Skechers Go Golf Torque Golf Shoes Review

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While I can’t claim to have tried every golf shoe on the market, these are without a doubt my favorite, and having found a shoe that I like I’ve purchased three additional pairs!

As someone who has to pay for his own golf equipment, I can’t give a bigger recommendation than that!

Skechers go golf torque golf shoes review
Skechers go golf torque


Skechers are renowned for producing footwear that is comfortable straight out of the box. These shoes did not disappoint. I certainly don’t miss the days of having to break in a pair of Footjoy Dryjoy or similar. Being able to take them straight out of the box and onto the course with no worries is a major benefit.

I find the Goga Max insoles in these shoes to be very comfortable and the sole and upper to be very flexible and comfortable whilst walking and swinging a golf club.


Featuring Skechers H2GO Shield waterproof protection these should keep your feet warm and dry which is particularly important if you golf somewhere with as much rain as the UK!

There has been a trend towards fewer spikes during my time in golf. Shoes I was buying 30 years ago probably featured nine spikes per shoe whereas these days you tend to only get six or seven. This doesn’t seem to have greatly reduced the amount of grip that you can achieve because most shoes these days also feature various nubs to aid with traction.


As someone with wider than average feet, it can often be a problem trying to source shoes that fit. Adidas and Puma for example, generally are quite narrow even if you can get hold of a wide fitting. This is a shame as their shoes are usually quite good. The last few years I’ve started looking at Skechers shoes and in particular the Go Golf Torque model and found them to be a very good fit, for me anyway!

Getting a good fit is the most important aspect of purchasing any sort of footwear. You’ll be playing golf for around four hours and if you are walking then you will cover around 5 miles so you need to make sure that you find shoes that are comfortable. If they also happen to be lightweight, waterproof and offer good levels of traction and support then you are on to a winner. I would recommend you spend a little extra on looking after your feet by buying some decent shoes.

To be honest I had almost reached a point where I was going to look at getting some shoes custom-made as I was finding it increasingly difficult to find shoes in a wide fitting without having to spend a ridiculous sum for off-the-shelf wide shoes.

Fortunately, I took a punt on this model from Skechers and found them to be a good fit.

For those of you with wide feet, Skechers do offer some models in an Extra Wide (4E) fitting. Unfortunately, while the US website lists 15 different models in the UK we only get 5!


The original pair of shoes that I purchased are now quite badly battered although to be fair I didn’t take particularly good care of them and they have lasted for approximately 100 rounds. On the whole, they have worked out to be great value for money compared with some shoes I’ve purchased down the years.


The recommended retail price of these shoes is around $100 (£90 in the UK). I’ve been able to source them for significantly less from a couple of different outlets here in the UK as I think they have now been superseded by a newer version (Torque 2). For the price I paid (around £55) I am more than happy with the value for money and hence why I picked up another couple of pairs so I should be sorted for golf shoes for the next couple of years at least. 

sole of torque golf shoe
Sole with six spikes


If you are looking for comfortable, lightweight and waterproof golf shoes then you should do your feet a favor and check out the Skechers Go Golf Torque. If you can find them for less than their recommended retail price then even better!

Check out the current price on Amazon or if you’d like to see some more suggestions then here are 9 great options for walking.

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