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Cost Of Regripping Golf Clubs
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Cost Of Regripping Golf Clubs

Cost of Regripping Golf Clubs

Cost of Regripping Golf Clubs: Introduction

If you are prepared to do the work yourself then you can probably regrip your clubs for around $40 if you use the cheapest grips. If you would like the job done at your local golf shop and you want to use some higher quality grips then you could be looking at $200.

Breaking Down the Cost

I will assume you are looking to replace the grips on 13 clubs. Replacing your putter grip isn’t as important as you are not making anything like as vigorous a swing.

You are looking at two significant costs. The cost of the grips that you like and the cost of the labor to install them.

Golf pride victory grips
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Some old Victory style grips!

Labor Costs

You might be able to get the grips replaced for as little as $3-$4. Your local club pro at a private club is likely to charge a bit more both for the labor and the grip too!

Some example regripping prices from major retailers:

  • Golf Galaxy: $3 per grip.
  • Global Golf: $4 per grip.
  • Golf Town: $5 per grip.

To be honest, if I was able to find a local shop that was prepared to regrip my clubs for $3 (£2.16) each then I might never have bothered to do them myself!

Cost of regripping golf clubs
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Black Widow grips – a bit cheaper than Golf Pride!

Grip Costs

Golf grips are becoming more of a fashion statement with manufacturers offering all manner of designs. It is easy to become confused with all the different types of grip available.

Golf Pride are the most popular grip manufacturer on the PGA Tour. The top three models that the pros prefer are:

  • Tour velvet
  • Tour velvet cord
  • MCC

Tour Velvet

You should be able to pick up a set of 13 grips online for around $80. This compares well with the UK market for example where one of the major retailers is asking £6 ($8.31) and that represents a 25% saving on their normal price!

Tour Velvet Cord

If you want to move up to the corded version then you are looking at roughly twice the price with online dealers looking for around $145 for 13 grips. Online retailers in the UK would be looking for at least £9 ($12.46) per grip so a little bit more competitive on this model.


Online UK retailers would again be looking for around £9 ($12.46) per grip. In the US you would again be looking around the $145 mark so once again the UK is competitive, which in my experience is unusual.

In the US you would then have to pay an additional $40-$65 in labor charges to get someone to do the regripping. In the UK you would struggle to find many pro shops that were willing to do the job for less than about £5 ($6.93) per club, meaning a total of $90 for just the labor.

Knowing what is involved in actually changing the grip I felt I was being overcharged for the labor. I also felt that most pros were charging far too much for the grips as well!

Given that, you might understand why I decided to do my own regripping for the last two decades!

Particularly since I am only buying grips in the medium price range and the labor could often work out to be more than the cost of the grips.

Golf pride victory grip butt end
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Victory grip

Where to Get Grips?

If you’re thinking about doing the regripping job yourself then you could purchase some grips from your local pro shop. In my experience, though you will be paying way over the odds. In the past, I’ve managed to source grips from Golfsmith, eBay and Amazon at much more competitive prices. I’ve managed to pick up Golf Pride and Lamkin grips for around half the normal retail price (the best deals are usually on discontinued models)

If you’re looking to keep costs down then there is an excellent offer currently available on Amazon. A set of 13 Champkey grips with tape, utility knife, rubber clamp for your vice and also some solvent. I’ve known golf clubs charge that sort of money to get three clubs regripped if I wanted a branded grip such as Golf Pride.

On eBay, you can find a set of 13 budget grips for as little as $20. This doesn’t include accessories such as the knife or vice grip but does include grip tape.

I would advise you to try and get the best quality you can afford.

Black widow spider logo
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Black widows

Styles of Grip

Most grips are made from rubber or some synthetic variety of rubber.

Grips can be split into four main groups:


  • tend to feature surface textures that are not too rough but do promote better grip and draw away moisture
  • maybe too soft for some


  • cord material is added to the rubber to give extra durability and more grip
  • tend to work better in wet conditions or if you have sweaty hands
  • will tend to wear gloves out quicker


  • combining softer rubber material for the lower hand for feel with corded material in for the upper hand to promote greater grip


  • designed to look like old-fashioned leather grips
  • generally offer a soft feel
  • tend not to perform as well in the wet
  • less durable than other options
Regripping – the Golf Pride way!

Should you Regrip Your Clubs Yourself?

I have been regripping my irons for a long time. I tend not to regrip my woods as I’m a bit more worried about damaging the graphite shafts than I am with the steel shafts in my irons.

It is not a particularly complicated process. Ideally, you need some form of vice, a sharp utility knife, some lubricant and grip tape.

On many occasions, the supplier of the grips has provided sufficient grip tape for me to do the job so I haven’t gone out and expressly purchased a roll of this.

To do the job properly and safely I would advise you to use a vice to hold the club whilst you are working. Always take great care when using any form of knife.

I always find removing the old grip tape to be the hardest part of the process. You can make it easier by using a heat gun for 10 seconds and then using a tape stripper. If you are regripping a graphite shaft then it is best to remove the tape by hand.

The video below shows you several things that you probably shouldn’t do when regripping clubs!

