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Over the past 20 years or so an increasing number of golf professionals have started to offer online coaching. Initially, this was probably seen as a great way to market their brand. These days however many professionals offer paid coaching options.

There are three main services being offered:

  • Offer free “tips” usually on YouTube
  • Charge a monthly fee for a library of pre-recorded video lessons
  • Offer a service where they will critique a person’s swing based on video provided by the student – effectively a normal lesson but done online.

As with a lot of other industries, the covid-19 pandemic has increased the demand for online training even in a topic like golf.

Let’s take a look at some of the best online golf instruction in 2023.

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Online Golf Coaching: Pros and Cons for the Golfer


  • Much cheaper in general than even group sessions.
  • Saves time.
  • Fits in better with your schedule.


  • Difficult to get feedback compared with an in-person lesson.
  • You may be ingraining faults that a trained eye can see.

What Would You Like to Achieve?

If you don’t want to spend time practicing then there is probably little point in having coaching online or otherwise!

As with any other form of coaching you need to have a clear goal in mind before committing.

If you are a beginner then a series of structured “lessons” covering all the basics is probably what you need.

More experienced players might be looking to fix a swing fault which would be better suited to the one-on-one critique approach.

You need to pick the right service for your needs.

Learning Styles

Don’t forget that some people learn best by reading about a topic, while others will pick up more from a demonstration. Yet more will need to actually have hands-on experience to get the most out of learning. The University of Kansas describes this as the VARK model.

Depending on your learning style you may be better off trying to find written material to learn from. As I couldn’t afford lessons I actually picked up all of my golfing basics from a book by the former BBC commentator and golf professional Alex Hay.

Top Pick

Amazon Product Image

The Handbook of Golf by Alex Hay

The former BBC commentator and PGA professional Alex Hay covers everything you need to know about golf and how to play the game, with a foreword by Peter Alliss.

If you are more of a visual learner then the free videos you find on YouTube might be sufficient for your needs.

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Free or Paid Golf Instruction

My advice with regard to looking for an online golf coach is the same as deciding on a professional for face-to-face lessons. Try and find someone whose philosophy you buy into.

Consume some of their free content before making a decision on signing up for coaching.

I’ve already covered some of the best instructional channels in this article on YouTube golf channels.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular:

Best Online golf coaches

Me and My Golf

A very popular channel with ¾ of a million subscribers. It’s run by PGA professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman.

Many videos feature one of them performing demonstrations while the other explains. I think this works very well for the student.

Piers and Andy offer a number of different options to access their paid content. The cheapest way would be to sign up for their annual plan which costs £90 plus tax. This gives you access to all of their content so if you like their style of coaching this would be the one to go for.

You can also pay for their programs on an individual basis although that would probably start to get a bit expensive. They also offer a lite monthly membership which doesn’t include all of their content. This might be a good way to have an extended trial with them without committing too much money.

MeAndMyGolf currently has 11 different courses addressing different aspects of your golf game. There is also a course that will help you improve your flexibility.

Andy and Piers cover the full range of golfing experience from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Courses include ‘how to break 100’, ‘how to break 90’ and ‘how to Break 80’.

Almost every review on their site is five-star which is a good indication that you should find the content helpful.

It seems like Me and My Golf could be one of the best online coaching programs.

Rick Shiels Golf

A Golf Monthly Magazine Top 25 Coach. Rick posts regularly on his youtube channel to his 1.5 million subscribers. Mostly a mixture of product reviews and tips.

Looking at his website would suggest he has offered online lessons in the past although it doesn’t look like he’s doing so currently.

Top Speed Golf

PGA professional Clay Ballard’s instructional channel. Loads of useful golf instruction on his YouTube channel for free.

Clay also offers additional instruction behind a paywall at Top Speed Golf. Now I’ll be honest, I found receiving an email every day a little bit annoying, especially as a free member I could only view that video for a limited time. There was certainly no way I would have time to review the video and put anything into practice. Obviously, if you sign up for one of his paid plans then you have access to the videos the longer you need and you can work at your own pace.

Danny Maude lesson

Danny Maude

Danny has amassed half a million subscribers to his YouTube channel.  I believe his free videos offer a lot of value for all levels of golfers.

At the moment gives you the option to book an in-person or online one-to-one lesson. Danny is working on building up a library of pre-recorded lessons but you can currently get access to his series on driving for free.

I think Danny is one to watch going forward as he already has some of the best online golf videos.

