Budget Golf Shoes

Looking for a pair of golf shoes? These days it’s hard to find many from the biggest manufacturers for less than about $100! In this rundown, I’ll be looking at some of the best golf shoes on the market that you can get preferably nearer to $50! This will probably mean looking at shoes from companies you may not have heard of or searching around to find discontinued models being sold off cheaply. If there was ever an era of cheap golf then I think it’s probably over now.

Budget Golf Shoes

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Best cheap waterproof golf shoes

When it comes to golf shoes, waterproof options are a must-have for avid golfers who like to play year-round. Most brands offer high-quality waterproof golf shoes but they usually come at a fairly hefty price, particularly top-of-the-range models with a Gore-Tex lining. Don’t worry though if you want to keep your feet dry during those rainy days on the golf course then there are still some cheaper options that can do the job. 

Skechers torque golf shoes
Me and my Skechers torque golf shoes

Skechers Go Golf Torque

I like these shoes so much that I purchased several pairs. The Skechers Torque is a modern style of shoe available in a choice of colors. As someone that needs a wider fit I’ve found even their standard width to be pretty accommodating and  I note that some sellers even have these in a wide fitting too!

They have a synthetic leather look upper with a rubber sole that houses six soft spikes. I’ve had several pairs over the last few years but as I’m playing as much as five rounds a week I think it’s important to rotate between pairs regularly so I always have at least 2 pairs on the go at any one time.

I have noticed other reviews mention that the uppers have cracked and while I have experienced that it’s been after approximately 100 rounds of use so unless you were using only 1 pair of shoes and playing at least twice a week they would last for a year. 

For the reduced price you can find them online I think you will struggle to find much better!

Top Pick

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Skechers Go Golf Torque

Take your style and comfort to the next level with Skechers H2GO waterproof protection. This shoe features a stylish synthetic upper with a nearly seamless design, sure to turn heads. A molded rubber grip bottom plate provides superior traction, while the Ultra Flight cushioning is ultra-lightweight and responsive. Plus, it comes with Skechers Goga Max technology insole for high-rebound cushioning, and replaceable Softspikes for maximum grip.

Best cheap spikeless golf shoes

 Finding the best cheap spikeless golf shoes can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Spikeless golf shoes are becoming more popular because they offer a comfortable and flexible fit. One great option is the PUMA Men’s Ignite Spikeless Sport Golf Shoe.

This shoe provides superior comfort and style, while still being affordable. Another great option is the Adidas Men’s Adicross III Spikeless Golf Shoe, which features a leather upper and a secure fit. It’s also lightweight and comfortable for long days on the course. For women, the Skechers Women’s Go Golf Birdie Golf Shoe is a great choice. It’s lightweight and breathable while still providing the stability and support needed for a good golf swing. All of these options offer great value for their affordable prices and are perfect for a beginner or casual golfer who wants a high-quality golf shoe without breaking the bank.

Adidas in particular can be a great source for cheap shoes as they seem to bring out new lines on a very regular basis which means the older models are quickly reduced in price.

Nike Roshe G

Sticking with shoes that I’ve had personal experience with I would probably look for a pair of Nike Roshe spikeless shoes. These were some of the most comfortable golf shoes I’d ever owned and because of the nature of the sole I could use them off the course as well. They were an ideal summer shoe with enough grip in dry conditions as well as being lightweight. More modern versions of the issue can still be picked up at fairly reasonable prices particularly if you are a fan of the brand.

Top Pick

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Nike Roshe

  • This modern material is feather-light and breathes easily.
  • A foam midsole pads each step with cushioning comfort.
  • A pressure-mapped outsole provides reliable grip where it’s needed the most.
  • A gusset on the tongue helps keep away any unwanted debris.
  • The high sidewall and wraparound heel counter provide flexible stability and rotational support.

Footjoy Flex XP

If you’re a fan of the Footjoy brand then it is quite difficult to find anything for significantly less than $100 even when you look at continued models. One option might be the Flex golf shoe which is a spikeless model. The Versa-Trax sole is designed to provide all the traction you need while playing or walking during your round of golf.

Having seen them on the shelf I’ve always been intrigued by the look of the shoe but they have always been priced out of my budget I’m afraid. This is a shame as I used to buy Footjoy shoes quite regularly. 

Top Pick

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Footjoy Flex XP

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Rubber sole of these shoes guarantee top-tier performance.
  • The lightweight performance mesh provides unbeatable comfort, breathability, and all-day wear.
  • Underfoot cushioning and stability are enhanced with a soft EVA midsole
  • the Versa-Trax outsole has traction elements for superior traction during your swing and grip when walking
  • Laser Sport Fit offers a full rounded toe character with a standard fit across the forefoot and instep, plus a toe spring and slightly narrow heel for an athletic profile.

Best cheap spiked golf shoes

 When looking for the best cheap spiked golf shoes, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. First and foremost, you want to find a shoe that provides reliable traction and stability on the course, which is where the spikes come in. Look for shoes that have removable spikes, which will allow you to replace them as needed and extend the life of the shoe. In addition, comfort is key when it comes to golf shoes, as you will be on your feet for hours at a time.