Not entirely sure I’d do it this way!

Why Should you Regrip Your Clubs?

The primary reason is that their performance will degrade over time.

Your grips will become dirty. The sweat from your hands for example will reduce your ability to hold onto the grip without ‘strangling’ it. The grips will tend to harden and probably go a little bit shiny the more they are used. You will find it harder and harder to hold onto the clubs during your swing and you may find that the club starts to move in your hands.

Naturally, you will tend to grip the club more tightly to counteract this effect. The last thing you want to do is be holding onto your clubs so tightly that you make your swing ineffective. Gripping the club too tightly adds a significant amount of tension into your arms which is Unlikely going to improve the quality of your shots.

It is possible to increase longevity by regularly cleaning your grips but eventually you will have no choice. The material that most grips are made from would eventually lose its tackiness and start to wear away.

You may find you prefer the feel of particular types of grips. Some players prefer soft grips others prefer much harder grips. I tend to go with quite soft grips on my wedges and short irons and slightly firmer grips as I move up to the mid and long irons. I usually plump for half or fully-corded grips with my woods as you tend to use those quite a lot. It saves you from having to regrip your driver three times as often as your irons.

Depending on your ability you may prefer to have grips that aid the positioning of your hands. Some grip models have markings on them to show you the best place to put your hands. If you are still a relatively new player or have been used to using grips of this type then you may find it difficult to change to unadorned grips.

Most manufacturers these days don’t tend to use grips with alignment markings on them. If you bought a new set of clubs you might need to immediately have the grips swapped over.

What Size Golf Grips Should I Use?

You should measure your wrist to the tip of your middle finger (longest finger). Use the chart below to select an appropriate grip size.

Grip SizeHand MeasurementGlove Size
Oversize> 9 ¼ inchesExtra Large
Midsize8 ¼ to 9 ¼ inchesLarge
Standard7 to 8 ¾ inchesMedium / Large
Junior< 7 inchesSmall
Grip size based on hand or glove size

Some players like to have extra layers of tape under the grip to get the correct feel for their hands.

If you’re buying new clubs you may find that the stock grips are not the right size for you. You may need to have thicker grips if you have larger hands. People suffering from arthritis often find thicker grips useful as well.

If you have smaller than average hands you may find it difficult with the off-the-shelf grips. Maybe you might have to use ladies’ grips perhaps as they will be that bit thinner.

How Often Should I Regrip my Clubs?

If you are a typical club player playing maybe once or twice a week then you will probably find you would need to change your grips every 12-24 months. If you play a lot of golf, for example, if you are retired and playing five times a week you may find you need to change your grips every six months or so.

Ultimately your ability to hang onto the club through your swing should determine when you change them.

How Long Does it Take to Regrip Golf Clubs?

With the right equipment and a little bit of practice, you might be able to do a full set in as little as an hour. The first time you do it will probably take you a bit longer (maybe 2 hours) since you are a little unsure what you are doing.

Golf pride victory grip guide
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Good old victory grips!

How Long Should I Wait After the Clubs Have Been Regripped?

It varies. Some suggest as little as 1 or 2 hours some suggest waiting a day.

I’ve always waited for a day and personally. I can’t think of a scenario where I’ve ever needed to use a club within an hour of having it regripped.

Cost of Regripping Golf Clubs: Conclusion

Your only connection to the club is the grip. You need to give yourself the best chance of being in control of the club. To do that take care of your grips between rounds and replace them when they start to wear out.

Regripping clubs is not especially difficult particularly if you already have the right tools for the job. Certainly, I would suggest everyone should try it at least once.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Who makes the best grips?

If we are to assume that tour players tend to use the best equipment then Golf Pride makes the best grips as they are the most played on tour.

The other two major manufacturers are Lamkin and Winn.

SuperStroke, who are more famous for their putter grips also now manufacture grips for irons and woods and I’ve also used Black Widow grips in the past and was very impressed but it doesn’t appear that they are manufactured anymore.

How much does it cost to regrip golf clubs?

It depends on the cost of the grips and whether you fit them yourself. Grips can cost anything from $2 to $20 each. To regrip a set of 13 clubs yourself might cost around $25 to as much as $250.

If you take your clubs to your local pro shop then they might include fitting the grips in the price but the price per grip will almost certainly be higher than if you source the grips online.

Golf Galaxy Regrip Price?

Chains like Golf Galaxy and Dick’s Sporting Goods will likely charge at least $3 per grip unless they have some form of special promotion running. That means a set of 13 clubs will cost you around $40 plus whatever you are paying for the grips.

How much does it cost to regrip a putter?

The biggest expense in getting a putter regripped will be the cost of the grip. Many modern oversize grips now cost as much as $30. The cost to fit the grip will probably be in the region of $5 depending on where you take it.

Is regripping golf clubs easy?

Assuming you have the right tools then regripping golf clubs is not particularly difficult. A hook-bladed knife to remove the old grip. A heat gun to remove old tape. A vice to hold the club and some white spirit to lubricate the grip when you slide it on the shaft.

Getting them lined up correctly like an expert is a bit more difficult and requires a little bit of practice though.

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