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Golf simulators are a hot topic in the golfing world. Social media is filled with clip after clip of the ideal ‘man cave’ or home simulator setup. Historically, golf simulators were incredibly expensive and reserved for the super-rich and setting one up would see you part with tens of thousands of dollars. Top-of-the-range models will still cost this, but home setups can be achieved for as little as $1,000.

One of the main parts of any home golf simulator is the screen. While some setups don’t require a traditional screen – a TV or computer monitor will do – the more common and aspirational versions do. This article will look at different aspects surrounding golf simulators and their screens, such as the size and projector requirements.

Golf Simulator Screen Size
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How Much Space is Needed for a Golf Simulator?

The first thing you need to consider before setting up a golf simulator is space. There’s a simple equation to follow when it comes to this.

Not enough space = no golf simulator.

This is especially true when it comes to height as swinging a golf club with low a ceiling can be incredibly dangerous. The traditional minimum dimensions given to safely set up a golf simulator are 12 feet in length, 10 feet in width and 9 feet in height. Though the guideline for ‘comfortable’ dimensions suggests 18 feet in length, 15 feet in width and 10 feet in height.

Sizing up your screen

How Far Away Should a Screen Be from a Golf Simulator?

The information regarding how far away a screen should be from a golf simulator varies quite a bit. Sources online suggest anywhere from as little as 5 feet away up to 15 feet and even further depending on the situation. The optimum distance though seems to be set somewhere between 8-12 feet. This balances immersion, screen bounce back and launch monitor accuracy.

Of course, the type of technology your launch monitor uses will have a bearing on this. Using a radar-based system will almost inevitably lead to greater space requirements than if you use an optical-based system like SkyTrak. If you are strapped for space then SkyTrak may be your best golf simulator option.

What’s the Maximum Size for a Golf Simulator Screen?

If you are projecting an image onto a golf screen then naturally you will want to find the right combination of image quality, distance and size. The optimum golf simulator screen size operates at a 16:9 aspect ratio. This refers to the screen between 16 feet wide and 9 feet in height. At this size, full HD or 4K images can be displayed without distortion. Of course, this is dependent on the space available to you.

Other possible aspect ratios include 4:3, 16:10 and 1:1. Some golfers will even have a non-standard aspect ratio on account of their lack of space. The maximum recommended golf impact screen size that can be found online is 18 feet in width and 10 feet in height.

Obviously the size and quality of the picture is going to have a great effect on the sense of immersion you can achieve with your indoor golf simulator.

Golfzon Simulator Coffee
Golfzon Simulator Coffee
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How Does the Projected Image Size Affect the Size of a Golf Simulator?

While there are many technical terms to understand when it comes to golf simulators, the relationship between projected image size and the size of a golf simulator is pretty straightforward and simple to understand.

The projected image size should fit snugly into the screen. If the screen is too small, the projected image won’t fit and parts will be cut off. And if the screen is too big, there will be gaps around the projected image which is a bit of an eyesore. Thus, matching the screen size to suit the projected image size, or vice versa, is imperative to achieving a clean, classy golf simulator setup.

How Does the Projector Affect the Size of a Golf Simulator?

As stated above, the projected image affects the size of a golf simulator due to the relationship between the two. The projected image is dependent on the projector’s positioning and distance from the screen. As a result, this will also impact the overall size of the golf simulator.

Golfers who want a larger screen size will not only need a bigger screen and enclosure but also more space to put the projector. It is important to first consider the space available before positioning your projector.

A short throw projector can help if you are short on space in your simulator room. 

How Far from the Screen Will my Projector Be?

The distance of the projector from your screen will depend on the size of your screen and the type of projector you are using. Depending on your screen ratio, the distances vary. For instance, if you are using a 4:3 aspect ratio the projector could be placed anywhere between 6-14 feet away from the screen. For a 16:10 aspect ratio this would be 10-14 feet and for a 16:9 this could be anywhere from 10-19 feet. BenQ explains this further complete with dimensions.

How Does the Screen Size Compare to the Enclosure Size?

As well as having an impact screen you should also have some form of golf simulator enclosure to protect your walls from stray golf balls. 

When it comes to screen size and enclosure size, the frame around the screen should measure at least 2 inches on all sides. Additionally, another 4 inches should be allowed on the sides and on top for the safety aspect (nets, padding etc.), in totally adding up to a minimum buffer of 6 inches.

What are the Optimal Room Dimensions for a Golf Simulator?

There are two sets of dimensions commonly given for golf simulators. The first is the minimum dimensions required to set up a golf simulator safely. The second is the optimal or ‘comfortable’ dimensions.

The minimum dimensions for a simulator dictate that 12 feet in length, 10 feet in width and 9 feet in height are required while the optimal or ‘comfortable’ dimensions translate to 18 feet in length, 15 feet in width and 10 feet in height.

Golf Simulator Screen Size: Summary

In an ideal world, you just get the largest possible screen and the best quality projector for your golf simulator. Unfortunately, you might not be able to afford them or even fit such a screen and enclosure in the space that you have available. Make sure to check how big a screen you can fit if you have limited space. This will then dictate to some extent the type and position of your projector and even the type of launch monitor you use.

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