Why Do Golf Pros Hit The Ball So Far?

Have you ever watched a golf pro hit the ball and wondered how they can make it go so far? It’s almost like magic!

Well, there is actually a lot of science behind why they manage to hit the ball such incredible distances. In this article, we’ll explore the various factors that contribute to their long hitting.

From clubhead speed to spin rates and launch angles, you’ll be amazed at what goes into hitting a long drive or iron. So grab your clubs and let’s take a closer look at why golf pros hit the ball so far!

Why Do Golf Pros Hit The Ball So Far
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Why Do Golf Pros Hit The Ball So Far

High Clubhead Speed

The main reason that professional golfers generate incredible power and distance off the tee is their high clubhead speed! PGA pros have a swing speed that can range from 110-125 mph with their driver. This is much faster than most amateur golfers who typically fall in the 75-95 mph range.

This big difference in clubhead speed is the basis for how pro golfers hit the ball so much further. 

By increasing their swing speed, pro golfers are able to hit longer drives and iron shots than your average club player could ever dream of. While the games governing bodies, the USGA and R&A are trying to combat the ever-longer tee-shots on tour I’m afraid the writing is on the wall.

Raw speed though is just the first component. As John Jacobs said ‘Distance is clubhead speed correctly applied’. Being able to swing the club quickly is important but not the only reason for the massive drives and iron shots that guys on the PGA Tour pull off. 

If you want to hit the ball further then the biggest gains will be found if you swing faster.


Bryson DeChambeau is the poster child for how much distance you can gain by improving your strength and fitness. Since the 90s being physically fit has become increasingly important to becoming a top player. The overall fitness level of players is continuing to improve with every player always looking for an edge to improve their scores.

You can see the fitness level of a golf pro in how far they’re able to drive the ball. Having the right body mechanics is essential for a powerful golf swing. Fitness helps increase clubhead speed, allowing pros like Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, and Bryson DeChambeau to hit farther than their amateur counterparts.

The following are important elements of fitness that contribute to a longer drive:

  • Core Strength – A strong core helps keep your body stable during your swing, allowing you to generate more power with each shot.
  • Flexibility – Stretching can help improve your range of motion and reduce tension in your muscles, making it easier to stay in control throughout your swing.
  • Balance – Keeping good balance during your swing will ensure that you maintain consistent contact with the ball at impact, leading to straighter shots.
  • Endurance – Having good endurance will help you last through an entire round without tiring out or losing focus on the course. It also allows you to spend more time practicing.
  • Mental Toughness – Golf is as much a mental game as it is physical, so having mental toughness can give you an edge over other players who might not have developed this skill yet.

Quality of Strike

The quality of a strike is vital to achieving distance gains. Compared with the average golfer an elite golfer hits the center of the clubface more often and his misses are much closer to the sweet spot. Hitting from the correct part of the face will help you to maximize distance while hitting too high, too low, near the heel or toe will cost you as much as 10% of your carry distance for the same swing speed.

PGA Tour and other tour pros have an uncanny ability when it comes to hitting the ball far. They can get their golf club on just the right spot on the ball, giving them maximum distance and accuracy with each shot. This skill is developed through years of practice and experience, allowing them to hit shots that amateurs simply cannot reach.

Professional golfers are able to hit the ball to prodigious distances because they consistently hit the sweet spot with a lot of club speed. This translates into higher ball speeds and therefore greater distance. They try to achieve a smash factor of 1.5 or as close as possible. The smash factor is ball speed divided by club speed.

St Mellion Nicklaus Course
Photo Geoffrey Baker – St Mellion Nicklaus Course

Golf Course Condition

Golf course conditioning can significantly influence how far the ball travels, and the pros understand this well; they know that even the smallest difference in terrain can have a major impact on their shots.

The preparation of golf courses, particularly for tournament play is meticulous with modern fairways probably in as good a condition as greens from 40 years ago at some clubs.

Where your average amateur would be lucky to see 30 yards of run at some courses the condition of tournament fairways means they might get 50 yards or more. For the most part the various golf tours “follow the sun” so the players benefit from playing in dry and firm conditions for the majority of the time. Most amateurs will have to play through winter conditions where their drives just plug on the fairway! 


