What Is A Mud Ball In Golf?

Golf is a wonderful sport with a long history and along the way it has picked up lots of different phrases for new golfers to learn.

“Mud Ball” is one such term.

Simply put a mud ball is a golf ball that has some dirt still attached to its surface that will affect its flight but you are not able to remove it before hitting your shot.

What Is A Mud Ball In Golf
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When Can I Clean My Ball In Golf?

Under the standard rules of golf, you are only allowed to clean your ball at the following times:

  • Before You Tee Off – you can give your ball a clean before you start playing the hole. At many courses, you will find ball washers on the tee for this very reason.
  • On The Green – once you manage to reach the green you are allowed to mark your ball and at this point you can remove any debris.
  • When Taking A Drop – if you have to take a free or penalty drop then you are allowed to clean your golf ball.
  • When Preferred Lies Are In Operation – if the club or tournament organizers think the ground conditions are bad enough then they might bring in preferred lies. This allows you to improve your lie when on closely mown areas and you can give your ball a clean in the process.
  • Taking Relief From An Embedded Ball – if your ball is embedded in a closely mown area then you are entitled to a free drop and you can take the opportunity to clean the ball.
  • When Identifying Your Ball – if your ball picks up some mud but preferred lies aren’t in play then you can still clean your ball enough to make sure you have the correct one.

How Does Mud Affect The Flight Of A Golf Ball?

The general consensus is that mud on the side of the ball will make it fly in the opposite direction. So if you have mud on the left side the ball will tend to go to the right and vice-versa.

If mud is on the top or front of the ball then it’s likely to reduce your carry distance.

Mud on the back of the ball is going to affect the quality of strike and there is no way of guessing beforehand what might happen.

Trackman testing mudballs

Tips For Playing Mud Balls

You should probably take an extra club as you are likely to lose some distance when you have some dirt stuck to the ball.

Aim slightly left of target if the mud is on the left and vice-versa.

Do Professionals Get Preferred Lies?

Yes, depending on the course conditions professional golfers are often given the chance of improving their lie. In fact, the respective tours are often more likely to implement lift, clean and place than your local golf club.

What Is A Mud Ball In Golf: Summary

Mud balls can be very frustrating. Finding your ball covered in mud isn’t great when you’ve just hit a great drive particularly if the course doesn’t have preferred lies in place.

Want to know how to get your balls nice and clean?

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