How Long To Break In Golf Shoes?

You’ve turned up at the golf club and realized that your golf shoes have split. Should you buy a new pair of shoes from the pro shop or will they need to be broken in? Let’s see if we can answer that question for you.

How Long To Break In Golf Shoes
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How Long Will It Take For Golf Shoes To Break In?

Golf shoes are designed to protect your feet while you are playing. They are also designed to provide traction and stability. However, new golf shoes can be quite stiff and uncomfortable. It is usually important to break in your new golf shoes before using them on the course.

Certainly, in my early days of playing golf when I exclusively wore leather golf shoes, you did have to allow a break-in period. With many modern sneaker-like golf shoes, it’s probably less of a concern. Several times I’ve used golf shoes for a round of golf without needing to break them in first.

Here are a few tips to help you break-in your golf shoes quickly:

  • Wear them around the house: This will help to soften up the shoes and make them more comfortable.
  • Use a shoehorn: This will help to stretch out the shoes and make them easier to put on.
  • Hit some balls: Wearing your shoes on the range will help to break them in and give you a feel for how they perform.

It is important to keep in mind that all shoes are different and that it may take some time to break in your new pair of golf shoes. Be patient and follow these tips, and you will be sure to have a comfortable pair of golf shoes in no time!

Break in shoes the ASOS way

Why Do Golf Shoes Cause Blisters?

Golf shoes are known to cause blisters, especially when they are new. The reason for this is that the back of the golf shoe rubs against the heel, causing friction. This can happen even more easily if the golf shoe is too big or too small. Wearing socks can help protect the skin, but sometimes even that isn’t enough. If you get a blister while wearing golf shoes, it’s important to treat it right away so it doesn’t get infected.

If you do find your shoes tend to cause blisters then you could try some anti-blister socks. 

I find that it helps by rotating different pairs of shoes on different days so your feet aren’t being rubbed in the same places all the time. It’s also really important to make sure you have the right size shoes.

One thing that might help you are toe separators. I found them to be a godsend in everyday use much less when I’m wearing golf shoes.

You could also try using something other than golf shoes but I wouldn’t recommend it if you play regularly.

Should Your Golf Shoes Be Tight When You First Buy Them?

Golf shoes should be a snug fit when you first buy them. They will loosen up slightly as you break them in, but you don’t want them to be too loose. If your golf shoes are too loose, they won’t provide the support you need and you’ll be more likely to slip. You may also find your feet will move about inside the shoe and cause you to develop blisters.

Tips For Breaking In New Golf Shoes

When you get new golf shoes, there are a few practical tips and tricks to break them in and prevent blisters. First, if your shoes feel tight, you can use a shoe stretcher to help soften them up. Another way to soften new shoes is to wear them around the house for a little while each day. If you have wide feet, this is especially important. The best way to break in golf shoes is simply to wear them as much as possible. After a few rounds of golf or some time walking around in them, they should start to feel more comfortable.

It’s best to avoid adjusting to new golf shoes for the first time while playing on the golf course. You don’t want to reach the 10th tee and find that you are developing blisters or your feet are hurting.

When breaking in a new pair of golf shoes, it is important to take precautions to prevent blisters from forming. One way to do this is to wear a bandage or sticking plaster over vulnerable areas such as the back of the heel. 

Use a Blow-Dryer To Soften the Leather

A blow dryer can help to soften the leather on your golf shoes and make them more comfortable to wear. This is because the heat from the blow dryer helps to break down the fibers in the leather, making them more pliable. Just be careful not to hold the blow dryer too close to the shoes, as this can damage the leather. Aim for a distance of about six inches. For more on this technique check out CNET.

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How To Measure Your Golf Shoe Size

When shopping for a new pair of golf shoes, it is important to know your accurate shoe size. This will ensure a comfortable fit and help you avoid blisters and other issues. The best way to measure your golf shoe size is to trace your foot onto a piece of paper and then measure the length and width. You can also visit a local golf shop and have them measure your feet.

If you do go shopping for new shoes it’s usually best to go in the afternoon as your feet will tend to swell. Most people also have one foot slightly bigger than the other so make sure that the shoes will fit your larger foot. Don’t be afraid to walk around the store either.

What Causes A Golf Shoe Not To Fit Right?

There can be several reasons why a golf shoe might not fit right. It could be the wrong size, the wrong width, or the wrong style for your foot. Additionally, if the shoe is too old or has been worn a lot, it may have lost its shape and no longer fit properly. If you’ve recently had a change in foot size or width, that could also affect how well your golf shoes fit.

Skechers Go Golf Torque Sole
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Skechers Go Golf Torque Sole

Spiked Or Spikeless Golf Shoes?

If you want to avoid having to break in shoes or at least minimize the time taken then you need to stick to modern trainer-type shoes, spikeless ones would probably be best. If you’re buying Footjoys made of leather such as pairs of Icons then I think it’s safe to say you’ll need to break them in a little before heading out for 18 holes.

For some ideas on great golf shoes here are 9 picks for those of you that like to walk the course.

Diabetes And Golf Shoes

As someone who was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago, I now find taking much more care over my feet and the footwear I buy particularly about the size I buy (width).

Many manufacturers tend to produce quite narrow shoes as standard, Adidas and Puma in particular while others tend to be more generous like Skechers.

Even some of the supposedly wide-fitting shoes by Adidas I find can cause problems for me. Whether you currently suffer with your feet I would take great care in selecting the right size of shoe. If you find a pair that works for you then it might be worth buying a couple of extra pairs so you are covered for a few years.

How Long To Break In Golf Shoes: Conclusion

As any golfer knows, a comfortable pair of golf shoes is essential to playing your best. But when you get a new pair of golf shoes, they can feel pretty stiff and tight, and it can take a while to break them in. 

Try to find shoes that fit properly for both length and width. Use shoe trees to help stretch out the shoes so they’re more comfortable to wear.

If you get the right shoes and look after them properly then your feet will thank you! You’re not likely to play your best golf if your feet don’t feel great.

Check out my review of the Skechers Go Torque Shoe that I am currently using.

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