What Does WD Mean in Golf?

This abbreviation is most often used in tournament play. You might have seen WD next to a player’s name on a leaderboard on TV and wondered what it stood for.

There are a couple of situations where a player may be listed as WD (withdrawn):

  • A player notifies the organizers of the competition prior to the start of their round that they are unable to play for some reason.
  • Where a player becomes ill or injured during the round or is unable to complete the round for some other reason (such as a family emergency).

It’s not unheard of in professional events for players that have a particularly bad opening round to withdraw from the second round since they have very little chance of making the halfway cut. They will often cite some sudden injury in order to justify their withdrawal!

I have compiled a list of common abbreviations used in tournaments.

Is WD used by Your Golf Club?

You may also find WD used on the handicap list at your golf club. If your handicap is listed as WD then this means the handicap committee has withdrawn your handicap. This would be in response to a player that has repeatedly failed to meet their responsibilities under the World Handicap System

For more abbreviations associated with handicapping check out this list.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What Does JWD Mean in Golf?

JWD stands for Justified Withdrawl.

This was used in AJGA (American Junior Golf Association Tournaments) where a golfer appeared to have legitimate reasons for not completing the round/competition. For example an injury, illness or family emergency.

Use of this designation meant the withdrawal would be disregarded in terms of their rankings since a withdrawal would normally mean the player is assumed to have “lost” to every other competitor in the field.

It no longer appears to be used, however.

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