Is Minigolf Fun?

I suppose it really depends on your definition of fun. If it means a simple game that anyone can pick up and play in minutes then yes it most certainly is fun.

If you’re looking for an outdoor activity that all the family can enjoy and also has a bit of a competitive edge then minigolf could be a great choice. 

Is minigolf fun

What is Minigolf?

As the name would suggest it’s a smaller version of golf. Really it’s just the putting element of the grand old game. It’s sometimes known as putt-putt or crazy golf. 

Putt-putt is a trademarked name for a version of minigolf. Putt-putt courses tend to have more basic obstacles such as hills or sand. In contrast, minigolf or crazy golf can have all manner of obstacles such as statues and windmills.

The putting surfaces are usually either concrete or some form of carpeting or artificial grass if you’re really lucky.

How Do You Play Minigolf?

Just like in proper golf the objective is to get your golf ball into the hole in his few strokes as possible. The difference is you have to find more ingenious ways to get your ball in the hole due to the obstacles in your way. One skill you’ll almost certainly need to learn is how to bounce the ball off the walls that surround the perimeter of each hole.

What Are The Advantages Of Minigolf?

Although I don’t think minigolf could ever replace golf in the minds of proper golfers it does have a few advantages:

  • a minigolf course will only take up a tiny fraction of the space needed for a proper golf course
  • maintenance is virtually non-existent, particularly when compared with a proper course
  • can be played by all ages
  • much easier to just pick up and play
  • cheaper and quicker to play than the full-size game

In the UK I’d only really come across minigolf in seaside resorts so I was quite surprised to find there were quite a few other minigolf courses dotted around the country. They even have their own association called the British Minigolf Association which organizes competitions and will even give you some pointers if you want to build your own minigolf course. They are affiliated with the world governing body for the sport the World Minigolf Sport Federation.

Over in the United States, minigolf became tremendously popular in the early part of the 20th century with around 150 courses in New York City alone. Although its popularity waned during the Great Depression You can still find quite a few courses across the country.

Oldest Minigolf Course

Arguably the oldest miniature golf course is the Ladies Putting Club in St. Andrews in Scotland. Founded in 1867 this intriguing putting course over the ‘Himalayas’ was developed as a suitable pastime for respectable young ladies! At one point having 400 lady members, the club began allowing the public to play for a nominal charge after the First World War due to a decline in membership.

I found that it was a fun challenge on my visit to St. Andrews some years ago.

It’s also one of the cheaper options I’ve come across in the UK charging just £4 for a round (concessions £2!).

What Does Minigolf Cost?

Looking at the courses listed on the British minigolf Association website you’re looking at adult prices from as little as £4 to almost £20! Although that is to play three different courses. To be honest, if you do a little digging then you could play proper golf for as little as £10 so I’m not sure £20 for minigolf represents great value!

In the United States, adult prices seem to vary from around $6 up to $13 although you can pay quite a lot more if you visit the 63 hole complex over the border in Ontario at Dinosaur Valley, Sudbury.

How To Make Minigolf Fun?

Probably the best way to have fun playing minigolf is just to add a little bit of competition. You could split your group into teams to play against each other for example. For more experienced many golfers you could try playing left-handed (or vice-versa) or even try putting through your legs to increase the difficulty.

Is Minigolf Fun: Conclusion

Minigolf can be a great way for a family group or bunch of friends to spend some quality time together. Depending on where you live you may have more options than you realize.

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