Golf Gifts For Beginners: 2023

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If you don’t play golf it might be difficult to decide what gift to buy for someone who’s just taken up the sport.

Here are some great gift ideas that don’t suck! They also (mostly) won’t break the bank! 

If you have a bit more money to treat someone or yourself then you might find this article useful

golf gifts for beginners

Golf Balls

Most beginners will be losing plenty of balls every time they hit the links! While experienced golfers will probably have a favorite brand or model of golf ball someone new to golf probably doesn’t have that loyalty yet.

Fortunately for you, golf balls fall into a wide range of prices so you could pick a gift to suit your wallet as well!

If you’re buying for a very special someone and you want to splurge then you could plump for a dozen Pro V1’s from Titleist. Even a novice golfer will know these are top-quality balls so they certainly should appreciate the gesture.

4 dozen Srixon Z Star
Srixon Z-Star

If you don’t want to spend quite that much or you know that they prefer to use a less expensive ball then you could pick one of the other balls in the Titleist range such as the AVX.

You could even buy one of the cheaper models such as the TruFeel but get them 2 dozen which will last them a bit longer!

NBA Endorsed

If the golfer in your life is also a fan of the NBA then you could get them some Vice Golf balls with the logo of their favorite team. Yes, not every item on this list will earn me an affiliate commission!


Almost every golf ball manufacturer will have some form of personalization option where you could add their name or a funny message! 

Golf Towel

A must-have accessory for every golfer! 

Personally, I prefer the large “caddy” or “tour” sized options Such as this Players towel from Titleist

You could even go for something fun like this.

51w06L9L2WS. SL160

Premier League Endorsed

For the football (soccer) fan in your life, you can treat them to a licensed golf towel featuring the logo of their favorite team. Whether that be Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Spurs or United.


Not everyone is into reading but there certainly are plenty of golf books for you to choose from as a gift for beginner golfers. There are a myriad of golf instruction books covering everything from the mental game to putting and the full swing to improve their game.

You might like to get them a biography of one of the top players like Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus. 

If you want to give them some inspiration on courses to play then there are plenty of options available too.

Golf has a rich history and there’s also plenty of opportunities to read up on historical figures or the game in general.

For more book ideas check out this post on golf books you should read.

51lgibmCuEL. SL160

Magazine Subscription

If the person you’re buying for is a reader then maybe they’d prefer a subscription to a golf magazine. In the US that would be Golf or Golf Digest and in the UK you could try Today’s Golfer or Golf Monthly. In fact, Golf Monthly is available free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription

61Ko1praV4L. SL160

Golf Gloves

A relatively inexpensive gift but one that pretty well every golfer will get some use out of unless you’re buying for Fred Couples that is!

I’m a bit of a golf snob so always tend to buy Cabretta leather gloves but you might be better off getting a more hard-wearing all-weather glove as a gift. Depending on where you live you might even think a pair of rain gloves is a great idea!

A glove is one golf accessory that almost every golfer uses.

cabretta leather golf gloves

Winter Mittens

Another indispensable piece of equipment for many golfers during the winter! Unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere like California, keeping warm during winter golf is important for maximum enjoyment. These Wilson mittens are water repellant too!

31JjpglWvhL. SL160


The overwhelming choice of most golfers is the baseball cap. Pretty well every golf manufacturer will be quite happy to sell you one with their logo! You could try and find one with a magnetic ball marker on the brim as that might prove useful!

Continuing the winter theme from above you might like to purchase a bobble hat or beanie if you live somewhere appropriate.

In the past few years, Bryson DeChambeau has often been seen in Hogan-esque flat cap. 

Golf Lesson

Why not give your local golf club a ring? The pro might offer some form of gift vouchers that could be exchanged for lessons. This would be a particularly useful gift for a beginner. It would help them build solid foundations for their golf swing.

Golf Experience

This one might be beyond the budget of many but you could try and book a tee-time at a top local venue. To keep the cost down you could try booking a twilight time.

Pom Pom Head Covers

If you’re looking for something a little more retro then pom-pom headcovers might fit the bill. Available in a myriad of styles there certainly look a lot more interesting than the boring standard headcovers you receive with the clubs.


Yeti Drinks Tumbler

Not the cheapest by any stretch of the imagination but they do have excellent customer reviews. It’s important to stay hydrated on the golf course and on a hot sunny day it is even better to have a nice cool drink

317sp+F4VqS. SL160

Dual Canopy Umbrella

There are certain parts of the world where you’re probably ill-advised to go golfing unless you have an umbrella. An oversize golfing brolly should help keep you dry during inclement weather and If it’s a dual canopy one then hopefully it shouldn’t get blown inside out by the wind! This Mizuno Staff model is the one I currently use.

PuttOut Pressure Trainer

A great tool for helping any golfer improve their putting. It helps to train you on the correct speed to hit your putts so they will hold their line better. It would be a great addition for anyone who likes practicing their putting at home particularly if they have a PuttOut putting mat.

31fuUsT9TuL. SL160
Putt out
My own PuttOut

GPS Device

A golf watch or other golf GPS could be a great option for a new golfer. Knowing how far you have to reach the pin or hazard is a great start to playing better golf.

gps watch

Golf Game

If you know they have a console or like to play PC games then you could buy them a game to play on those rainy days. PGA Tour 2K23 and EA Sports PGA Tour are two of the best golf gifts for computer gamers.

Amazon Product Image 2k23

Golf Shoes

More of a tricky choice as shoes can be a style choice too! You’ll need to know their shoe size and whether they prefer spiked or spikeless shoes.

Amazon Product Image skechers

Golf Bag

Not a particularly cheap gift these days but a new golf bag can bring a boost of confidence to many golfers.

Amazon Product Image TM stand Bag

Golf Simulator

A great gift for every type of golf lover. Not cheap by any means but one that could help to improve their golf.

Amazon Product Image optishot

Golf Cart

Depending on your budget this could mean a push cart, an electric hand cart or a ride-on buggy!

Amazon Product Image M7

Best Personalized Golf Gifts For Beginning Golfers

To make the gift even more special you could try getting something personalized with a name or message. These don’t have to be too expensive with golf ball markers or pitch mark repairers being good options. 

Golf Gifts For Beginners: Conclusion

There are some pretty horrible “golf” gifts out there so I tried to keep the suggestions to things that golfers might actually appreciate. Most of them won’t break the bank but they also shouldn’t be a waste of your money!

If none of these gift ideas for golfers take your fancy then here are a few other ideas for less than $50!

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