9 Best Golf Shoes for Walking


The best golf shoes for walking are spikeless because they weigh less than spiked shoes. They also tend to be more flexible and the lack of spikes means they won’t become uncomfortable on hard ground.

Another added benefit is not changing shoes when going to and from the course or entering the clubhouse.

Here are some of the best spikeless shoes for walking based on their comfort and support, how easy they are to clean and whether they are waterproof. 

FootJoy ProSL Carbon

FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon Shoes

The FootJoy Pro/SL is one of the most stable shoes. This is thanks to the carbon fibre inlay midsole that supports the entire foot. It is also more comfortable with extra padding around the ankle.

These features take the shoe to a higher level than the standard Pro/SL. Unfortunately, it results in a higher price tag for the Carbon model.

Nike Air Max 90 G Shoes

The Nike Air Max 90 G has strategically placed mesh that makes it more flexible but is still waterproof. They keep your feet dry while playing and makes them easier to clean. They also include an integrated traction pattern that gives excellent grip when on the course.

However, some buyers of the Max 90 G have complained that they get dirty easily and aren’t as durable as some other shoes of the same quality and price tag.

Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoes

The Ecco Biom H4 is one of the most comfortable spikeless golf shoes with its Fluidform Technology. This means the shoe is designed to work with the anatomy of your foot to provide superior comfort. It also has plenty of stability and grip with its locked in back section. It is also waterproof and made with breathable materials.

However, it is not the softest feeling spikeless shoe as there is less give. This means it still provides a solid base to swing from and remains comfortable nonetheless.

Adidas CodeChaos Shoes

The Adidas CodeChaos shoes come in various colours and provide a performance to rival premium golf shoes. The CodeChaos have a trainer-like fit. With a soft, spongy feeling underfoot and provide a slip-free grip regardless of turf conditions.

However, some parts of the shoes can be difficult to clean. They may be the right choice for golfers who prefer something more unique in design.

skechers spikeless shoes
Skechers GoGolf spikeless shoes

Puma Ignite NXT Shoes

Despite the cheaper price tag, the Puma Ignite NXT is exceptionally comfortable. A lightweight design and excellent grip and stability. The NXT uses Puma’s Pro-Form TPU outsole with an organically altered traction pattern. This incorporates 100 directional hexagon lugs to maximize traction.

NXTs are easy to clean, thanks to Soleshield. They can be used both on and off the course with their sporty/street look and comfortable, lightweight design.

However, these shoes are not waterproof. Wearing them during wet weather will not offer protection for your feet, even if the traction is unaffected.

Under Armour HOVR Forge RC SL Shoes

Under Armour’s HOVR shoes comes with HOVR foam. This not only provides a soft underfoot feeling but moulds to your foot with its compression mesh. Round after round, the soft feeling of the HOVR cushioning will stay the same.

The Forge RC SL keeps you grounded while swinging and provides a spring in your step for walking. It also performed well for stability and grip, thanks to the Rotational Resistance outsole.

New Balance Men’s NBG518 Golf Shoes

The New Balance Men’s NBG518 design not only enhances traction and stability but your overall game as well. Made with an endurance spikeless rubber outsole, the NBG518 has a lightweight design that keeps you in contact better with the ground.

Its revlite midsole was originally designed for marathon runners. It provides excellent cushioning regardless of whether you’re walking or playing golf.

However, some buyers have pointed out that the NBG518 shoes need a breaking-in period before they are comfortable. Keep that in mind before putting them on for multiple rounds of golf.

9 best golf shoes for walking
Skechers torque golf shoes

Skechers Go Golf Elite V.4 Shoes

The Sketchers Elite V.4 has a low-profile design that enhances stability, traction and grip by keeping your foot lower to the ground. Softness surrounds your feet, whether it’s underfoot, around the ankles, or even your hands as you tie the silk-like laces.

Waterproof and lightweight, the V. 4’s are easy to clean and a good choice for anyone looking for a golf shoe that can also be good for walking. However, you’ll have to settle for a plain design as it has a limited colour range and bland detailing.

While I haven’t owned this particular model I do have a pair of spiked Skechers (Torque) and have found them to be amongst the most comfortable shoes I have owned.

True Linkswear True Knit

True Linkswear True Knit Shoe

If you want to find some of the best lightweight golf shoes, then True Linkswear True Knits is a great choice. Not only do they provide excellent traction and grip, but they are also lightweight.

The True Knit’s unique design makes them comfortable for the golf course and for wearing at the clubhouse and even out to dinner. Remember that they are not waterproof, so they are more of a summer shoe.

Things to Consider

Aside from the price the biggest issue with buying any item of footwear is going to be the fit.

From personal experience I find Adidas shoes to be a very narrow fit in general and need to always purchase their wide fitting. Even then they can sometimes still be too tight. Puma shoes have also tended to be a bit narrow when I’ve tried them as well.

As a rule the Nike golf shoes I’ve owned tended to be quite generous in the forefoot and therefore a good choice for people with a wide foot.

I was also quite impressed with True Linkswear overall. The problem with them is they are only available online making it difficult to try on to find the correct fitting.

FootJoy and New Balance are the two companies that offer extra-wide fittings. You should concentrate on those if you have particularly wide feet.

Most of these shoes are pretty expensive. Particularly considering many aren’t waterproof and therefore could only be used as a summer shoe.

If you’re on a tight budget or only play golf on a very casual basis then you may want to look for discontinued models. Adidas in particular tends to have quite deep discounts on discontinued golf shoes. A great time to buy shoes is in the sales. Black Friday/Cyber Monday or Christmas/New Year.

Conclusion: 9 Best Golf Shoes for Walking

All of the spikeless shoes listed above will give you comfort and versatility. Whether you are walking on the golf course, working on your swing, or going out to dinner after a few rounds. Some are even available in a range of colours to fit any taste, style, or outfit.

You’ll want to try on several different sizes when picking your new golf shoes to ensure you get the most support and comfort as you move and walk in them.

Also, keep in mind that waterproof designs tend to be heavier than those without waterproofing. Weigh the pros and cons before deciding on which to buy.

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