Best Srixon Golf Balls 2023

I’m going to take a look at the best Srixon golf balls available on the market and which ones will be the best for your game.

Like the other large golf ball manufacturers Srixon offers a range of balls catering to varying skill levels and playing styles.

The recommended choices for advanced and professional golfers are the Z-Star and Z-Star XV, known for their distance, feel, and greenside spin.

Mid-handicap players may find the Q-Star Tour suitable due to its tour-level performance, softer feel and lower price point.

Golfers of all skill levels can consider the Q-Star or AD333 for its impressive wedge spin and balance of performance, feel and price.

Slower swing speeds can benefit from UltiSoft’s soft feel and higher launch, while the Soft Feel offers a good balance of distance and feel with its low compression.

Female golfers will probably start by looking at the Soft Feel Lady but depending on their swing one of the other models may make a better choice.

I’ll be looking primarily at models that have been updated for 2023.

Best Srixon Golf Balls

How Do I Test Golf Balls?

Most of my golf ball testing is done on course both with and without a Flightscope Mevo. I don’t tend to change my golf equipment too often so my golf clubs are getting a bit long in the tooth but in terms of comparing balls, this means I’m not swapping between different wedges, irons or drivers.

I also include data and observations from other reviewers particularly if they have a different view. I can’t claim any golf industry credentials but have been playing since 1989 and for most of that time have held a single-figure handicap index.

Note that I usually play the Srixon Z-Star and have done so for a number of years.

Key Takeaways

  • Srixon Z-Star, Z-Star XV and Z-Star Diamond golf balls are designed for advanced and professional golfers, offering ultimate speed, feel, and maximum greenside spin. They are preferred by Srixon staff pros like Brooks Koepka and Hideki Matsuyama.
  • The Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball is designed for mid-handicap golfers, providing tour-level performance with a softer feel. It offers a balance between performance and feel, making it a popular choice among club golfers.
  • The Srixon Q-Star/AD333 golf ball is suitable for golfers of all skill levels and offers impressive wedge spin with Spin Skin technology. It is a best-selling 2-piece ball and serves as a great alternative for those who don’t need the performance of a tour ball.
  • The Srixon UltiSoft golf ball is designed for golfers with slower clubhead speeds, offering a higher launch and a soft feel. It provides distance and feel without compromise, making it a great option for players with slower swings.

Do Golf Balls Really Make A Difference

Different ball models are designed to cater to specific skill levels and playing styles so the question of whether golf balls truly impact performance is both relevant and pertinent. Depending on your skill level the type of ball you play could make a big difference to your scores and enjoyment.

Choosing the best Srixon ball for your game will depend on factors such as your golfing proficiency, swing speed, desired ball flight and personal preferences regarding feel and even color choices. It is recommended to try out different models to find the one that suits your needs and helps you perform at your best on the course.

Best Golf Balls For Seniors

Which Srixon Golf Ball Is The Best?

Among the various options available, Srixon offers a range of golf balls that cater to different skill levels and preferences. While most people would consider the most expensive balls to be the best they might not be the best option for you!

For advanced and professional golfers seeking ultimate speed, great feel, and maximum greenside spin, the Srixon Z-Star series is recommended. The Z-Star XV variant is ideal for players with high swing speeds looking for long tee shots while still getting excellent spin and control.

Mid-handicap golfers might be better with the Srixon Q-Star Tour, which provides tour-level performance with a softer feel. Golfers of all skill levels who prioritize distance and durability may opt for the Srixon Q-Star/AD333 or the UltiSoft ball designed for players with slower swings.

Lastly, the Srixon Soft Feel is suitable for a good balance of distance and feel in various weather conditions. Ultimately, choosing the best golf ball involves considering individual needs and preferences.

If a soft feel is the most important thing then you will have to go with one of the low compression balls like the soft feel.

If you need some help spotting your ball in the air then you might have to go for a ball available in bright colors. Fortunately with the Divide variants even the premium balls from Srixon can offer those with failing eyesight an option.

A Box Of Srixon Z Star Xv
Photo Geoffrey Baker – A Box Of Srixon Z Star XV

Which Srixon Golf Ball Should You Be Using?

When selecting a golf ball, it is important to consider your playing style, swing speed, skill level and even the type of courses you regularly play. The best ball for you will depend on these factors.

