Can You Play Topgolf In The Rain?

Yes of course! Like any covered driving range you can still use it in the rain although as it is open to the elements on one side you may find yourself getting a little wet.

Compared with playing normal golf though you’ll find playing Topgolf in the rain is much less of a problem.

If you are a keen golfer but don’t like playing in bad weather then Topgolf might be a great way to keep your game in order when the sun isn’t shining.

Can You Play Topgolf In The Rain
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Can You Play Topgolf During Lightning?

Well, you really wouldn’t want to be out playing golf during a lightning storm and I don’t think being at a Topgolf facility would be a great idea either. If lightning breaks out while you’re there you might want to pause your game for a few minutes to let it blow over.

Can You Play Topgolf When It’s Cold?

The hitting bays at Topgolf facilities are fitted with heaters so you should be able to keep reasonably warm even during cold weather. Certainly, you should be better off than you would be playing ordinary golf in cold conditions.

While the heaters will probably bring the temperature up by around 15-20° you still need to bear in mind that if it’s below 30°F ( 0°C) then even with the heaters it will still feel pretty cold. It all comes down to your own tolerances of bad weather.

Can You Play Topgolf When It’s Snowing? 

Assuming the snow isn’t so bad that the facility has to close then yes.  However, some players have complained that their shots didn’t register presumably due to the cold/snow. You also won’t get any run on your shots, it will be all carry.

Can You Play Topgolf When It’s Hot?

Topgolf might be a great option if you think it’s too hot to play a normal round of golf. Once the temperatures get into the high 80s ( >30°C) then it can start to get a little bit uncomfortable playing regular golf, especially if you are walking.

Topgolf bays are usually fitted with fans to help keep you cool and some venues even have mister systems. Plus of course, you’re not going to be in direct sunlight which should greatly help you stay cool along with the option to order a beverage of your choice.

Topgolf Myrtle Beach tour on a rainy day

How Is Topgolf Different From Golf?

You should consider Topgolf more of an entertainment experience than a golfing experience. While you can bring your own clubs, the objective in Topgolf is to hit your ball into different targets on the driving range. The golf balls are fitted with microchips so sensors can detect where they finish.

Topgolf is more about having a fun evening out with friends and family rather than trying to perfect your golf swing. 

If you want to work on your golf game then a regular driving range might be a better bet.

Do I Need To Wear A Mask At Topgolf?

Unfortunately, you will need to check with the facility you are intending to visit. Rules regarding masks vary from country to country and even from state to state. Individual venues might even impose their own restrictions so please double-check before traveling.

Where Can I Find Topgolf?

There are around 70 venues spread across the United States. There are also sites in Mexico, the UK, Australia and the UAE. A new is facility due to open in Germany shortly.

Can You Play Topgolf In The Rain: Conclusion

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend time with friends and also some healthy competition then a visit to a Topgolf venue might just do the trick. If it’s a rainy day then Topgolf is a way to get some fresh air without getting soaked!

Is Topgolf open in the rain? I’d say so!

Frequently asked questions [FAQ]

Does Topgolf have a dress code? 

While Topgolf isn’t expecting you to dress like you’re going to a country club I think they might draw the line at you turning up in a bikini!

Sensible family-friendly clothing should be fine and make sure you’re wearing some comfortable footwear so you can swing away.

No, Topgolf doesn’t have a dress code aside from common sense and respectability.

Do you get unlimited balls at Topgolf?

At certain venues (Holtsville, Las Vegas, Ontario, and San Jose) and certain times of day (before midday Mon-Fri), it is possible to take advantage of a $20 unlimited play offer for local people.

How much does Topgolf cost?

You usually have to pay an hourly rate for the bay. This will vary depending on the venue and time of day and might be anywhere from $29 to $90.

Although this will accommodate up to six players. 

Does Topgolf use limited-flight balls?

For a variety of reasons, Topgolf does use limited flight golf balls.

Does Topgolf Open When It’s Cold?

Topgolf venues have heated bays which should mean it’s possible to play even when it’s quite cold out. The heaters should bring the temperature up by around 30 degrees.

Is Topgolf Open When It Rains?

Yes, Topgolf does remain open when it rains. Of course, if we are talking torrential rain then conditions may dictate they close temporarily. Don’t forget that it is still exposed to the elements and depending on the wind direction you could get soaked in heavy rain!

What should I Wear to Topgolf in the Winter?

If it’s cold out then wear a number of layers so that you can easily adjust to the temperature. The hitting bays will have space heaters but you might be sitting around for a while between shots if you are in a large group.

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