Why Are Honma Golf Clubs So Expensive?

Golf club inflation has outstripped almost every other product over the past 10 years.

Japanese golf brands tend to be among the most expensive that you can buy. Honma has developed a reputation for being very expensive even among Japanese manufacturers

Maybe you’ve seen some of their advertising and wondered why their clubs have such high prices.

Let’s explore the main reasons that Honma golf clubs are so expensive.

Why Are Honma Golf Clubs So Expensive

Manufacturing Process

Club heads for irons are usually made in one of two ways. They are either cast from molten metal or they are forged.

Forging is a much more involved and expensive process than casting and so this inevitably means the cost of the finished product will be significantly higher.

When you consider many of the significant manufacturers (eg. Callaway, TaylorMade, etc.) are asking for around $1000 for a set of six cast iron clubs then it is little wonder that companies that produce forged irons are charging much more for their clubs (eg. Mizuno).

Most irons that are produced by Honma fall into the forged category and so will have gone through a longer, more expensive manufacturing process.

The Honma brothers founded their company in 1959 with the view that creating golf clubs was an art form. That tradition continues to this day.

Each Honma club is worked on by a hundred people and takes six months to build. The company strives to produce a “perfect” golf club.

They are the only company that handles every step of the manufacturing process in-house from design to build.

Premium Quality Materials

If you are working on a budget then Honma is not going to be the company for you.

Throughout their product ranges, they use only top-quality materials in order to produce clubs that will be admired by their owners.

Some clubs even have 24-carat gold or platinum!

The Beres range of irons uses 8620 carbon steel for example. Beres Aizu also employs the 16th-century lacquer painting technique from which they take their name.

Some models are also made with carbon fiber or graphite.

Honma Manufacture Their Own Shafts

Honma clubs are also available with the company’s own proprietary shafts ARMRQ. The star scale (from 2-star to 5-star) increases along with the price and performance of the shaft.

Japanese Domestic Market

Golf in Japan tends to be pretty expensive. This naturally leads to Japanese golfers paying more for their golf clubs. If you want to be seen as a ‘premium’ manufacturer then that means your prices need to be even higher.

Golf is often a status symbol in Japan and other parts of Asia to be played by the rich so ostentatious displays of wealth are often seen as part of the game. To be fair there are also many in the US and Europe who still see golf as a status symbol as well.

Honma Are Positioned As A Premium Club Manufacturer

Honma has no interest in making golf clubs for the masses. They create works of art to be enjoyed by their customers. Their prices reflect the place in the market that they wish to occupy.

They are a niche product for wealthy golfers.

It is the same reason why PXG charges an awful lot for their clubs and why other manufacturers have cottoned on and are now following suit.

Why Are Honma Golf Clubs So Expensive: Conclusion

Now you should have some idea of why Honma golf clubs are so expensive. A combination of premium materials and a manufacturing process involving many craftsmen.

Of course, it also comes down to Honma positioning itself as a premium brand as well!

Do you think a gold ferrule is going to improve your golf?

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Are Honma Clubs Worth It?

As with any premium product the relative worth is always open to question. The clubs are aimed at a particular demographic so if you don’t fit that demographic then they won’t help your game. 

You also have to question the performance benefits of using gold and platinum on a golf club.

Do Any Pros Use Honma?

Justin Rose briefly used Honma clubs. Charl Schwartzel currently plays TW747V 3 iron. Some ladies on the Korean and Japanese tours play them as well.

Honma clubs aren’t really designed for professionals or better golfers. They are primarily designed for slow to medium swing speed players. 

Where Are Honma Golf Clubs Made?

Honma golf clubs are made at the company headquarters in Sakata, Yamagata, Japan. 

Is Honma Expensive?

Yes, Honma golf clubs are expensive. In fact, they are amongst the most expensive golf clubs available today.

This is due mainly to the materials used and the manufacturing process.

Some clubs feature 24-carat gold and platinum while each club is touched by 100 different craftsmen during the manufacturing process.

Are Honma Drivers Good?

Like any driver, it will only be good if it matches up with your own swing. Honma drivers are generally designed for players with slow to medium swing speeds.

The shafts/clubheads tend to be lighter than many so if you like a heavier club you are not likely to see improvements.

How Much Is A Set Of Honma Golf Clubs?

Honma drivers start in the region of $500 and you can easily spend $5000 or more.

Iron sets can cost as much as $40,000!

The official Honma store in the US currently has a set of Beres Aizu Ladies Irons for just $19,700!

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