Best Waterproof Cart Bag

Best Waterproof Cart Bag

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What Are The Best Waterproof Cart Bags?


Golf can be difficult enough without having to deal with equipment that is soaked through when you play in the rain. A waterproof golf bag can be a massive help when you’re playing in less-than-perfect weather.

These days I’m very much a fair-weather golfer and will try to avoid playing in the rain whenever possible. For those of you that still like the challenge of playing in bad weather, I’m going to take a run through a selection of the best waterproof trolley bags. They should still be available at the moment.

It should be said that waterproof golf bags can prove to be a little expensive but I tried to cover as many price points as possible.

What to Look For?

Most obviously the bag itself needs to be made from a waterproof material. All the pockets need to come with sealed seams and zippers in order to keep your equipment dry.

You should also be able to access the pockets easily when the bag is on the trolley. A waterproof hood that allows easy access to your clubs is also important.

The last thing you want to do is to be struggling with an awkward zip in order to retrieve your clubs.

Hydrostatic head rating. This is the figure used in the industry to compare the level of waterproofing that a product might have.

The higher the number the more waterproof the product is.

The number represents the height of a column of water that could be placed on the material before it begins to leak through. So a rating of 10,000mm means it could hold a column of water 10 m high before the water would start leaking through the fabric.

As a comparison tents with ratings of 3000+mm are able to withstand heavy downpours and gale-force winds.

Water-resistant and waterproof are not interchangeable terms!

Mark Crossfield on waterproof bags

Look for Adequate Storage and Organization

If you are looking for a waterproof golf trolley bag, it’s important to consider what you will need to store in the bag.

Look for bags with multiple pockets and compartments to keep your clubs, balls and accessories organized and easily accessible. Some bags even come with specialized pockets for items like rangefinders or GPS devices. Many bags now have cooler pockets for drinks or snacks which might be important if you play a lot in hot weather.

Do you like to avoid your clubs getting tangled together? If so, look for a bag with full-length 14-way dividers.

Additionally, consider the size and weight of the bag, as you don’t want to sacrifice storage for portability. A well-organized bag can make a big difference in your game, so choose one that fits your needs.


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Top Pick

41d1Pl 1t9L. SL160

Cobra Ultradry Pro Cart Bag

  • Lightweight: 5.3 LBS
  • Max Storage: 7 total pockets for maximum storage
  • Waterproof: Seam-sealed zippered pockets to protect your belongings from the elements
  • Utility: 15-way top with an external putter and cart strap pass-through
  • Dual Apparel Pockets: Two oversized apparel pockets for increased storage
  • Fleece Lined Pockets: Dual valuables pockets are lined with fleece for even more protection

Cobra Ultradry Pro Cart Bag

A lightweight bag coming in at only 2.4 kg. Seam-sealed zippered pockets will foil the elements. The obligatory 14-way full-length dividers and putter well.
Only has seven pockets which might be a problem for some of you. Only available in two color schemes as well so might be an issue for the more fashion-conscious golfer.

Top Pick

31UfyA40ZhL. SL160

Mizuno BR-DRI WP Cart Bag

  • Material: Composite
  • Number of Dividers: 14
  • Item Weight: 2.5 Kilograms
  • Number Of Pockets: 7
  • Features: Totally waterproof cart bag with seamless construction to protect your possessions in the worst golfing weather

Mizuno BR-DRI WP Cart Bag

Comes with a one-year waterproof guarantee. Has full-length dividers for 14 clubs. Like Sun Mountain and Titleist, features a cart strap channel for those of you that like to ride. Comes with a matching rain hood and is available in a range of colors.

MotoCaddy Dry Series Waterproof Trolley Bag

Easilock system to prevent your bag from twisting on your trolley. Another lightweight offering at only 2.4 kg. Features a dry valuables pocket and an insulated pocket for food or beverages. The seams are heat-welded and the zips thermo-sealed for extra protection from the elements.

Comes with its own waterproof rain hood and handles for easy carrying when moving from trunk to trolley. As with many of the bags featured here, it has 14 full-length dividers which should help you get your clubs in about as quickly as possible.

As someone who’s had a MotoCaddy trolley for several years, I thoroughly recommend getting a bag that is easilock compatible.

Ping Pioneer Monsoon Cart Bag

I’m also a big fan of Ping bags having owned a couple of stand bags down the years and also a trolley bag.

One of the heavier bags featured at almost 3.2 kg or 7 pounds. This one is probably for people who like to ride a cart. It is only marketed as water repellent, however. If you’re looking for the greatest protection from the elements then you might need to look at one of the other models.

As usual, you are getting full-length dividers to keep your club separate.

I personally quite like the black with red accent design but some may prefer something a little more colorful.

The other issue I have with this bag is that it is quite expensive. Particularly considering it is described as water-repellent and not waterproof.

