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Golf Manufacturer Directory

A quick rundown of some of the manufacturers that operate in the golf industry. I’ve also included a few from yesteryear. This list is by no means exhaustive.

Golf Manufacturer Directory: US Based


Adams Golf

Was bought out by TaylorMade in 2012 and has not featured since. Had some interesting designs and was quite heavily used on professional tours at one time. I only ever purchased one Adams hybrid and unfortunately, it didn’t really suit me.

Ben Hogan

Originally founded by the great man himself. The company was bought out at one point by Callaway who went on to use one of the model names, the ‘Apex’ on a series of irons that they produced.

Now trading wholly online.

Bettinardi putters


The primary focus is on their range of precision-milled putters. They have branched out to wedges, clothing and other accessories. While their products are undoubtedly high-quality they also tend to be quite expensive.

Byron Morgan

If you’re looking to build your own customized putter then Mr. Morgan’s company will allow you to do so. A quick look at the price list shows the most basic putter will be at least $500.

Carnahan Golf

Produces a line of milled putters and forged wedges that are available through Amazon.


One of the largest golf equipment companies producing clubs, balls, clothing and other accessories. Founded by the late Ely Callaway they were champions of game improvement clubs.

Cleveland Golf

Brought out by Srixon in 2007 they still release clubs under the Cleveland brand. Their wedges have always been quite popular with tour players. They currently produce a range of inexpensive but good-quality putters.

Cobra Golf

Now part of the Puma organization, Cobra has been producing high-quality clubs for over 40 years. Greg Norman has been a long-time endorser of their products.

Forgan of St Andrews

Started trading back in 1860 but this company has changed hands a number of times. It is now owned by Sports plc part of Confidence Sporting Goods Inc. A quick look at their website shows their prices are extraordinarily low. I have not handled any of the current range of products so can’t speak directly on them but I would tend to be a little wary given just how cheap they are. To be fair you can get their irons with true temper shafts and you could select an Aldila graphite shaft for their IWD2 driver. As far as shafts are concerned you shouldn’t have too many worries.


Founded in Japan 40 years ago. They produce a range of clubs including a large number of forged irons. Definitely aimed at the premium end of the market based on their pricing.

Louisville Golf

Manufacturers of more traditionally styled clubs including persimmon-headed drivers and blade irons. They even offer the option of hickory shafts in some models. Their hickory models are all approved by the Society of Hickory Golfers for play in modern hickory tournaments.


Now owned by Hireko Golf based in California. Orlimar originally had tremendous success with their TriMetal woods. Hireko has brought the brand name and has launched a range of clubs and accessories.

ping hoofer bag
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Ping hoofer stand bag


One of the leading manufacturers in the industry. They make all manner of golf equipment. Pioneers of game improvement clubs back in the 60s. I’m a particular fan of their hoofer bag.


Has come to prominence over the past few years particularly due to their endorsements on the PGA tour with the likes of Zach Johnson. Offering a complete range of clubs, apparel and accessories.

Scotty Cameron

Manufacturers of premium and some would say, expensive putters. An array of professionals use their products on tours worldwide. I splurged on a Phantom X12 and am very happy with it.


Used to be a pretty big name in golf. Particularly their golf balls. They haven’t been involved for a number of years.


Another of the giants of the golf industry. An extensive presence on tour with many tour players using TaylorMade equipment. I’ve had a couple of TaylorMade drivers down the years and was very happy with both.

Titleist Performance Institute


‘The number one ball in golf’ as the advert says. Long-time manufacturers of golf equipment. Probably most famous for their golf balls. Includes sub-brands such as Footjoy (shoes), Vokey Design (wedges) and Scotty Cameron (putters) 

Tommy Armour

Now owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods. The Tommy Armour brand has become one of its in-house labels. It appears they are putting a little more effort into manufacturing a quality product for a reasonable price. Much better than just stamping Tommy Armour on the cheapest clubs they can import.

Tour Edge

Has tended to stick to the budget end of the market but is producing some reasonable quality clubs.

golf manufacturer directory
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Vokey wedge


Makers of premium quality wedges. Part of Titleist and very popular with tour players.


Wilson has had a long association with golf. These days they are probably not considered one of the top brands. They still do come out with some good quality products that aren’t too expensive.


Loudmouth Golf

Not to everyone’s taste by any means.


One of the biggest sports equipment companies in the world. Tried to break into the golf equipment market but eventually gave up. Now produces just shoes and other clothing for golf.

Ralph Lauren

Has a number of tour stars endorsing its products and even offers a golf bag in its range.

Under Armour

Started branching out into shoes as well as their range of clothing. Particularly useful are their compression tops for cold weather.



Arguably the best rangefinders for golf.


Club Car

A manufacturer of golf carts and other similar vehicles primarily for the golf industry. One of the more expensive golf-related purchases you might decide to make.


Probably best known for their eyewear. They also do a range of apparel. I have to admit my weakness for Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ since needing glasses for distance vision.


Manufacturers of GPS systems the golfers.

Golf Manufacturer Directory: UK/European Based

Equipment (UK/Europe)

Benross Golf

Approaching 25 years in the business, Benross tends to focus more on the budget end of the market. That’s all relative of course given a set of irons from the top manufacturers now costs in excess of $1000 and you’re only getting six irons!

Most of their products were well received and if you’re on a budget then you should definitely check out Benross clubs.

Ben Sayers

Considered to be one of the oldest golf companies in the world. Ben Sayers began in 1873 in humble surroundings next to the 18th tee at North Berwick Golf Club. Today the company offers a range of clubs and accessories for the budget-conscious golfer.


