Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2 Putter Review

Trying to find the perfect putter can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2 Putter is an excellent option for golfers who want superior performance on the green.

The flagship model for the range is precision-crafted from 303 stainless steel. It has dual-milled face technology and I-Beam plumbing neck.

In this review, we’ll explore the visuals, feel, fitting, and performance of the newest incarnation of the Newport 2. The Super Select line will supersede the Special Select models.

Join us as we discover whether this putter will help you sink a few more putts.

Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2 Review

Key Takeaways

  • Milled from 303 stainless steel in the USA
  • Dual-milled face technology for softness and feedback
  • Customizable heel-toe tungsten sole weights for balance
  • Wide range of options to fit you better
  • Personalization options
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Expensive

Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2 Putter Review: Introduction

Get ready to experience the ultimate in blade putter performance with the Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2! Combining classic design with modern touches like a precision-sculpted neck design, dual-milled face technology and customizable weighting, this Scotty Cameron putter is sure to give you an edge on the course!

Scotty Cameron has been perfecting his craft since the 1960s when he and his dad tinkered in their family garage. His passion for creating putters that look like they melt into the ground has continued throughout his career, as he strives to make some of the finest putters for top players and amateur golfers alike.

The Newport 2 brings together art and engineering, offering a great feel from deep-milled softness and feedback with two customizable tungsten weights. The accessories available in the online store make it easy to customize your Scotty Cameron putter even further.

With over 45 major championships won using his putters, you can trust that you’re getting a quality product from Scotty Cameron—one designed by a passionate craftsman who knows what it takes to win on the golf course.

Newport 2 Address
Newport 2 Address

Overview of the Newport 2

The Newport 2 offers golfers a sleek, industrial look and improved performance. It features a precision sculpted neck design, weight redistribution, dual-milled face technology, and customizable heel-toe tungsten sole weights. Some of its key features include:

  • Larger signature milled dots in the pocket
  • Deep-milled putter softness combined great feedback and roll
  • Performance weighting with two customizable heel-toe tungsten weights

Difference From Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter

The main thrust of bringing out this range was to save some weight so it could be redistributed for additional forgiveness. Although we are only talking about 10g, which probably doesn’t seem a lot! Visually probably the biggest difference is the dots milled into the cavity don’t have the red finish on them.

Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2


The Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 is a stunning piece of craftsmanship that offers players superior performance and style. With its industrial look, milled dots in the pocket this putter is designed to help golfers take their game to the next level and look the part doing so.

I waited many years before eventually succumbing to temptation and buying my own Scotty (a Phantom X12) mainly down to the cost. The classic heel and toe blade putters in the Super Select range are golfing works of art and I think the majority of players at your golf club would love to get their hands on one even if it wasn’t necessarily the best option for them because of their stroke. 

Several times I’ve had people spot the Scotty headcover in my bag and ask to have a look. Never had that with any other putter brand and I’ve owned a few down the years (Ping, Odyssey, TaylorMade, Wilson, Nike, Yes, Heavy)

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Rear
Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Rear


Feel the softness and precision of a tour-level putter with Scotty’s Newport 2. It offers up to 10% better feedback than comparable models. The putter is milled from stainless steel for superb feedback. The conventional Anser-style putter features a larger sweet spot. It also has dual-milled face technology that combines deep-milled putter softness with improved roll.

Plus, it comes with the Pistolini plus grip which adds even more feel and control. Customizable heel-toe tungsten sole weights make it easy to adjust performance weighting for your swing. The putter’s notch provides precise lie adjustments.

The sound off the face is slightly more muted than Special Select models which probably adds to this putter feeling a bit softer. While not as soft as in insert putter this is probably as soft as you will find in the milled putter category.

If feedback is what you want most of in a putter then this should provide it in spades.

Ask Scotty – Putter grips


You can customize your Scotty putter with options for loft, lie, and length for the perfect fit.

It comes with 3.5º loft and 70º lie as standard.

The Super Select line also comes with right-handed lengths in 1/2 inch increments from 33′ to 35′ and left-handed options in 33′, 34′ or 35′.

You can order your putter with the loft altered by up to 1 degree in either direction and lie by up to 2 degrees either way for a truly personalized fit.