PowaKaddy Dri Tech Waterproof Cart Bag

For those of you with a PowaKaddy electric trolley, this might be your first choice since it matches the trolley. It also has a keylock system to help secure the bag and the trolley together.

It’s made from a fabric with a hydrostatic head rating of over 10,000mm so this bag should be able to handle some pretty heavy rain.

It’s among the lighter cart bags available at the moment weighing in at only 2.3 kg. It has a 14-way top divider which is more useful when it’s raining as it stops clubs from becoming entangled. It has a variety of pockets offering a decent amount of space.

Having owned an electric trolley for a number of years I would recommend purchasing a bag that features some form of locking mechanism. It removes one area of potential problems that you could encounter during your round.

Best waterproof cart bag
Stewart remote trolley and bag

Sun Mountain H2NO Staff Cart Bag

Sun Mountain tends to be at the premium end of the price spectrum and this bag is no different.

This bag features a waterproof fabric to keep your equipment dry in all sorts of weather. It features a cart strap pass-through system to make sure all of your pockets are easy to access when it’s loaded onto your ride-on cart.

You get 14 full-length dividers for your clubs and nine forward-facing pockets to store your equipment. Including a rangefinder compartment and a velour-lined valuables pocket.

Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Cart Bag

Although designated with the ‘lite’ tag it actually weighs in at 2.9 kg so is one of the heavier bags in this roundup. If you mainly use a ride-on cart then it’s less of an issue, but if you prefer to walk, it is something to bear in mind.

As with the staff cart bag, this features a 14-way divider and has waterproof fabric. It also has the same cart strap pass-through mechanism. It comes with the almost obligatory taped seams and water-resistant zippers.

TaylorMade Deluxe Waterproof Cart Bag

Features a wide range of pockets with thermo-sealed zips. Has a 15-way top. Unfortunately, only three of the dividers are full-length. When it’s raining you are going to want full-length dividers so you can get your clubs in and out of the bag as quickly as possible. Does feature a keylock base to help the bag stay in place on your trolley.

TaylorMade Storm Dry Waterproof Bag

A different design to their deluxe waterproof bag but features in my opinion the same design flaw. Only three full-length dividers. While it offers a host of other useful features I think this would be one of the determining factors for me when looking for a waterproof bag.

Titleist Cart 15 StaDry Waterproof Bag

I have to admit that I currently have a Titleist cart bag although not this particular model. One of the larger and heavier bags featured in this list at just under 3 kg. It’s probably better suited to someone using a ride-on cart rather than a handcart.

A total of nine pockets including two velour-lined valuables pockets. Features full-length dividers and seam-sealed zippers. There’s also a large velcro patch where you could leave your gloves to dry out.

Like the Sun Mountain bags features a cart strap system.

Titleist Cart 14 StaDry Waterproof Bag

For golfers who prefer to walk with a manual or electric trolley, this Titleist bag is probably a better fit. It still has most of the features of the larger model including the full-length dividers and putter well. The glove landing patch and forward-facing pockets are also still prominent.

Best Waterproof Cart Bag: Conclusion

Since waterproof bags tend to be quite a bit more expensive than their non-waterproof cousins you really need to think long and hard. If you play a lot in the worst weather then you will definitely need a waterproof bag rather than merely water-resistant.

If you tend to ride on a cart then you might be better off picking one of those bags which features a cart strap system. If you tend to walk then you would probably be better off going for one of the lighter bags which features a trolley-friendly base.

Here are my selections for the best waterproof golf bag:

PowaKaddy Dri Tech. Given its waterproof rating, it’s hard to fault this particular bag if you’re going to be playing in wet weather on a regular basis.

Titleist Cart 14 StaDry. For those of you that like to walk with a manual or electric trolley, it would be a good choice. I’ve been particularly happy with my own Titleist bag for a number of years.

Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Cart Bag. If you prefer to ride then I think it is the best option as it offers loads of features including a cart strap pass-through system.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What are easilock compatible golf bags?

An easilock compatible golf bag has a specially designed base to fit snugly onto certain makes of trolley and will stop the bag from moving about.

What is the difference between water resistant and waterproof golf bag?

Water resistant bags are designed to prevent water ingress up to a certain point. If the rain is prolonged or particularly heavy then the contents will eventually get wet. Waterproof bags, on the other hand, will keep water out no matter how much it rains. If you play a lot of golf in the UK, for example, a waterproof bag might be a worthwhile investment.

Is it worth getting a waterproof golf bag?

Whether it is worth getting a waterproof golf bag will depend on the weather where you play most of your golf. It will stop your gear from getting soaked and make your round easier and more enjoyable. It really comes down to how often you want to golf in the rain.

Should I use a stand bag or a cart bag?

Stand Or Cart Bag

There are a number of pros and cons to using a cart bag or stand bag. A stand bag allows you more freedom of movement round the course and should lead to a faster round but a trolley bag allows you to carry more equipment and conserves your energy for your shots.

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