Look for shoes with ample cushioning and support, and consider trying them on to ensure a good fit. Some great options for cheap spiked golf shoes include the Puma Grip Fusion Sport, the Callaway Balboa TRX, and the Adidas Adipower 4ORGED. With these shoes, you can stay comfortable and on top of your game without breaking the bank.

Adidas Tech Response

If you really want to keep the cost down then you could take a look at the Adidas Tech Response golf shoe. You can generally find these for around $50 mark which is pretty good for one of the biggest sports shoe manufacturers in the world. Synthetic uppers which, unfortunately, aren’t waterproof as I found when I owned a pair of these shoes and got caught in some unexpected rain.

Despite being a lightweight shoe they still offer plenty of grip. They are a comfortable budget shoe whether you like to walk or ride.

Top Pick

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Adidas Tech Response

These shoes are made from 100% synthetic materials. The sole is designed with synthetic material to provide a lightweight, breathable, and stable feel. The lace closure along with the textile and synthetic upper ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The durable non-marking adiwear outsole with X-Traxion primary lugs gives you grip and balance, while the green-friendly thintech EXP cleats help you stay grounded. Plus, the lightweight Cloudfoam sockliner gives you additional comfort. And, if you’re looking for a wider fit, these shoes are designed with Tour Performance wide build.

Finding the Right Golf Shoes for Your Game

Finding the right golf shoe is crucial to your game. The best golf shoes are those that provide support, comfort, and stability. Playing golf can be a long, arduous game, so proper footwear can make all the difference in your performance on the course. Golf shoes come in various styles, including spikeless or spiked, and the right shoe for you depends on your individual needs.

Spikeless shoes are more comfortable and versatile, but spiked shoes provide more traction on the course. When shopping for golf shoes, consider the material, size, and fit, and don’t forget to test them out before purchasing. With the right golf shoes, you’ll feel confident and comfortable on the course, leading to your best golf game yet.

Most people will benefit from buying a lightweight shoe but you should also make sure to get the proper fit both in terms of the size and width of shoe. The last thing you want to do is spend four hours with painful feet caused by a new pair of golf shoes.

Should I buy spiked, or spikeless golf shoes?

When considering whether to buy spiked or spikeless golf shoes, there are several factors to consider. Spiked golf shoes generally provide better traction on the course, particularly in wet or slippery conditions, which can help prevent slips and falls while swinging.

However, spiked shoes can also cause damage to the putting green, which can be frustrating for other golfers or maintenance crews. Spikeless shoes, on the other hand, are typically more comfortable than spiked shoes and can easily transition from the course to everyday wear. However, they may not provide as much traction as spiked shoes, which can be problematic in certain conditions. Ultimately, the decision between spiked or spikeless shoes comes down to personal preference and the specific conditions of the course on which one will be playing.

Depending on where you are in the world you might be able to play in spike-less shoes all year round. On the other hand, if you live somewhere that has plenty of rain then you’re going to want to look for a waterproof spiked shoe to give you that extra grip in the wet and to avoid you getting wet feet!

What To Look For When Looking For An Affordable Golf Shoe

When looking for an affordable golf shoe, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Firstly, consider whether you want a waterproof golf shoe, particularly if you play in wet or damp conditions. Waterproof shoes tend to be slightly more expensive, but they can be a worthwhile investment if you want to keep your feet dry and comfortable on the golf course.

Secondly, consider whether you want a spikeless golf shoe or one with spikes. Spikeless golf shoes tend to be more affordable than spiked shoes, but they may not provide as much traction during your golf swing. To find the best budget golf shoes, consider shopping for shoes online, as you may be able to find a wider range of options at lower prices than you would in a physical store.

Ultimately, the best affordable golf shoe for you will depend on your playing style and preferences, so look for a shoe that fits well and feels comfortable both on and off the golf course.

skechers spikeless shoes
Skechers GoGolf spikeless shoes

Look For Discontinued Golf Shoe Models

When it comes to buying a new pair of quality golf shoes, sometimes it can be difficult to justify the cost of the latest version. However, if you’re looking for a bargain, it can be worthwhile to seek out discontinued models. Shoe manufacturers tend to bring out new models every year and the previous version can often then be found at a deep discount. This means you’re getting the best cheap golf shoes for your money.

Ask yourself just how much of a technological improvement a golf shoe will have undergone in the previous 12 months.

For more help with buying golf shoes check out this article on the best shoes for walking.

Get The Right Size

Particularly if you are searching online make sure that you double-check the sizing you require. Some manufacturers tend to be a little narrow with their standard-fit shoe. Adidas and Puma both seem to fall into this category. On the other hand, most of the Nike and Skechers shoes I’ve tried tend to offer a little bit more width. As you age there’s a reasonable chance that you might need wider-fitting shoes so it’s worth paying particular attention to getting the right fit.

Budget Golf Shoes: Summary

It’s still possible to find some decent golf shoes for around $50-$100 so put those running shoes away and invest in your golf game with a proper pair of golf shoes.

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