A real blast from the past. Probably most famous for their golf balls including the Dunlop 65 which was created in honor of Sir Henry Cotton’s 65 in the Open Championship.

At one time Mike Ashley owner of Sports Direct controlled the Dunlop brand name. He sold this for $137 million to Sumitomo Rubber Industries (you probably know them as Srixon).

Howson Golf

Readers of a certain age will probably remember Howson and their Hippo brand. I certainly do as I had a Hippo driver whose head flew off when playing a shot and went almost as far as the ball!


Another company that has gone through a number of iterations over the years. Being owned by the likes of Golfsmith and Dick’s Sporting Goods at various times. At one time they were endorsed by Fred Couples and Ernie Els. Currently, their lead ambassador is Dame Laura Davies.

MD Golf

I suppose I am a little biased as I’ve been playing a set of their irons for about 10 years and have also used several of their wedges in the past.

Another UK-based company that targets the lower to mid-price segment of the market while still offering a good quality product.


Another sporting brand with a long history. It has been passed around by various companies over the last few years. Currently in the hands of Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley. Featured on a wide range of products in his stores including a range of golf clubs, clothing and accessories. Unfortunately far too many iconic brands are being used merely as a logo on stuff mass-produced at low cost.

Yes! Golf

Made some interesting putters in their time including the C-groove models. Unfortunately no longer trading. Most memorable for me as it was a Yes! putter that I decided to buy halfway through a round of golf!

Clothes (UK/Europe)


Probably the best part of the Adidas golf lineup is their shoes. In particular, the fact that they release so many new models so often that it is possible to pick up discontinued models relatively cheaply!

Galvin Green

Best known for their waterproofs although they do produce other clothing items. They do tend to be a bit pricey.

Lyle & Scott

The company’s first golf range appeared in 1967 and many top golfers and celebrities started wearing the brand.


Pringle was at one time synonymous with golf in the UK at any rate. Sir Nick Faldo sported the famous Geometric George logo on his Pringle clothing.


For me the best value for money waterproofs you can buy. Unfortunately having issues with their website at the time of writing.

Other (UK/Europe)

GoKart Trolleys


Yes, you guessed it, a UK-based electric trolley manufacturer! Another trolley that I owned for around 10 years before deciding to move on to the MotoCaddy. Was significantly cheaper than the competition when first released.


Another long-standing electric trolley manufacturer. Tended to be cheaper than its main competitor at the time PowaKaddy. Looking at their current design it does appear very similar to an older generation of PowaKaddy Freeway. I’ve not personally owned a Hillbilly but they were always very popular.


Primarily a manufacturer of electric golf trolleys, you can also pick up hand carts and other accessories such as bags and umbrellas.

As someone who has always preferred to walk rather than ride, I found electric trolleys to be very useful, especially when playing 36-hole events. I currently use a MotoCaddy M1 trolley (original design) and am very happy with its performance.


Leading UK-based electric trolley manufacturer. Unfortunately has gone through a number of financial issues over the last 40 years. In addition to its line of electric trolleys, it also produces hand carts, bags and some other accessories.

Many years ago I did own a PowaKaddy freeway trolley which served me well for a number of years.

Stewart Golf

Primarily manufacturers of a remote control electric trolley. They also sell a small range of hand carts and a wide variety of accessories for their range of electric trolleys.

Unfortunately, the cost of their electric trolleys has always been out of my reach with their cheapest model coming in at £1200 ($1600).

Golf Manufacturer Directory: Australasia

Equipment (Australasia)


Probably better known as a tire company, Bridgestone are also involved in golf. Best known for their golf balls they now also produce a range of clubs and golf accessories.


A premium price club maker from Japan. They rose to prominence worldwide when Justin Rose started endorsing their products. Well out of my price range and I haven’t managed to try any of their products yet.


In the UK I think the only products I’ve come across have been their gloves although they do seem to make a wide variety of other golf equipment.

Miura Golf

Famous for their forged irons. A tradition of the finest craftsmanship passed down from the father to his sons who continue the family business. You can also now purchase a variety of Miura accessories as well.

Mizuno Golf
Mizuno Jpx919 Iron
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Mizuno Jpx919 Iron


In addition to golf, Mizuno makes equipment and clothing for a number of other sports. Renowned for the quality of their forged irons. They have been used by many great players down the years including Sir Nick Faldo and Seve Ballesteros.

Top Pick

Amazon Product Image Srixon Z-Starir?t=cleekandjigge 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B08R6HWPZG

Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls

The Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls are a high-performance option for golfers looking for a combination of distance and control. They feature a 3-piece construction with a soft, low-compression inner core and a firmer outer core that work together to deliver a low spin off the driver while still providing maximum distance. The outer layer is made of a soft, spin skin coating that provides excellent feel and control around the greens. Additionally, the balls have a 338 Speed Dimple pattern that helps to reduce drag and increase lift for longer, straighter shots. Overall, the Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls are designed for golfers who want a balance of distance and control, and a soft feel on the greens.


In addition to their own range of clubs, balls and accessories they also own Cleveland Golf. I’ve been playing their Z-Star ball for some years as it gives Pro V1-style performance for roughly half the price.


Vega golf is another Japanese company making high-quality forged irons along with woods, putters and accessories.


Now a division of Srixon.


A large sporting goods equipment manufacturer based in Japan. One-time sponsors of Phil Mickelson and Colin Montgomerie, make clubs, bags and shafts.

Clothes (Australasia)


A clothing brand based in Tokyo. Unfortunately, their website is insecure so I haven’t linked to it.


Worn on tour by players such as Adam Scott this brand has been trading for more than 70 years.

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