Shawn Clement’s Wisdom In Golf

I like Canadian PGA professional Shawn Clement’s presentation style. The free videos on his YouTube channel can give you plenty to work on but he also has some paid options as well.

Over at WisdomInGolf, you can sign up to see his premium content For as little as $9.95 per month. If your budget allows you can sign up for his $1,000 per month plan. This includes four one-hour Skype lessons, a daily basic video analysis plus access to all of his other content!

Peter Finch

Peter has managed to grow his channel to 400k subscribers. He puts out a lot of instructional videos which is no surprise since he is a qualified PGA professional.

At the moment he doesn’t seem to be putting out lessons behind a paywall.

Scratch Golf Academy

Adam Bazalgette is the professional behind Scratch Golf Academy. A former director of golf at the Leadbetter Golf Academy. Is Adam the man to cure your swing woes?

Tons of free content available on his YouTube channel but the real good stuff is reserved for

A monthly membership will give you access to almost 200 videos across 19 different courses. You will also receive a swing critique from one of the PGA-certified pros at Scratch Golf Academy. If you are prepared to upgrade to the annual plan, you get six additional courses, including one on the mental game. An additional four months free are thrown in as well.

Mark Crossfield

Mark is a UK-based PGA professional providing a wide range of instructional videos for free on his YouTube channel. I can’t seem to find any evidence of Mark doing online lessons though.

Alex Elliott Golf

His YouTube channel mainly covers instruction. Alex has also done some fitness-related videos in conjunction with Natalie Lowe.

It looks like Alex has offered online instruction in the past based on a couple of reviews on his site but doesn’t seem to be doing it at the moment.

Matt Fryer

Matt is publishing a lot of instructional content on his YouTube channel. A qualified PGA pro, he is missing out on the online opportunities at the moment.

Cogorno Golf

Eric Cogorno is building a sizeable following on YouTube with his free instructional content. Over at CogornoGolf, you can sign up for more advanced and structured programs.

$69 per month gets you an online lesson with Eric or one of the coaching team. You would have access to all the premium videos on his site and even a club-fitting expert to help you with any equipment questions.

V1 golf app

Ali Taylor

Another UK-based PGA pro who hands out free tips via YouTube. He offers some useful things to work on and shows how you can use different tips to improve your ball striking, club head speed, low point etc. Check out his videos here.

At the moment Ali hasn’t added any paid courses to his portfolio but if you live in the North West of England then you can book a lesson with him at Heron’s Reach near Blackpool.

V1 Golf App

This software allows you to capture your swing and analyze it. You can also pay for one of many experienced professionals to review your video and offer you advice on how to improve.


You can also find a number of people offering to critique your swing on Fiverr. Compared with a normal PGA pro lesson they charge peanuts. The coaching qualifications might not be as obvious as with a qualified PGA professional.

Golf Psych

The mental game is an aspect of golf that many amateurs ignore. In many ways improving the mental side of your game could be the easiest way to lower scores.

GolfPsych offers a number of different tools that you can use online to improve. Dr. Deborah Graham has been helping players of all standards for many years. She has testimonials from the likes of Dave Stockton and Gary McCord.

GLT Golf

GLT golf offers a number of online courses for both golfers and golf coaches to help improve their mental game all the way they teach respectively.

pro fit conditioning

Pro-Fit Golf Conditioning

Another aspect of golf that most amateurs neglect is their physical fitness (guilty!). Pro-fit golf conditioning could help you improve your conditioning and therefore your golf. One-to-one coaching is available as well as online plans designed specifically for the individual. There are also a few training courses to purchase as a one-off.

Karl Morris

Karl Morris has worked with some top professional golfers including Ian Woosnam and has been regularly featured in golf magazines with his advice on how to improve the mental side of the game.

Top Pick

Karl Morris

Karl Morris Mind Factor

Looking for some help with your mental technique. Karl Morris has helped some of the top pros including Ryder Cup Captain Paul McGinley, David Howell, Alison Nicholas, Lee Westwood, Louis Oosthuizen and Darren Clarke.

The time I have spent with Karl has opened my eyes to the importance of the mental game.

Ian Woosnam, former Masters Champion and World No.1

For access to his unique programs click the button below.

Best Online Golf Coaches: Conclusion

Whether you’re looking for a coach in-person or online you need to believe in their philosophy. You also must be prepared to work in order to implement what they are teaching.

If you are unwilling or unable to find the time to practice then it’s probably not worth having lessons.

Have you tried any online coaching? Leave a comment on your experiences and who you think is the best online golf coach.

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