Does Topgolf Have A Dress Code?

If you’ve been invited to a work outing to Topgolf or have friends who are planning a visit you might be wondering what to wear.

I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that Topgolf does not have a dress code like you would find at many golf clubs.

This means that you won’t have to do any of the following:

  • Wear a collared shirt
  • Keep your shirt tucked in (if you’re a man)
  • Wear proper pants (if you’re a man)
  • Check the length and style of shorts
  • Consider the length and color of your socks
  • Make sure your skirt/dress is long enough (if you’re a lady)

So now you know what you don’t have to do, let’s take a look at what you can do.

Does Topgolf Have A Dress Code

What Should I Wear To Topgolf?

It’s probably best to use your commonsense. What would you wear to the mall? Jeans and a T-shirt would probably do the trick and they would be fine at Topgolf.

Obviously, they’re not expecting you to come dressed as Borat in a mankini but as long as you’re respectable you shouldn’t have any problems.

Try to wear clothing that is going to be comfortable and won’t restrict your movements when you are swinging the golf club. Even if you aren’t up to PGA Tour standards you’ll still want to have a good stab at it.

Don’t forget that while Topgolf isn’t just an ordinary driving range you are still going to be somewhat exposed to the elements.

Check The Weather

You need to dress appropriately for the weather. It is often said there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

If it’s 120°F then you can probably dispense with the woolly sweater. On the other hand, if it’s only 50°F out then maybe you will need one or two extra layers.

While Topgolf does have air-conditioning or heating it’s probably not going to keep you at the perfect temperature all the time. It’s worth having the option of adding or removing a layer just like if you are playing golf for real.

Does Topgolf stay open when it’s raining?

seniors dressed for golf
Seniors dressed for golf

Should I Wear Golf Shoes To Topgolf?

Certainly, if you have spikeless golf shoes they would be useful as you’ll have better grip and support than you would just wearing some training shoes or tennis shoes.

I would advise against wearing shoes with spikes of any sort however since you are going to be on indoor surfaces and your golf shoes will only be useful for a small part of the time you’ll be there.

For non-golfers, you need to find some sports shoes that will allow you to make a swing and will also be comfortable for you to wear. Those boots you wear to work or high heels for a night out are probably not the ideal choice!

Does Topgolf Have A Dress Code: Conclusion

Topgolf is about having fun in a golf-related setting. As long as your attire is suitable to be worn in public then you shouldn’t have too many problems visiting Topgolf.

The business and the staff want you to have a good time so you’ll come back again. Part of that is dispensing with things like dress codes.

Check where your nearest Topgolf is.

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