How To Profit From Golf Matched Betting

Matched betting can be an incredibly profitable way to make money. It requires a bit of know-how and an understanding of the basics, but it’s worth it in the end!

It is perfect for anyone who wants to make some extra cash with little or no risk.

This article will show you how to get started with profiting from matched betting on golf events.

How To Profit From Golf Matched Betting

What Is Matched Betting?

To many matched betting is an opportunity to make money that seems too good to be true. As someone that has been using these techniques, I can tell you that it can bring in a nice side income to help with the rising costs we all see today! 

It is a sports betting system that uses special offers from bookmakers to guarantee profits regardless of the results or at the very least increase your chances of winning. By using different incentives you can place both back and lay bets on each outcome and lock in a guaranteed profit or enhance your odds.

So take advantage of this amazing opportunity today, and start making your dreams come true by learning about matched golf betting!

The Basics Of Matched Betting

Matched betting might sound complicated, but it’s actually quite simple.

At its most basic level, it involves placing back bets with a bookmaker and lay bets on a betting exchange.

This way you can make sure that whatever the outcome of an event is, you’ll end up in profit or with only a small loss compared to the chance of a big win.

The simplest form of bet you could place would be an “arb”. An arbitrage bet is one where you take advantage of different prices for the same “item” in two different markets.

Let’s say a bookmaker is offering enhanced odds of Rory McIlroy to win the Masters of 15/1 and on the betting exchanges such as Betfair his lay odds might be 10/1. So you could place a bet of $10 with the bookmaker and then lay McIlroy for $14.55 and you would end up with around $4.30 after allowing for commission.

That’s a guaranteed profit for about 60 seconds of effort.

Matched betting on golf events usually centers around each-way betting.

Each Way Betting On Golf

An each-way bet means you are hoping the player is the outright winner or finishes in the top 5 places. The trick is looking for bookmakers doing extra-place offers. 

When a bookmaker like William Hill says they are offering extra places then this gives you the potential to make a profit.

Usually, a bookie will offer each-way terms on the first 6 places so you would win your each-way bet if the player finishes in the first six. Now when they decide to offer 10 places at an event you have the opportunity to place a matched bet on an exchange which is either going to be no risk or might result in you having a small qualifying loss but could potentially give you a big profit. There are two ways to play it one involving more risk than the other.

Low-Risk Each-Way Arbing

If you find a golfer has similar odds with a bookmaker that is doing extra places and on the betting exchange then you have the chance to place a low or no loss bet. Usually, you will have to pay commission on the exchanges which will cost you a little but the potential rewards are worth it.

For example, if you wanted to bet on a golf tournament with an each-way bet, you’d place a back bet at say $10 on your chosen golfer winning the tournament. This would cost you $20, $10 for the win and $10 for the place.

At the same time, you’d also place a lay bet for $10 against them winning and another $10 in the place market.

If they win then you win at the bookie but lose at the exchange and will come out with a slight loss. If they finish nowhere then you lose at the bookie but win at the exchange and come out with a slight loss. Where it becomes interesting is when they finish in the extra places. This means you win your back bet at the bookie and your lay bet on the exchange so depending on the odds you can make a nice profit.

Over the long term this method of betting is moving the odds in your favor so if you make enough bets you should come out on top as long as you stick to close odds matches.

When Can I Do Golf Matched Betting?

It used to be the case that extra places only tended to be offered on the 4 majors:

  • The Masters
  • The PGA Championship
  • The US Open
  • The Open Championship

However, these days an increasing number of companies are offering additional places on a wider range of golf tournaments.

How Do I Find Matched Betting Opportunities

So you want to be a matched bettor but don’t know where to begin or how to find the bets. Fortunately for you, there are now a lot of companies that offer help to people looking to make a bit of extra cash. These companies have tutorials on how to place the bets, calculators to help you work out the right amounts to lay and some even provide systems to help you locate the best opportunities.

Matched Betting In The USA

Matched betting is becoming increasingly popular in the USA but because of the different gambling laws on a state-by-state basis, there aren’t any exchanges operating at the moment. (Betfair did set up shop briefly but has stopped trading)

This won’t stop you from profiting from Bookmaker offers entirely though. You can use dutching to generate returns from different offers.

For example, 2 different bookmakers might offer you a $200 sign-up bonus. Situations can arise where those bookies offer generous odds on different outcomes allowing you to profit from the bonus by selecting the bookmaker offering the best odds.

Overcoming The Limitations Of Matched Betting

Matched betting can be a great way to make money from golf, but it does have some limitations. The main obstacle is the fact that you need to place two bets for each potential outcome – one ‘back’ bet and another ‘lay’ bet. This means that in order to turn a long-term profit, you’ll need access to lots of free bets for every time you back and lay an outcome.

So even though matched betting may seem complicated at first, by understanding these strategies and taking advantage of them, you can achieve consistent profits over the long term.

Probably the biggest limitation is that eventually your accounts will become restricted. Some argue that by placing “mug” bets you will lessen the chances of that happening but most bookmakers are pretty sharp these days and will identify match bettors quite quickly. The only way around this is to have a s many different bookmaker accounts as possible.

Matched Betting Tips And Resources

Matched betting is an awesome way to make some extra cash. It’s a simple process that can help you turn your love of golf into instant profits! All you have to do is place odds on yourself and others which will give you the chance to win part or all of your stake back if the outcome goes as planned.

Here are 3 tips for getting started:

  1. Look for high odds when placing free bets, this gives you more potential profit.
  2. Don’t forget to calculate how much money each bet will cost and how much it would bring in case of success.
  3. Read up on matched betting strategies from experienced players before making any big decisions.

It takes a little bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, matched betting can be extremely rewarding! Plus, with golf being one of the most popular sports around today, there are plenty of opportunities out there for those who know what they’re doing.

So why not give it a try? You could be raking in the rewards in no time at all!

How To Profit From Golf Matched Betting: Conclusion

Matched betting can be a great way to make a bit of money on golf.

It takes advantage of offers that are available in different markets, allowing you to minimize your risk while maximizing your profits.

With just a little bit of knowledge and practice, you could be making consistent returns from matched betting on golf.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make some extra money, then give matched betting a try!

You won’t regret it!

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What Are Extra Place Offers?

Extra Place Offers are promotions by bookmakers where instead of paying out each way bets for top 6 finishes they offer top 8 or even top 10. These promotions often take place during the golf majors and you can use them to your advantage to potentially turn a profit.

What Is A Betting Exchange?

A betting exchange is a betting market where people can bet for or against the outcome of events. Effectively it gives you the chance to be the bookmaker by offering lay odds on an event. Matched bettors use the exchange to offset their bets with the bookmaker.

How Can I Learn More About Matched Betting?

Check out this matched betting guide from Team Profit.

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