For advanced and professional golfers looking for ultimate speed and maximum greenside spin along with a higher trajectory, the Srixon Z-Star XV is a recommended choice. It offers excellent distance and spin for players with powerful tee shots.

If you don’t need so much height because you tend to play in windy conditions or if your ball speed is lower then the normal Z-Star is worth a look.

Mid-handicap golfers may prefer the Srixon Q-Star Tour, which provides tour-level performance with a softer feel due to its urethane cover and low compression rating.

Golfers of all skill levels can opt for the Srixon Soft Feel, which offers a good balance of distance and feel with its low-compression design plus it will be very light on the wallet.

Choosing the best golf ball for you will depend on your launch conditions, specific preferences and needs on the course.

Srixon Golf Ball Range

Srixon has the complete spectrum of golfers covered with their ball range. Whether you are a casual golfer looking for an inexpensive two-piece ball or a low-handicapper looking for tour-quality performance.

The Z-Star series is designed for accomplished golfers seeking the ultimate combination of spin and distance, while the Q-Star series is targeted toward mid-handicap players looking for a balance between price, performance and feel.

The other balls in the range cater to beginners, high-handicappers or occasional golfers.

LayersCoverCompressionSwing SpeedLaunch
Z-Star XV3Urethane102100+Mid-High
Z-Star Diamond3Urethane10290+Mid-High
Q-Star Tour3Urethane7280+Mid
Q-Star / AD3332Ionomer7270+Mid
Soft Feel2Ionomer60AnyMid-High
Soft Feel Lady2Ionomer58AnyMid-High
Srixon Golf Ball Comparison

Srixon Z-Star

The Srixon Z Star golf ball is specifically designed to provide ultimate performance on tee shots, irons, chips, and putts. It is a popular choice among low-handicap and even tour golfers.

The Z-Star features a FastLayer core that offers both speed and great feel, boosting distance and confidence on every shot. Its reengineered cover with increased elasticity enhances spin and stopping power when hitting into greens. Additionally, the Spin Skin coating with Slide-Ring Material (SeRM) increases friction for added spin and control on chips and pitches.

The Z-Star’s Speed Dimpleā„¢ Pattern consists of 338 redesigned dimples that generate lift after launch, maximizing glide distance during descent for a consistent and stable flight trajectory.

Overall, the Srixon Z-Star golf ball provides the ultimate performance in all aspects of the game, making it a top choice for serious golfers seeking optimal control and stopping power.

I am somewhat biased here as I have been a long-time user of the Z-Star. In my own testing, I could never find that much difference in performance between the Z-Star and the Pro V1 but I could generally get the Z-Star ball for as much as 50% less than the Titleist which for me was no-brainer.

Srixon Z-Star XV

The Srixon Z-Star XV golf ball provides excellent distance and spin for players with higher clubhead speed.

This premium golf ball from Srixon is highly regarded in the golfing community and has received positive reviews in golf ball reviews. Played on the PGA Tour by major champions Hideki Matsuyama and Shane Lowry.

The Z-Star XV features core technology that provides an exceptional feel and helps generate incredible distance. The specialized urethane coating, known as Spin Skin+, enhances the cover’s friction, resulting in increased spin and control of the golf ball.

Additionally, the extra thin thermoplastic urethane cover delivers tour-level stopping power around the greens. With its 338 Speed Dimples designed for a penetrating launch, the Z-Star XV ensures maximum ball speed for unmatched distance.

Overall, this Srixon golf ball is a top choice for players looking to maximize their performance on the course.

A Box Of Srixon Z Star Diamond
Photo Geoffrey Baker – A Box Of Srixon Z Star Diamond

Srixon Z-Star Diamond

Featuring a unique design and advanced technology, the Srixon Z-Star Diamond golf ball generates a combination of long-game distance and greenside control. This golf ball is part of the Srixon Z-Star series.

The Z-Star Diamond has a FastLayer core that provides exceptional distance while still offering an excellent feel. Its coating and spin control features include a micronic layer of specialized urethane, enhancing spin and control on approach shots. The premium cover made of thermoplastic urethane delivers tour-level stopping power around the greens and offers a soft and responsive feel.

