What Is A Golf Umbrella?

A golf umbrella, as the name suggests, is an umbrella specifically designed for golfers. A golf umbrella is significantly larger than an ordinary umbrella and may have other features that you wouldn’t find on a normal umbrella.

What Is A Golf Umbrella

Why Do You Need A Golf Umbrella?

If you are spending four hours (or possibly more) on a golf course then the chances are you will experience some rain from time to time unless you are lucky enough to be playing in a very dry climate. Having a golf umbrella handy will help keep you and your equipment dry so you can concentrate better on playing golf.

It is also not unknown for players to protect themselves from the sun using a brolly in very hot, sunny weather. Despite living in the UK, I have even done this once or twice!

You might also use your umbrella as a form of windbreak to give yourself some respite on particularly windy days while you are waiting to play your next shot. It came in quite handy at the Open Championship at Royal Troon in 1997 when it got pretty windy while I was sitting in the stands!

Umbrella handle
Golf umbrella handle

Different Types Of Golf Umbrella

Golf umbrellas can be broken down into two distinct types.

Single Canopy

Very similar to an ordinary umbrella with one layer of waterproof material attached to the spreader arms.

Like their smaller cousins, these do have a tendency to blow inside out if you don’t angle them correctly into the wind.

The main benefit of a single canopy umbrella is it will be smaller and lighter.

Dual Canopy

A dual canopy umbrella features two separate pieces of material that overlap so you retain protection from the wind and rain while reducing the risk of the umbrella being blown inside out since there is a gap allowing air to pass through.

Although the chances of a dual canopy umbrella blowing inside out are reduced they still can and do if the wind is strong enough!

Single Canopy Versus Dual Canopy

The big advantage of dual canopy umbrellas is they are less likely to be blown inside out in strong winds.

The other advantage is that dual canopy umbrellas tend to be larger but this also means that they have one big disadvantage – they tend to be heavier and more cumbersome to handle.

If you use an electric or pull cart (trolley) then you can usually buy an attachment that can hold an umbrella while you are playing your shot. It’s almost like having a caddy.

Umbrella spreaders
Umbrella spreaders

Golf Umbrella Versus Regular Umbrella

On a windy day, there isn’t any comparison. An ordinary umbrella might be OK while walking from the train station to your office but when you are out on the golf course you need something better suited to the task. If you go for a dual canopy model 

The sheer size of golf umbrellas compared to standard ones gives you much more protection from the elements. It is 25% to 50% larger than a normal umbrella.

Choosing The Right Golf Umbrella For You

I would suggest you get the biggest one you can. It will help keep you dry in the wettest of weather.

Try to find one constructed of lightweight materials though as a large umbrella can be quite unwieldy particularly as wind speeds increase.

Stick to top-quality manufacturers as these umbrellas are quite expensive so you want to buy one that will last you as long as possible.

If you prefer to carry then you might want to consider a slightly smaller model, say 60” as you will carry it in your hand when in use.

If you are particular about your equipment then you might want to stick to the same manufacturer as your bag or irons.

You may want to get a particular color scheme to match your bag. Personally, I just look for the best deal I can find on a dual canopy brolly from one of the major manufacturers.

What Is A Seat Stick Umbrella?

The name gives you a clue. It is an umbrella with a handle that can be folded out so you can use the brolly as a sort of seat.

What Is A Golf Umbrella: Conclusion

A golf umbrella is a useful accessory that can help protect you from rain, sun and wind. Choose the right umbrella for you and it should give you years of faithful service.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What Size Should A Golf Umbrella Be?

You will generally find golf umbrellas have a diameter in the range of 60” to 68”.

Do Golf Umbrellas Keep You Cool?

On a hot day, they can be used to shade you from the sun so will help to keep you cool.

How Much Does A Golf Umbrella Weigh?

Golf umbrellas weigh in the region of 1.5-2 lbs. The size and construction materials will affect the overall weight.

An umbrella with a fiberglass shaft and spreader arms will be lighter than a steel one for example.

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