Can You Play Augusta National On A Golf Simulator?

Golf simulators give golfers to chance to experience the courses of their dreams without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. No matter how exclusive, no matter how far away, no matter how inaccessible, if it’s available on a golf simulator you can play it. You can travel the world and golf on every continent in one day if you want.

But there are certain courses that golfers mention over and over again as being an aspiration to play. These courses have strong legacies and their hallowed turf is written into the annals of the history of the game. One such is Augusta National in Georgia. It has become synonymous with the Masters and its name is used almost interchangeably with the event. It has transcended golf and is now seen as one of the greatest sporting arenas in history.

This article will look at why it is so difficult to golf at Augusta National Golf Club, how golfers can access it on a simulator and how it is possible (though very tricky!) to actually experience it in real life.

Can You Play Augusta National On A Golf Simulator
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Why is Augusta Such a Hard Course to Actually Play?

Augusta has 300 members and the only way to become one is by invitation from the club. And the club is very selective about who they invite to play golf. Among this exclusive group are Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.

As a private club, Augusta National is also very protective of who gets to golf there. It is opened up to certain people on limited days during the year. Golfers can also be invited by members though there are strict rules and regulations in place around when this can happen, too.

But it’s this exclusivity and this elusiveness that helps to preserve the aura and mystique of the Augusta National course. What we as golfers wouldn’t give to walk the hallowed turf! And while that might be a work in progress, the reality of playing it on a simulator is closer than you think.

Which Golf Simulator Software Programs Feature Augusta National?

If you’re looking to play Augusta National on a golf simulator then the software we would advise using is TGC 2019. Only it’s not quite as simple as going onto the software and typing in ‘Augusta National’. The name Augusta is trademarked and thus people can’t use it for a profit. What simulator software can do is recreate the topography and course details and label it under a different name. On TGC 2019, Augusta National is known as Firethorn. There are multiple courses named Firethorn on the software so be sure to check the reviews before downloading to ensure you get the best one.

Another software that has Augusta National is GSPro, although it is known as Georgia Golf Club. The layout is very similar to what we all know as Augusta.

Augusta National on TGC 2019

You can take on Augusta National on TGC 2019, all you need to do is download the golf course. Unfortunately, there is an added layer of complexity to this as it can’t be called Augusta due to trademark reasons. So when you are searching for it, look under the name ‘Firethorn’. Here you will be presented with a number of different options for the course so be sure to read through the reviews and ratings prior to downloading. This will help you choose the best and most realistic version.

Augusta National on SkyTrak

If you have the SkyTrak golf simulator system then you will be able to game “the national” although it is under the name Magnolia National on the SkyTrak system. You can see the video below from YouTube where someone is playing the back nine.

“Augusta” on SkyTrak

Why is Augusta National Such a Hard Course to Get A Teetime?

As mentioned above, Augusta is an extremely exclusive and private club. They are very selective about who they allow on the property and it’s not like you can just rock up there on any day of the week and expect to get a tee time to navigate amen corner. Actually, you can’t do that full stop. But there are certain ways to get a game aside from being a member or by qualifying to play the Masters.

Get A College Golf Scholarship Nearby

If you are a college golfer in the surrounding areas, you may be lucky enough to play in tournaments at Augusta or even receive a special invite on occasion.

Win the Media Lottery

If you are a member of the media reporting on-site at Augusta you have the opportunity to be entered into a ballot the day after the Masters. The downside is that these places are extremely limited with no guarantee of success.

Be Invited by a Member

This is the most common way non-members can golf at Augusta. There are strict rules though about when members can invite guests and what they can do once at the club.

Become a Caddie

If you work as a caddie at Augusta National you get one day a year when you get to use the facility.

Get Some Other Job at Augusta National

Like caddies, employees are allowed one round a year at Augusta National.

Volunteer to Work at the Masters

Volunteering to work at the Masters gives you the opportunity to play the course. There is a long waiting list though and vacancies rarely arise.

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What are the Best Courses to Play on a Golf Simulator?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say so the idea of the ‘best’ is subjective. But to most golfers, the best courses are those that the pros play. The ones that are either exclusive, difficult to get on or have a strong history behind them. We’re thinking of the Old Course at St. Andrews, Bethpage Black, Pebble Beach, Whistling Straits, Bay Hill, TPC Sawgrass and so on.

Can You Play Augusta National On A Golf Simulator: Conclusion

Unfortunately for the vast majority of us, a round of golf at Augusta is just a pipedream. The closest we are going to get is a computer game or using one of the simulators with the right package like TGC2019. You are probably more likely to win the lottery than don a green jacket in April but everyone deserves a dream!

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