18 Top Golf Channels on YouTube


It’s very easy to get sucked into that alternate YouTube dimension and before you realize an hour or more has disappeared.

That’s exactly what YouTube wants to happen of course! In an ideal world, they don’t want you to leave their site and they will tend to promote videos that are likely to keep you hooked as long as possible.

I certainly spent a lot more time researching this article than I had originally intended!

I also have about a hundred different tips and drills to work on from the many videos that I’ve watched!

Golfers today are spoilt for choice with the amount of information available on YouTube and the wider Internet. When I started playing 30-something years ago your only option for free lessons would be instructional books from the local library.

Here is my list of channels that I find informative or entertaining.

Instruction Channels

If you are looking for some of the best youtube golf lessons then these are the channels that you need to check out.

I’m going to be biased with my first choice

Me and my golf

Me and My Golf

This channel is run by PGA professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman.

I hail from the same area of the country and if memory serves I actually bought a Spalding tour bag from the pro shop at Oxley Park when Piers worked there.

They have managed to build up their channel to a hefty ¾ of a million subscribers over the past 10 years.

As qualified teaching professionals, the bulk of their output on YouTube is instructional videos. They do the occasional bit of vlogging as well.

Their website also features a wide range of paid-for video courses covering every aspect of golf for beginners and up.

rick shiels

Rick Shiels Golf

A huge 1.5 million subscribers. Big for a golf channel. Mostly a mixture of instruction and equipment reviews with the odd bit of vlogging thrown in.

He’s also a Golf Monthly Magazine Top 25 Coach.

Top speed golf

Top Speed Golf

Almost half a million people have subscribed to Clay Ballard’s instructional channel. The system he teaches is based on five core principles that have been distilled from 10,000 hours of teaching.

Padraig Harrington

Padraig Harrington

Do you fancy getting help from a three-time major champion renowned for his short game? If so then check out Padraig Harrington’s channel.

It’s still pretty new and he hasn’t uploaded very many videos yet but this one could be worth keeping an eye on in the future.

Danny Maude

Danny Maude

Have been watching a few of Danny’s videos during lockdown in the hope I can improve my diabolical chipping.

Still getting used to a pretty major change in chipping methodology but I can see it paying dividends long-term.

He has amassed half a million subscribers to his YouTube channel and it has been pushing out content regularly for the last six years.

Shawn Clement

Shawn Clement’s Wisdom In Golf

Canadian PGA professional Sean Clements has been pumping out content for 14 years! He has an engaging personality and I find a number of his videos have given me some great ideas to work on.

Peter Finch

Peter Finch

Peter has been producing videos for about 7 years and has managed to grow his channel to 388,000 subscribers. As a qualified PGA pro, a lot of his content is instructional videos. He also has a wide range of other content such as challenges and equipment reviews.

Scratch golf academy

Scratch Golf Academy

Two-time PGA teacher of the year Adam Bazalgette produces instructional videos to help you improve your golf on his channel Scratch Golf Academy. In the past, he was a director of golf at the Leadbetter Golf Academy.

In addition to his instructional videos, he does the occasional swing analysis of tour professionals.

Mark Crossfield

Mark Crossfield

Another UK-based PGA professional provides a wide range of instructional videos. But he also mixes it up with loads of other content such as equipment reviews, interviews with tour pros and vlogs of courses that he plays.

Alex Elliott

Alex Elliott Golf

Mainly dealing with instruction although I am quite interested in a number of the fitness videos he has done in conjunction with Natalie Lowe. Certainly highlights my total lack of fitness and the need to improve my range of motion!

Matt Fryer

Matt Fryer

Seems like the British pros are winning the battle on YouTube. Matt Fryer is a PGA pro who’s been uploading content for about six years. One of the smaller channels on this list in terms of subscribers but he does put out a lot of great instructional videos.

18 best YouTube golf channels

Cogorno Golf

With a healthy 160,000 subscribers, Eric Cogorno is building a decent following. In addition to the free instruction on his YouTube channel, you can sign up on his website for more advanced and tailored programs.


18 strong


For those looking to improve their physical and mental fitness in order to play better golf.

Open championship

The Open Championship

The official channel of golf’s oldest major. Featuring highlights, interviews and even pieces on final qualifying. The channel has been uploading videos for the past eight years but the content goes back a lot longer.



I would guess the viewing figures for this channel go through the roof for one week in April. The official channel for the Masters Golf Tournament. It features a number of videos covering round highlights, interviews and historical features.



A different type of channel offering a wide variety of content such as course vlogs, road trips and funny moments.

Particularly interested in the video on the closure of Allestree Park as I played there a few years ago in an Open Competition.

tubes & ange

Tubes & Ange Golf Life

Tubes was originally known for being part of the crew of Soccer AM on Sky Sports. For the last couple of years is been posting golf-related content onto YouTube.

Clearly, his Sky Sports connections are helping with the guests that feature in his videos. They include a wide range of Premier League footballers and the occasional star of other sports. You definitely won’t learn how to improve your golf game with this channel but you’ll probably have a laugh.

Good good


The new kids on the block having only started the channel in the middle of 2020. They have already snagged close to ¼ of a million subscribers. Mainly focusing on challenges and matches.

Honorable Mention

Natalie Lowe pops up on lots of different channels and she provides some great information for those looking to improve their fitness for golf.

Natalie Lowe – range warmup

What Are The Most Popular Golf Youtube Channels?

The Top 10 most popular English-language golf channels (by subscriber count) are:

  • Rick Shiels (3 million)
  • Good Good (1 million)
  • PGA Tour (1 million)
  • Danny Maude (977,000)
  • Me and My Golf (889,000)
  • GM Golf (869,000)
  • Top Speed Golf (655,000)
  • Peter Finch Golf (548,000)
  • Scratch Golf Academy (480,000)
  • Bob Does Sports (429,000)

Which Golf YouTube Channel Has The Most Views?

Unsurprisingly the YouTube channels about golf that have the most views feature a lot of the same channels that have the most subscribers:

  • PGA Tour (1 billion)
  • Rick Shiels (675 million)
  • DP World Tour (351 million)
  • Mark Crossfield (274 million)
  • Good Good (258 million)
  • Me and My Golf (211 million)
  • GM Golf (197 million)
  • Top Speed Golf (145 million)
  • Peter Finch Golf (144 million)
  • Danny Maude (127 million)

How Much Money Can A YouTube Golf Channel Make?

To get monetized by YouTube you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. You will then be able to join the YouTube ad program which will see you earn anything from a few dollars per 1000 views to maybe as much as $100 per 1000 views.

This means that a top channel like Rick Shiels could be earning between $158 – $3.6K per day based on YouTube earnings alone. That could be as much as $1.3 million per year.

A slightly smaller channel like Danny Maude could be making $100 – $2.2K per day. Giving an annual income of up to $800k.

On top of that you could have additional income from:

  • affiliate links in the description
  • video courses
  • one-on-one lessons
  • merchandise
  • sponsorships

18 Top Golf Channels on YouTube: Conclusion

Whether you’re looking for entertainment or to improve your game you are spoilt for choice.

Some of these channels having content going back 10 years you’d struggle to watch it all. Even just keeping up with the new content on a few channels would take up quite some time.

If you don’t have money for lessons then YouTube can be a great resource to help you work on your game. Try to find one teacher whose approach you like and then stick to them.

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