What Is A Cadet Golf Glove?

What Is A Cadet Golf Glove

A cadet golf glove is a slightly different size in order to fit people with shorter fingers and slightly wider palms.

Cadet-size gloves are only available in men’s gloves but not every manufacturer produces them. 

Having tried an awful lot of different gloves lately for review purposes I was surprised to find there was quite a bit of variation between what are supposed to be the same size gloves from different companies.

So what is a cadet golf glove?

Regular Versus Cadet Golf Gloves

The finger length on cadet gloves will be shorter and also the width of the palm area will be a little wider.

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How Do I Know If I Need A Cadet Golf Glove?

Are your fingers shorter in relation to your hand size? If so then you may find that a cadet glove fits you better.

Proper Golf Glove Sizing

According to Footjoy, more than 50% of golfers could be wearing the wrong size glove. The majority are probably wearing a glove that is too big.

You might be wondering why it makes so much difference to have two different sorts of gloves as well as numerous sizing options.

The whole point of wearing the glove is to improve the level of grip you have on the golf club without having to squeeze the life out of it! If you use a glove that doesn’t fit you correctly then you are not going to receive the maximum benefit. Indeed you might be worse off than if you hadn’t bothered with the glove at all! 

Footjoy has a printable golf glove measuring guide.

Can Ladies Get Cadet Gloves?

No, ladies’ gloves are only available in a range of sizes there isn’t a cadet version of a ladies’ glove.

What Is A Cadet Golf Glove: Conclusion

So are you thinking a bit more about the size of glove you tend to buy? Make sure you get the right size by looking at any sizing charts the manufacturer supplies such as the one on MG Golf.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

How Do I Choose A Golf Glove?

The most important thing to get right is the fit. You must get the right size otherwise it’s probably not worth using one.

Do you prefer leather or synthetic? Personally, I always go for leather but synthetic is usually better if it’s going to rain.

Your budget. I would like to buy Titleist Players gloves but they are pretty pricey!

Which Glove Do I Need For Golf?

Golfers that wear a glove usually do so on their upper hand. For right-handers, this means their left hand and vice-versa. Unless of course if you play cack-handed.

Some players such as Aaron Rai like to wear gloves on both hands.

How Do I Know My Golf Glove Size?

Try using the sizing guides provided by the manufacturer.

Be aware that different manufacturers will probably produce slightly different sizes so you can’t assume you will always be an ML for example.

What hand should you wear a golf glove on?

Right-handed players wear a glove on their left hand and vice-versa. Some players prefer to play without a glove and a small number of players wear two gloves like Aaron Rai and Tommy Gainey.

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