With its 338 Speed Dimple pattern, this ball maximizes glide distance during descent and maintains accuracy even in high-speed winds. The Srixon Z-Star Diamond is a suitable choice for golfers looking for both distance off the tee and precision around the green.

Played on tour by Brooks Koepka.

Soft Feel And Q Star Tour Divide
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Soft Feel And Q Star Tour Divide

Srixon Q-Star Tour

Designed for mid-handicap golfers, the Q-Star Tour golf ball offers tour-level performance with a softer feel due to its lower compression.

Like the premium balls, it features a urethane cover, Spin Skin with SeRM technology, and a graduated core.

The cover provides enhanced spin control and a soft feel off the clubface when compared with other cover materials such as ionomer or surlyn.

The Spin Skin with SeRM coating increases friction and maximizes spin, especially on approach shots and around the greens.

The graduated core contributes to distance without compromising on the soft feel of the ball.

With its low compression design, the Q-Star Tour is suitable for golfers who prefer a soft feel ball.

This ball is ideal for those looking for a balance between performance and feel in their game and as an added bonus it is quite a bit cheaper than the Z-Star series.

The Q-Star Tour offers consistent performance and excellent playability for mid-handicap players seeking improved distance, control, and overall better scoring opportunities on the course.

Srixon Q-Star

The Q-Star is designed specifically for mid-handicap golfers who are seeking a balance between performance and feel. Reasonably priced, this high-quality golf ball offers great performance with a feel that suits those looking for a soft golf ball.

It features an ionomer cover and Spin Skin with SeRM technology, along with a graduated core to provide distance, soft feel, and excellent spin control around the greens. The Q-Star has become a popular choice among club golfers due to its ability to deliver consistent performance in various weather conditions.

When considering which Srixon golf ball to choose, the Q-Star is certainly worth considering for its overall quality and performance characteristics especially for mid to high handicaps or casual golfers.

Mark Crossfield on the Soft Feel range

Srixon Soft Feel

The Srixon Soft Feel golf ball is suitable for golfers of all skill levels, providing a good balance of distance and feel with its low compression for a soft feel off the clubface. This high-quality but inexpensive golf ball offers several features that players will love:

  • Enhanced greenside spin for better control around the green
  • Consistent performance in various weather conditions

The Srixon Soft Feel golf ball stands out as one of the best options from the Srixon range, offering golfers the combination of price, distance, feel, and performance they desire. It continues to be a popular choice among golfers looking for a high-quality golf ball that delivers on both distance and feel. Senior golfers in particular like the ball

Srixon Soft Feel Lady

Soft Feel Lady golf balls cater specifically to female golfers, offering increased launch angle, incredible softness, and great distance. These Srixon golf balls are designed for individuals with slower or moderate swing speeds.

Since the golf ball doesn’t know the sex of the person hitting it only the launch conditions this ball could also suit male golfers with slow swing speeds who need help getting the ball airborne.

The Soft Feel Lady golf ball provides the ideal combination of performance and feel for female players of all skill levels. With its low compression design, it delivers a soft feel off the clubface while still maintaining good greenside spin for better control around the green.

Additionally, the Soft Feel Lady offers consistent performance in various weather conditions, ensuring that female golfers can enjoy their game without compromise. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, the Soft Feel Lady is a reliable choice for enhancing your overall performance on the course.

Ladies with faster swings and/or lower handicaps might want to look at the Q-Star, Q-Star Tour or even the Z-Star.

Srixon AD333

The AD333 golf ball appears to be the same as the Q-Star that is available in the US. The AD333 has been a popular ball in the UK for many years and clearly, Srixon didn’t want to lose customers loyal to this ball so retained the name.

A ball that seems endlessly popular with senior golfers due to its value for money, durability and playability for golfers of wide-ranging skill levels.

Srixon Ultisoft

UltiSoft golf balls are designed to provide unmatched softness and great distance off the tee. As a two-piece golf ball, the UltiSoft offers a low compression that ensures a soft feel upon impact.

Its construction includes a FastLayer core, which transitions from soft in the center to firm at the outer edge, resulting in exceptional softness and impressive distance.

The 338 Speed Dimple Pattern further enhances performance by reducing drag at launch and increasing lift during descent, improving overall distance and performance in windy conditions.

