Is GolfPass Worth It? – A Members View

GolfPass will cost you $99 so you may be wondering is GolfPass worth it?

It’s another one of those “it depends” answers I’m afraid.

If you live close enough to several courses that you can book through their system, it is probably worth it because you will get a $10 Monthly credit towards a tee time and $40 off qualifying purchases at TaylorMade.

However, if you live somewhere with a short golf season then you may struggle to take advantage of the monthly tee time credits so the benefits are significantly reduced.

Is GolfPass Worth It

What Are The Benefits Of GolfPass?

The two most tangible benefits are the $40 credit to spend at and a $10 monthly credit towards a tee time booking.

In addition to the benefits you get the following:

  • Waived fees (only on the first 10 bookings that you make)
  • Cancellation protection (only on 10 bookings)
  • Access to the GolfPass library of videos
  • Access to Golf Channel programming such as Big Break and Feherty
  • Instruction from top pros and coaches e.g. Rory McIlroy
  • Live coverage of featured groups (I believe this is only in the USA)

What Is The Difference Between GolfNow And GolfPass?

GolfNow is an online tee time booking service. It is part of NBC Sports. Using the service allows you to book more than 9000 courses worldwide.

GolfPass is a subscription service that offers you the opportunity to view golf-related content and also receive tee time credits.

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Is GolfPass Available In The UK?

Yes, I’ve been a member of it several times. I think it offers a superior package compared to the US version since you actually get a £25 monthly credit to use against one of their hot deals.

This means that effectively you pay a £99 annual subscription and can play one round of golf per month for that price.

Booking fees are waived on all bookings, not just your first 10! Although the booking fees are only £1.

Is GolfPass Available In Australia?

Yes, it looks like it is. Again it looks like it is superior to the one available in the States. Your annual subscription entitles you to AU$25 a month towards a tee time.

So for an annual membership fee of AU$129 you should be able to play a round every month.

You also get a dozen TaylorMade Tour Response balls when you sign up.

What is GolfPass Video Membership?

GolfPass video is a cheaper subscription. You don’t get any of the tee time credits but retain all of the other ‘video’ benefits such as the instructional videos.

This membership will cost you $4.99 per month or $49 annually. I’m not sure that this is a particularly good option as there is plenty of instructional content available on YouTube for free.

As much as I enjoy watching David Feherty I’m not sure I’d want to pay five dollars per month for him.

What Are GolfNow Hot Deals?

These are extra special offers that GolfNow and the host venue have negotiated. Usually, there will be only one or two tee times per day at a special price. If you are a UK member then you will get a credit every month that will allow you to book one of these times for free up to £25.

How Much Is GolfPass Worth?

Only you can determine how much something is worth to you! In the USA it will cost you $99 and in the UK £99. Whether you think that price is worth it depends on your own point of view.

Personally, I think the UK version is better value for money as you get a £25 credit every month rather than a $10 credit.

Can You Watch Live Golf On GolfPass?

I think any live golf options are only available in the US and probably Canada. Knowing the way that the UK rights holder operates (Sky) I’m sure that will be the case there.

Is GolfPass Worth It: Conclusion

Whether GolfPass will be worth it to you will come down to how many GolfNow courses are in your area. It will also depend on how much golf you play away from your home club if you are a member somewhere.

For a nomadic golfer, it can be a pretty good deal. I think British and Australian golfers get a better deal than Americans though.

Is GolfPass worth it? What do you think?

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