What Does Eclectic Mean in Golf?

So, you’ve just started playing golf and are still learning all the ins and outs. Maybe you just joined a club that runs eclectic competitions and you are wondering what they are. In this article, we will explore what eclectic means in golf.

What Does Eclectic Mean In Golf

What is an Eclectic Golf Tournament?

An eclectic golf tournament is a competition where golfers play multiple rounds on the same course, and the best score on each hole is used to calculate their overall score. This means that a golfer’s final score is made up of the lowest score they achieved on each hole, regardless of which round it was played in.

What Is A Gross Eclectic Score?

This is just the best score you have achieved on each hole combined to form an 18-hole score. In the example below there are 6 rounds played over the course of the season that count towards the eclectic competition. A mythical 5-handicapper might make these sorts of scores.

Front 9123456789
Round 1535553445
Round 2434444554
Round 3624453555
Round 4434553445
Round 5535453455
Round 6644444565
Front 9 scores

Back 9101112131415161718Total
Round 143544354475
Round 254445544577
Round 343555365479
Round 443445354574
Round 544544444476
Round 642454454579
Back 9 scores

This player’s final gross tally for the eclectic competition would be 66.

What is a Nett Eclectic Score (Net Score)?

A net score (or nett score) is just the number of strokes you took to complete the hole less any handicap allowance. So in the case of the above player their net score for the competition would be 66-5=61. Usually, you would use the handicaps applicable at the end of the competition and subtract that from their gross score.

Advantages of Playing Eclectic Golf

Playing an eclectic round of golf has several advantages for golfers, including:

Improved Performance

By playing multiple rounds on the same course, golfers can gain a better understanding of the layout and conditions, which can help them improve their overall performance.

Increased Confidence

Knowing that they have already achieved a good score on a particular hole can give golfers the confidence to take risks and play more aggressively, which can lead to better scores.

More Fun

Playing an eclectic round of golf can be a fun and exciting way to challenge yourself and your friends, and it can help keep the game interesting and engaging.

Always Something To Play For

If your round is going to count towards an eclectic competition then no matter how badly it is going you can keep grinding till the end since you may end up improving one or two of your individual hole scores for your eclectic total.

Examples Of Eclectic Tournaments

One golf club where I was a member used to have an eclectic every month through the summer. Every time you went out you could designate the round towards your eclectic score. This meant that even if there wasn’t a competition on that day you still had the opportunity of testing your game.

What Does Eclectic Mean in Golf: Summary

In summary, playing an eclectic round of golf can be a fun and effective way to improve your game. By selecting the best score for each hole from all of the rounds you play, you can challenge yourself to achieve the lowest possible score. 

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Can beginners play an eclectic round of golf?

Yes, beginners can play an eclectic round of golf. In fact, playing an eclectic round can be a great way for beginners to improve their game by identifying areas where they need to focus their practice and improving their overall performance on the course. It always removes some of the stress of playing competitively since it is a marathon not a sprint.

Can an eclectic only be medal?

Most eclectic events are probably run as medal but there is no reason why you couldn’t run a Stableford or bogey eclectic.

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