Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter Review

This advanced blade putter offers forgiveness and control, giving you the confidence to roll that rock! With its heel and toe weighting for a larger sweet spot and exceptional performance, it’s no wonder why the Newport 2 putter is highly regarded and recommended by professionals and amateurs alike.

Get ready to elevate your game and lower your scores with one of the finest putting tools money can buy. In this Scotty Cameron Newport 2 review find out whether its worth investing in this premium flat stick.

Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter Review
Photo Geoffrey Baker

Key Takeaways: Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter Review

  • Special Select putters are designed for golfers looking for more traditional shapes
  • Maximum forgiveness in a blade provided by the Newport 2 putter
  • Reasonably priced for its features and benefits, although some golfers may find it unaffordable
  • Highly regarded in the golfing community, with exceptional performance and precision
  • Scotty Cameron putters are made from 303 stainless steel with tungsten weights in the sole

Scotty Cameron Special Select Putters

The Special Select line of putters by Scotty Cameron are a collection of putters designed to combine timeless design with modern craftsmanship. They are created with the same sleek and classic shapes that touring professionals prefer, and each one is meticulously designed and milled in the USA to meet the exacting specifications of the game’s greatest players.

They feature performance-balanced weighting, which allows for customization of the sole weights to enhance performance and feel at any length. The use of tungsten and stainless steel in the construction of the blades and mid-mallets creates a bigger sweet spot and improved stability in each model.

Made from solid milled stainless steel, the Special Select head shapes offer legendary performance and playability, with a consistent sound and a soft feel. Scotty Cameron has gone back to the roots of sound and feel to ensure that these putters deliver the best possible experience on the green.

The new Special Select putters are fitted with the Pistolini Plus grip, designed by Scotty. This grip combines the popular Pistolini shape with a slightly built-up lower hand profile, resulting in an improved feel and performance. Here are some more ideas for putter grips.

With a focus on creating sleeker profiles, the Special Select putters have streamlined designs and slightly thinner and flatter toplines. These refinements, along with advancements in face height, neck position, hosel depth, corner radius shaping, flange thickness, and sole weight technology, make these putters sit better, sound better, and perform better.

The blade models incorporate his soft tri-sole design, which provides a self-soling feature at address for proper setup and a visually appealing view of the top line.

The Special Select line offers five different refined neck configurations, allowing for better alignment and Tour-preferred toe flow options. Every aspect of each neck style has been redesigned, from the plumbing neck to the small slant and slantback necks, to the mid-bend shaft-over-spud setup of the Flowback 5.

These clubs deliver pure performance. With eight new models, including blades and mid-mallets, these putters combine Scotty Cameron’s timeless design with modern craftsmanship to provide golfers with the ultimate putting experience.

Pistolini Grip
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Pistolini Grip

Who Should Use The Newport 2?

To fully utilize the Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 putter, you’ll need to practice and develop your stroke for consistent strikes and precise control. That’s not to say that there is no forgiveness from the cavity and perimeter weighting but if your stroke is still a bit inconsistent then you might fare better with one of the mallets in the range or even something from the Phantom line-up such as the X12.

By dedicating time and effort to practice, you can develop the necessary skills to fully utilize the Newport 2 putter. 

Forgiveness and Feel

For a blade putter, this offers plenty of forgiveness so you shouldn’t suffer too much with slight mishits. The larger sweet spot minimizes the impact of poor strikes, giving you the confidence to make those tricky putts with ease. 

Solid strikes make a satisfying “tock” so you know when you have made a good connection.

Special Select Newport 2 Rear
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Special Select Newport 2 Rear


I’m not going to sugarcoat it, putters from Cameron are expensive but you can rest assured you will be getting a quality product that looks the business and will probably bring many envious glances from playing partners.

As this model has been superseded by the Super Select Newport 2 you might struggle to find a brand new one so you will probably need to resort to the used market. Even used Scottys tend to hold their value pretty well so you could easily be looking at $250+ for a well looked after example.

Features And Benefits

One of the big advantages of buying a Scotty is the level of options available to you to get a custom fit. This model is available in half-inch length increments from 33 to 35 inches in the right-handed version and also has 33 to 35-inch shafts in the left-handed model.

The lie can be tweaked ±2° and the loft can also be adjusted ±1° to better suit your putting stroke. Short of buying an adjustable putter it would be difficult to get much more customization.

If you needed to you could also buy a weight kit to change out the default sole weights.

For those of you that prefer the firmer feel of a milled putter, this is a great option.

Special Select Newport 2 Face
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Special Select Newport 2 Face

Other Models In The Special Select Range

The Special Select model range included the following putters:


  • Newport
  • Newport 2
  • Newport 2.5
  • Squareback 2


  • Del Mar
  • Fastback 1.5


  • Flowback 5
  • Flowback 5.5

Alternative Options

Depending on how much you want to spend on a putter there are a number of options. The Cleveland Huntington Beach Premier 4 Golf Putter is a heel-toe weighted blade that shouldn’t break the bank – you should be able to pick it up for $100-$150. 

You could always fall back on an old classic like the Ping Anser 2. New versions are regularly released so you might be able to find a discontinued one reasonably cheap.

If you can find one still available then the Odyssey DFX blade is an excellent option if you like a softer insert putter and you should be able to find them for just over $100 or so.

At the more expensive end of the market you could opt for one of the newer Ping PLD series putters. Another newish name making waves in the premium putter market is Evnroll. You could try to test their ER2V Mid Slant.


While I wouldn’t recommend a blade putter for someone with an inconsistent stroke I would suggest that golfers who like traditional-looking clubs and who have the money to spend as much as $500 on a putter should give the Newport 2 a trial run at their local golf club or store.

Take a look at my putter buying guide to get more ideas on how to select a putter.

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