The weights in the sole are different depending on the length of putter you purchase but you could always mix and match different weights if you wish to suit your putting stroke.

Whether you’re looking for a standard setup or something more customized, the Scotty Cameron Newport has what you need.

Newport 2 Face
Newport 2 Face

On The Green

On the green, you’ll be amazed by the dual-milled face technology of this Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport Putter. It combines deep-milled softness with mid-milled feedback and roll for a truly exceptional performance.

Personally, I tend to prefer mallets for the extra forgiveness but this putter did offer quite a bit of help for someone who doesn’t always strike it from the sweet spot.

The weighting is also customizable with two tungsten sole weights. This feature can help you get the perfect balance for your game.

The precision sculpted neck design gives it an industrial look and feel. Additionally, the larger milled dots in the pocket offer improved control and accuracy. I regularly toy with the idea of a blade putter as I think they look nicer but usually end up back with a mallet when realization dawns on my accuracy.

With so many options to customize your putter, you’ll be sure to get one that fits your game perfectly. 

Other Super Select Putters

Discover the perfect putter for your game from the Super Select lineup, with Tour-proven blades, mid-mallets, and more. From iconic classics like GOLO 6 to modern innovations like Newport 2 Plus, you’ll find exactly what you need. These models replace the previous models in the Scotty Cameron Special Select range.


  • Newport features a new I-beam plumbing neck for crisp alignment.
  • Newport Plus – slightly wider but definitely still a blade.
  • Newport 2 
  • Newport 2 Plus – wider edition of the Newport 2.
  • Newport 2.5 Plus – same head as the Plus but with a toe-flow hosel.


  • Del Mar provides a classic heel-shafted shape.
  • Squareback 2 is redesigned for a modern design.
  • Fastback 1.5 – the stability of a mallet for players who prefer a blade.


  • GOLO 6 – compact mallet sized between the previous GOLO 5 and 7.
  • GOLO 6.5 – same head as the GOLO 6 but with a different neck to promote toe-flow.

Pros And Cons

Undoubtedly for many of you, the biggest con for any Scotty Cameron putter is the price. The only thing I can say to mitigate it is that any of the putters look gorgeous and you are going to use your putter at least twice as much as any other club!

Superb craftsmanship 
Many options
Customizable Weights
Price Lie adjustments limited to -2º/+2º
Loft only adjustable between -1º/+1º


I’ve looked at the pros and cons of the Super Select Newport 2 Putter, but there are other options out there. Here’s a list of some alternatives that you may want to consider:

  1. Classic Ping Anser – won’t break the bank and stood the test of time.
  2. Odyssey Stroke Lab White Hot OG #1 Putter – Anser looks with an insert.
  3. SIK Pro-C Series – descending loft technology to improve results no matter where you strike.

All these putters offer great features compared to the Newport 2, but they also come at different price points. So, make sure to do your research before making a selection!

If you think a mallet might suit you better then here are reviews of the Phantom X 5.5 and X 7.5.

If you need something a bit cheaper then here are some options around the 100 dollar mark.

Is It Worth Upgrading From A Special Select Putter?

The elephant in the room with most golf clubs these days is the price. With these Scotty putters costing in the region of $500 they are beyond the reach of many golfers.

If you are a Scotty fan then no doubt you will want to pick up one or even two of this new Super Select line. For me personally, it would be difficult to justify the outlay again so soon after buying my Phantom X12.

I don’t think too many putters have such marvelous technology compared to a prior generation to warrant an upgrade too often. I think for most people buying a new putter is more about changing your luck on the greens, going for a different style of putter or because your current putter is looking a bit beat up. 

Here is a review of the Special Select Newport 2.


In conclusion, the Newport 2 Putter is a great choice for any golfer looking for precision performance on the green. The combination of its dual-milled face technology, I-Beam plumbing neck, and customizable heel-toe tungsten sole weights makes it an ideal putter for players of all skill levels.

If you have a solid stroke then I think a blade putter usually looks better behind the ball so give it a whirl!

With its sleek look and superior feel, this putter will have you sinking more putts in no time – just like Tiger Woods did when he won the Masters with his trusty Scotty Cameron!

Now here are some putting stats to put things in perspective. If you are looking for a new putter then my putter buying guide should give you some food for thought.

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