Can You Wear Golf Shoes On Pavement?

if you’re still relatively new to the game of golf then you might be wondering whether it could be a good idea to wear your golf shoes casually just walking around.

It really depends on the type of golf shoes you purchased and the type of floor surface you’re going to be walking on. Let’s try to answer some of your questions about golf shoes such as “can you wear golf shoes on pavement or other hard floors?”

Can You Wear Golf Shoes On Pavement (Or Hard Floors)

Types Of Golf Shoes

As you are probably aware there are two basic styles of golf shoes available today. You have spiked golf shoes that may have plastic cleats or metal spikes although these are quite rare nowadays. The other style of shoe is spikeless. As you might expect these are designed with ridges and dimples in an effort to provide traction without resorting to spikes.

There are a few reasons why there has been a shift away from spiked to spikeless golf shoes over the past 20 years or so. While spiked golf shoes are great at providing additional grip in wet conditions they can become quite uncomfortable when the ground is firm. Spikeless shoes also tend to weigh less than spiked models so that helps with fatigue and comfort over the four hours your round of golf may take.

It’s also true that golf courses have pushed players more toward using spikeless models of golf shoes. Very few golf clubs will now allow players to wear metal spiked shoes and no doubt there are many that would prefer you to use a pair of spikeless.

Metal spikes in particular could cause problems on the greens. You would regularly hear commentators in professional golf events talking about spike marks. These are caused when players tend to drag their feet across the surface of the green.

Can You Wear Golf Shoes On Concrete?

Many golf courses have hard surfaces that you’ll need to walk on while playing golf whether it be paths or areas near the clubhouse. In this scenario, you have no choice but to wear your golf shoes on these surfaces, even concrete as there is no other option.

If you have a pair of spiked golf shoes on then walking on a surface like concrete is going to be somewhat uncomfortable and will also wear down your spikes quicker.

If you have a pair of spikeless golf shoes on then your comfort level isn’t going to be adversely affected although you may find that the hard surface tends to wear out the sole of your shoe quicker than you would if you are able to stay totally on grass.

Can You Use Spiked Golf Shoes On Concrete Or Pavement?

If you ever tried walking on a hard surface in any form of shoes with spikes or cleats then you’ll know it can be a little painful. You’ll also appreciate it can be a little slippery particularly if you’re walking up or down a slope.

It’s best to avoid walking on any hard surface if you have spiked golf shoes on wherever possible.

Unfortunately, there will always be occasions where you have no choice but do try to keep to grass or softer surfaces wherever possible. This will avoid discomfort for you and reduce the wear and tear on your golf shoes. The more time you spend in your golf shoes on concrete the quicker you will need to replace your spikes.

soft spike golf shoe
Soft spike golf shoe

Can You Use Spikeless Golf Shoes On Concrete Or Pavement?

Golf shoes without spikes will be fine on all surfaces including concrete, tarmac, wood, paving blocks et cetera. It is likely that you will wear the shoe out slightly more quickly than if you avoided hard surfaces but you should have no other issues.

The disadvantage of spikeless shoes is they don’t provide such high levels of traction on wet surfaces whether grass or otherwise.

Can You Wear Your Golf Shoes On Other Floor Surfaces (Wood, Carpet)

Most golf clubs will specify which areas of the club you can enter while you have your golf shoes on. Although spikeless shoes won’t cause you or the floor surface any damage you may find some clubs will expect you to change into normal shoes if you want to use the bar or restaurant. Of course, if you’ve changed out of your golf shoes then you’re not going to be dragging mud and grass through the premises which would then need to be cleaned up by the staff.

Some golf clubs will have a designated spike bar where you can pop in for a quick drink and possibly even food after your round of golf. Even in the spike bar, you would be expected to have cleaned your golf shoes to avoid making a mess of the floor.

Can You Wear Spiked Golf Shoes At A Driving Range?

An outdoor grass driving range is unlikely to have any rules regarding the type of footwear that customers are wearing. However indoor ranges are likely to be pickier.

At the very least they would expect you to clean your shoes before entering the premises to avoid causing a mess for other patrons. Many will have rules about spiked shoes since they may cause damage to the floor surfaces and hitting areas. Although to be fair soft spiked shoes shouldn’t cause too much damage to most surfaces.

It’s best to stick to spikeless shoes on the driving range when you go to hit some golf balls.

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Frank C. Müller, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Can Spikeless Golf Shoes Be Worn Casually?

It depends to some extent on the design of the shoe and your destination. Obviously, if you are wearing a trainer-like spikeless golf shoe then an upscale restaurant is unlikely to be happy. On the other hand, if you have selected a brogue design then that should work in pretty much any situation.

If you plan on wearing spikeless golf shoes in a variety of settings then I would advise going for something that looks like a proper shoe rather than a sneaker or tennis shoe.