Knowing how to read the weather is essential for any golfer, as it can make or break a round; it’s like playing an ever-changing game of chess.

Weather conditions like wind, humidity, and temperature can significantly affect a golf shot. Taking advantage of windy days can increase hitting distances on downwind holes by adjusting your technique to ride the wind.

As I’ve already said tournaments are usually played in “summer” weather which means the ball will fly further and the players will be more limber. It’s quite rare to see tour stars wrapped up in multiple layers to fight freezing temperatures.


Now that we’ve discussed the impact of weather on why professionals hit the ball so far, let’s talk about sequencing.

Sequencing is an important factor in how far a tour player can hit the ball. PGA Tour players have mastered their swing and know exactly when to start their downswing to get maximum distance out of their shot.

Pros are able to time their swings perfectly, which allows them to hit the ball with more power and accuracy than amateurs. This timing helps them generate more clubhead speed, which translates into greater distances for each shot they take.

Having the correct kinetic chain allows them to get maximum speed where they need it.

By understanding how sequencing affects hitting the golf ball further, pros are able to make adjustments as needed and consistently hit the ball farther than amateurs.

Hitting From The Inside

Hitting from the inside is a key factor in maximizing distance for professionals, allowing them to get the most out of each swing. I suppose you might argue this is part of the quality of strike but you could still strike the ball OK with an out-to-in swing. Tour players and other pros get an incredible amount of power from their swings by hitting from the inside as it produces more solid contact with the ball and generates much better launch conditions.

Titleist Pro V1
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Titleist Pro V1


Probably the biggest single change in equipment that led to a big increase in distance was the adoption of the multi-layer urethane golf ball. Effectively the Pro V1.

This gave the best golfers in the world access to a ball that gave them the control and feel they wanted from a balata ball but still had the yardage of a two-piece distance ball. Add in the growth of massive titanium drivers and you have the perfect recipe for the best players to see increases in hitting distances through the bag.

Modern professionals have access to the latest clubs and balls plus launch monitors and video to see what combination will work best for their swing to maximize distance with their driver and give them consistency with their irons. Their clubs are fine-tuned to give the right launch conditions for the ball flight they want to achieve.

Spin Rates and Launch Angles

Gaining distance off of the tee isn’t just about having the right equipment; you also need to consider spin rate and launch angle. At a top level, these two elements are interconnected. The basic idea to increase driver distance is to have a high launch angle with low spin to give what is called the rainbow flight.

Depending on your angle of attack and club speed there will be an optimum launch angle and spin rate for maximizing your carry distance.

Release Through the Ball Not At It

Releasing through the ball, rather than at it, can make a big difference in your golf game.

The ball shouldn’t be your target! Millions of golfers get this wrong and that is one of the reasons they don’t get the sort of pro distances that they’d like.

Remember it is a golf swing not a golf hit! You should collect the ball on the club face rather than try to hit it.

They Are Relaxed, Not Tense

Getting relaxed instead of tense can make a huge difference in your golf game, allowing you to get more out of each swing without having to put in extra effort. Golf pros understand this and use it to their advantage when hitting the ball.

By staying relaxed, they’re able to generate more power and distance while also having an easier time controlling the ball’s flight. This is why the pros play so well and hit the ball so far.

Relaxing your body can help improve your game by making it easier for your arms and hands to move freely during the swing. It allows you to be better connected with the clubhead at impact, resulting in a better way to hit the ball and improved distance.

Tense muscles won’t work as well as relaxed ones. Gripping the club too tight is a sure sign you are not relaxed but look at the guys on TV. They usually seem quite relaxed when trying to make a swing.

Why Do Golf Pros Hit The Ball So Far: Conclusion

You might be wondering why professional golfers hit the ball so far. Well, it’s because of their clubhead speed, fitness, quality of strike, golf course condition, weather, equipment, spin rates, and launch angles.

Plus, they release through the ball instead of at it. All these factors combined help them get more distance out of every shot they take.

Try to strive for effortless power rather than powerless effort to see your yardage improve.

Here are some tips on how to hit the ball further with your driver.

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