With a soft, thin cover, the UltiSoft also provides enhanced greenside spin for better control on pitches, chips, and putts.

Golfers with slower swing speeds will particularly benefit from UltiSoft’s high launch and guaranteed soft feel.

I think this is the only Srixon ball I haven’t yet played with.

James Robinson plays a Srixon Distance

Srixon Distance

The Srixon Distance golf ball is known for its price and distance capabilities and is a reliable choice for maximizing shots off the tee or from the fairway. It offers several benefits:

  • Increased Distance: The ball is designed to go far, helping all shots carry farther and putting players in a better scoring position.
  • Maximum Performance: This golf ball is suitable for hitting woods or irons, providing exceptional performance on the golf course.
  • Scoring Opportunities: Golfers seeking maximum distance will find the Distance golf ball to be a reliable option, improving their chances of scoring well.

With its advanced technology, including the FastLayer core and 324 Speed Dimple Pattern, the Srixon Distance model delivers great performance while ensuring durability at a price that the casual golfer will find more palatable.

Golfers looking for a reliable and high-performing distance golf ball should consider this as one of the best options offered by Srixon.

Best Srixon Golf Balls 2023

What are the best balls from Srixon for low, mid, and high handicappers, as well as the best value-for-money options?

For low handicappers, the Srixon Z-Star series, particularly the Z-Star XV ball and Z-Star Diamond, are designed to provide ultimate speed, great feel, maximum greenside spin, and excellent performance in windy conditions.

Mid handicappers may find the Q-Star Tour Golf Ball to be a suitable choice with its tour-level performance, soft low-compression feel, distance capabilities, short-game spin and lower price.

High handicappers looking for a forgiving and affordable option may consider the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball which offers a good balance of distance and feel along with consistent performance.

Best Srixon Ball For Low Handicappers

When considering the best ball in the Srixon range for low handicappers, it is important to prioritize the characteristics most important to you and your golf game.

The majority of single-figure golfers will probably only consider the Z-Star range. Here the choice is probably the Z-Star for slower swingers and the XV for players with plenty of club head speed. If you need a bit more spin on the driver or short irons then you should look at the Diamond variant.

If you want high spin but lack club head speed then you will find the Q-Star Tour is a better fit and also easier on the wallet.

Best Srixon Ball For Mid Handicappers

For mid-handicappers looking for tour-like performance then Q-Star Tour is the choice. If you are looking for cheaper options and don’t require as much short-game control then the Q-Star or even the Soft Feel are great options. These balls should curve a little less as well if you tend to be a bit wayward.

Golf BallTypical PriceFeatures
Srixon Q-Star Tour$35Urethane cover, Spin Skin with SeRM technology
Srixon Q-Star/AD333$28Ionomer blend cover, Spin Skin technology
Srixon Soft Feel$22Low compression for soft feel off the clubface
Srixon balls for mid-handicaps

These options are considered the best for mid-handicappers as they offer a combination of distance, control, and soft feel suitable for their game.

Best Srixon Ball For High Handicappers

For high handicappers, selecting a suitable Srixon ball probably comes down to price as much as anything.

If you tend to slice or hook the ball then look for the lowest spinning options like the Distance. If you feel your game is likely to improve then maybe the Q-Star or even Q-Star Tour is a viable option.

For players demanding a soft ball they would be looking at the Soft Feel.

Best Value For Money

For many players, the price of golf balls is a big consideration. That being said value for money doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest.

In fact, the Z-Star could be considered the best value for money if you are able to find a deal. These are often available when new models come out and retailers are trying to shift older stock.

If you don’t have too much club head speed then the Soft Feel is probably the best value since they can be had for around $20 if you shop around.

Still not sure?

Comparison of the Z-Star and Pro V1.

Pro V1x compared with the Z-Star XV.

Z-Star compared with the Chrome Soft.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What are the best balls with an 80 mph swing?

The best balls for an 80 mph swing would probably be mid-low compressions balls.

What are X-out balls?

X-out balls have slight imperfections, usually aesthetic, that stop them from being sold at full price.

Does Srixon make a 5-piece golf ball?

No Srixon does not make a 5-piece golf ball. The Z-Star XV was a 4-piece ball but was redesigned for 2023 to be just 3 layers.

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