boblov
  • Elikliv
  • Tsanly
  • LucaSng
  • PGA Tour
  • Tumax
  • Dlicsy
  • Weilisi
  • GA Braden
  • Ledu
  • WWmily
  • Camelliass

That factory in China must be working overtime to provide all those brands!

Irrespective of the name of the supplier they all look identical apart from the PGA tour one which has their logo in place of the words ‘chipping net’.

Some of the nets are being sold separately and some with practice balls and/or a mat.

Chipping net
Chipping Net

Build Quality

The net is probably going to prove adequate for indoor practice for the next few years. I am doubtful it would last too long if you used it outside with real golf balls.

Looking at some of the suppliers advertising they seem to think you could use this as some form of practice net when hitting full shots!

I guarantee the build quality of the product is insufficient to withstand full shots with a real golf ball. I would be surprised if it lasted more than one or two shots even with my modest swing speed.

There is also the small matter of its size. While it is large enough for some indoor practice from 10 to 20 feet away there is no way this net is large enough to catch full shots. The only way could use this for long game practice is if you never hit a ball more than 12 inches off the ground!

In fact, if you started using this net outside just for chipping practice I’m not sure the netting would withstand many shots with real golf balls.

It is also so lightweight that even a modest wind would likely blow it away unless you used the enclosed metal pegs to hold it down.

Now obviously given its price one would expect little else. However, I do wonder at some of the advertising images that accompany this net! Clearly, they know as much about golf as I do about brain surgery. Hint: I know very little about brain surgery!


The two inner targets are pretty small and the fact that I’m using lightweight balls means it is often more difficult to hit them as there is insufficient weight to pull the netting into place.

Foam practice balls
Foam Practice Balls

Practice Balls

Considering the state of my chipping game I decided it would be better to use lightweight balls rather than real ones. A thinned chip shot could do a fair bit of damage indoors.

I decided to go for some foam rainbow golf balls. Again these and very similar ones can be found from a variety of different manufacturers including:

  • Finger Ten
  • Ujiamy
  • Jlon
  • Likoso
  • Zivisk
  • Fasmov

Having used the plastic airflow balls before I decided to try foam ones as I felt there might offer a more realistic feel.

When practicing indoors these foam balls are actually pretty good.

While nothing can quite replace the feel of proper golf balls, the foam balls do possess enough weight to give you some reasonable feedback.

You are looking to do some indoor practice without damaging your house then these should suit you down to a tee!

Chipping Practice Net Review: Conclusion

In a limited set of circumstances, this net is more than adequate for the task.

As long as you are using lightweight golf balls and not trying to hit full shots it should serve you well for a decent period of time.

Please don’t try to use it to hit full shots!

Here are the items I purchased:

Chipping net

Foam practice balls


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