Golf Gifts under $50: Birthday or Christmas!

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Golf Gifts Under $50

Are you thinking about buying your favorite golfer a present? They’ll almost certainly thank you if you get them something on this list. Whether it’s a stocking filler for Christmas or something for their birthday these presents won’t end up stuck in the back of a cupboard!

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on some rubbish, get something they will appreciate!

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If money is no object then there here are some great potential gifts.

Here are some of the best gifts for golfers under $50.


Arguably the most bought golf gift in the history of golf. I doubt if there’s a golfer anywhere that hasn’t had golf balls as a present at one time or another.

If possible check their preferred make and model before committing to a purchase.

Top Pick

Amazon Product Image

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are designed for serious golfers looking for high-performance balls. They feature a soft feel, low spin off the driver, and consistent flight. The Pro V1’s multi-component construction includes a soft compression ZG process core, an ionomeric casing layer, and a urethane elastomer cover. These features work together to provide excellent distance, control and durability. Whether you’re looking to improve your game or play at a high level, Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are a great choice.

Titleist Pro V1

Since its launch, this ball has been favored by tour players and good amateurs. It’s unlikely anyone would turn their noses up at these.

50 golf gifts under $50
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Srixon Z-Star – my favorites!

Top Pick

Amazon Product Image Srixon Z-Starir?t=cleekandjigge 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B08R6HWPZG

Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls

The Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls are a high-performance option for golfers looking for a combination of distance and control. They feature a 3-piece construction with a soft, low-compression inner core and a firmer outer core that work together to deliver a low spin off the driver while still providing maximum distance. The outer layer is made of a soft, spin skin coating that provides excellent feel and control around the greens. Additionally, the balls have a 338 Speed Dimple pattern that helps to reduce drag and increase lift for longer, straighter shots. Overall, the Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls are designed for golfers who want a balance of distance and control, and a soft feel on the greens.

Srixon Z Star

Offering similar levels of performance to the ProV1 but will save you $10-$15. You could then throw in a glove! Choose either the Z-star or the Z-star XV.

Vice Drive

An up-and-coming ball at a price point that should allow you to buy two dozen!


Who doesn’t love a good read from time to time?

50 places to play golf before you die
Photo Geoffrey Baker – 50 Places to Play Golf

50 Places to Play Golf Before You Die by Chris Santella

With course recommendations from the likes of Sir Nick Faldo And Tom Doak. Anyone receiving this book should be able to find a number of ideas for their next dream golf trip.

50 More Places to Play Golf Before You Die by Chris Santella

The follow-up book to the above features another 50 super locations to base a golf trip round.

Golf is not a Game of perfect by Bob Rotella front cover
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Golf is not a game of perfect

Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect by Dr Bob Rotella.

One of the best books available to help someone with their mental technique.

The Golf Omnibus By PG Woodhouse

Golf-related stories from a bygone era. They should tickle anyone’s funny bone.

Dave Pelz short game Bible
Photo Geoffrey BakerShort Game Bible

Short Game Bible by Dave Pelz

Anyone struggling with their short game should find lots of opportunities to improve using these drills.

Caps & Hats

Titleist Ball Marker Cap

Save the hassle of them rummaging in their pocket for a coin. Get a Titleist cap with a magnetic marker.

Mizuno Runbird Beanie

If their winter hat is starting to look a little threadbare then why not splash out on this beanie to keep their head warm next winter.

Food & Drink

Titanium Hip Flask

Do you know someone who likes a wee dram on those cold mornings on the links? This high-quality titanium hip flask should help their medicine go down smooth!

Yeti 20oz Vacuum Tumbler

Yeti is a premium brand in the cooler market and this vacuum tumbler should keep your coffee hot or your water cold.


Along with golf balls this is one of the items that every golfer is regularly spending money on so to get one as a gift can be a bit of a boon.

srixon cabretta leather glove
Srixon cabretta leather glove

Titleist Players Cabretta Leather

A top-quality glove at a top price that will be appreciated by the better player.

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Footjoy Weathersof Glove

A more durable and hard-wearing glove that will work better when the weather isn’t so clement and is also easier on your wallet.

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Golf Ball Display Case

If you know someone with a collection of autographed or logo golf balls then this wooden case would allow them to show them off.

Golf Ball Marker Display

Rather than leave all those fancy ball markers gathering dust in a drawer give them a gift that will allow them to be put on display.

Major Championship Flags

You can often find replica flags for recent major championships on sale for under $50. These would make a nice gift for a golf fan.