It is possible to wear spikeless golf shoes casually.

Can You Turn Golf Shoes Into Regular Shoes?

Many years ago I do recall that you could buy flat plastic attachments that you could use to replace the spikes or cleats in your golf shoes. Clearly, they never took off as I have been unable to find any evidence of them.

At the time I was a little unsure as to their effectiveness since most spiked shoes may have other bumps and ridges on the sole that would have made it uncomfortable to walk on hard surfaces even without spikes. So if you want to use your golf shoes as regular shoes stick to spikeless models that have reasonably flat soles.

How To Install Kicks Golf Spikes

Can You Turn Regular Shoes Into Golf Shoes?

It is possible to buy screw-in spikes that you could attach to the sole of some sneakers or shoes. However, it really depends on the footwear in question. Any decent golf shoe will have features that are designed to help support your feet whilst walking over uneven terrain and performing your golf swing. Just sticking some cleats on a pair of old trainers or running shoes is not quite the same.

Can You Use Spikeless Golf Shoes In The Rain?

Spikeless golf shoes can be worn in any weather although they probably come into their own when fairways are bone dry so spiked shoes become a little uncomfortable. Using spikeless golf shoes in the rain is not going to offer the same levels of traction as you might expect in dry conditions or if you had spikes, however.

I am always a little more careful walking on steep slopes in wet weather especially if I have a pair of spikeless shoes on.

Golf Moccasins
Golf Moccasins!

How To Take Care Of Your Golf Shoes

Golf shoes can be very expensive these days. You can easily spend $150+. If you’re looking for custom-made shoes then you’re probably talking in the region of $500! Therefore pays to look after your golf shoes properly.

Make sure to clean and dry your shoes after every round.

Many golf courses have an air compressor or brushes to help you clean your shoes at the end of the round. If your shoes are particularly dirty you might want to wash them using some soapy water and a soft brush.

If you played in the rain then take the insoles out of your shoes to make sure everything dries out properly before you need them again.

Try to have more than one pair of shoes so that you can alternate.

Having multiple pairs of shoes is useful if you play a lot of golf. Particularly if you play in a climate where it rains a fair bit. You will be able to allow your shoes to dry out properly before needing to use them again. Obviously, this is less of an issue if you don’t play regularly.

Never dry golf shoes near a source of heat.

Avoid putting your golf shoes next to the radiator to dry them out. Whether they are leather or synthetic it’s not likely to lead to a positive outcome. You are likely to see cracks appear in the upper. Leave them to dry naturally, you could try stuffing them with newspaper.

Replace your spikes regularly before they become too worn to replace.

This was never a problem back in my early days because spikes were all metal so you could wear the spike down to a nub and still be able to remove it very easily. Unfortunately with plastic cleats, you can quite quickly wear out the holes in the bottom of the cleat that you need to be able to remove them. It’s probably best to check every few rounds to make sure you could still remove the cleat. Once it starts showing signs of wear then you can think about swapping it out.

Spikeless vs Spiked Shoes

Each type of shoe has its advantages and disadvantages. Spiked shoes are great when the course is wet due to rain and you need some extra grip. They are not so good if you play a course that gets bone hard in summer though as even plastic or rubber spiked shoes will become uncomfortable. Spikeless shoes can move seamlessly from the golf course to the driving range to the clubhouse but they will always be slightly lacking in the amount of grip you get particularly when its damp. 

Can You Wear Golf Shoes On Pavement: Conclusion

Most golf courses will have some areas that will be uncomfortable to walk on if you’re wearing spikes. This is one reason why more and more people have switched over to spikeless. If you find yourself having to walk on concrete or other hard surfaces a lot then you might want to switch over to spikeless golf shoes too. They are also a great option if you like to run errands when going to or from the golf club.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Why Wear A Pair Of Golf Shoes?

You may ask why you need golf shoes. Well, they are designed to support your feet during the swing and while you are walking around the golf course. They may also be waterproof which can be a great benefit when the weather is not in your favor!

When To Wear Golf Cleats?

In my experience, it is particularly important to wear golf cleats when the course is wet and therefore likely to be slippery. Cleats can also be useful on courses with lots of undulation as they will give you superior grip on the slopes.

Should I Walk On Concrete In My Golf Shoes?

If your footwear has spikes then those sorts of golf shoes may become uncomfortable on hard surfaces like concrete. Even soft spike golf shoes aren’t ideal for walking on hard surfaces and I try to avoid it as much as possible since it will wear down your spikes more quickly.

Can I Wear Spiked Shoes In The Clubhouse?

While all golf clubs will be different you will find that you cannot wear spiked golf shoes outside of the locker room at most clubs. Especially if you are one of the few that are still wearing metal spikes due to the damage they can cause to the floors.

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