One of the funniest films about golf. Chevy Chase, Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield lead you on a romp through Bushwood Country Club.

Happy Gilmore

Arguably Adam Sandler’s best work. Watch him go from angry ice hockey player to angry golfer on the Pro Tour. The golf ball whacker guy who hits it further than John Daly!

Check this out for more movie ideas!

Training Aids

Not every golfer likes to practice but in all honesty, most of us should do! Give the golfer in your life a nudge and hopefully, they’ll get their handicap index down. Golf practice aids can make a perfect gift.

Alignment Sticks

A collection of different fiberglass sticks to help groove a swing.

Champkey Putting Mirror

A great tool for helping a golfer work on their putting.

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

Can be used on the putting green at your club or at home on your putting mat or carpet. A great tool to help sharpen up your putting stroke.

31fuUsT9TuL. SL160

Runytek Indoor Chipping Net

Small but oh so useful. A great little practice net for working on your game when the weather isn’t great. It’s very small so it will definitely sharpen your aim. I would advise you to use some lightweight indoor golf balls. Normal golf balls may prove to be a bit heavy for it. Plus you’re more likely to smash your stuff.

Thorza Golf Putting Mat

For those long winter nights when there’s no chance of playing real golf give them the gift of putting! For some other putting mat options check this rundown.

Useful Accessories

Callaway Ball Retriever

There are lots of hazards on a golf course, plenty of places to lose those balls you bought them last Christmas. Give them a chance of getting some back with this extendable Callaway ball retriever.

FootJoy Shoe Bag

Why not get a shoe bag to match their favorite pair of shoes? Most manufacturers will produce a shoe bag. This particular model is from Footjoy.

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GolfLogix Green Books

Tour-level mapping of greens available to the ordinary golfer. A bit pricey at 30 or $40 per course you can buy their home course if it is one that GolfLogix has mapped.

Golf Pride/David Leadbetter Grip Trainer

Two experts in their respective fields. They have created a training aid to help you master one of the most difficult parts of learning golf. The grip. If you know someone that is just starting out in golf then this could be a great gift to give them a solid foundation as they learn the game. As an added bonus it’s a pretty inexpensive gift too.

Golf Trunk Organizer

If you’re fed up with seeing golf equipment strewn throughout your loved ones’ car then you could get them one of these organizers to help keep things tidy.

Mizuno Double Canopy Umbrella

The only thing worse than rain on a golf course is finding out that your brolly has blown inside out! A double canopy umbrella should solve that problem for them.

Nike Belt

If your friend or partner has been hitching up his trousers, Arnold Palmer style, then maybe this Nike belt can help them out.

Ping Valuables Pouch

A luxurious velour-lined pouch to keep all your valuables safe in one place.

Pom Pom Headcover

For those looking for a retro vibe what better way than to give an old-fashioned pom-pom style headcover? Available in various styles and big enough to handle those modern-day 460cc driver heads.

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Star Wars Character Towel

For the golfer who prefers their vision of the future to be George Lucas style rather than Gene Roddenberry.

Tin Cup Ball Marker

Give your favorite golfer something more exciting to draw on their ball than a few dots. With more than 20 designs to choose from you should be able to find something to suit their personality.

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Bonus Gift

PGA 2K21 for PC

Arguably the best PC golf game at the moment although EA Sports is releasing a new version of PGA Tour Golf in 2022 which includes all the major championships including the Masters Tournament.

If your loved one can’t make it to the course because of the weather then a quick 18 holes on PGA 2K21 might satiate their golfing needs.

Other Options


I haven’t included any golfing apparel as it’s pretty difficult to find many items that will be less than $50. Golf polo shirts are well over the limit unless you are looking at cheaper brands or discounted models. Golf shoes can also be difficult to find for less than $50 unless you stick to less well-known brands.


Again it’s a struggle to find even used clubs for such a small budget and do you really want to give someone a used golf club?


You could just buy them a pack of wooden tees if you are short of cash. Better yet, if they are a bit of a collector see if you can get hold of a commemorative pack from a top golf course they have played with logoed golf tees, ball markers, etc.


So there you have it a list of gifts costing no more than $50 that you shouldn’t be embarrassed to give. The only question is which one are you sending me?

If you have a bit more to spend and you’d like to get them something useful then you could invest in a pair of good quality sunglasses. I need prescription lenses so I opted for Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ.

If you are looking for a gift for a beginner then these ideas might be helpful.

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