What Does MC Mean In Golf?

Golf is a sport with many rules and unique phrases or abbreviations. One of the terms that golfers might encounter is “MC,” which stands for “missed cut.” By the end of this article, you should have a clear idea of what “MC” means in golf and its significance in the game.

What Does Mc Mean In Golf

What Does MC Mean In Golf?

The majority of professional and even a few amateur events will have a cut.

The cut is made to reduce the number of participants in the final round(s) of an event. In the professional game, this was usually the difference between receiving some prize money and not! These days the PGA Tour has started giving a small amount of money even to players that didn’t make the cut.

A “missed cut” (MC) means that a player has failed to finish high enough in the field and is thus out of the competition.

Typically, golf tournaments have a cut after the first two rounds of play. The exact cut score varies depending on the tournament and the number of players, but it is usually set to the top 70 players and ties. For instance, if there are 156 players in a tournament, the top 70 players will move on to the third round.

I’ve only played in one amateur event with a cut, The English Mid-Amateur Championship (Shifnal G.C.-2008). This is a 54-hole competition for players over the age of 35. The top 45 players after 36 holes make it to the final 18 with the winner collecting the Logan Trophy. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the cut!

Why Is The Cut Important In Golf?

The cut is a significant event in a golf tournament because it determines who will continue playing and who will not it will also usually determine who gets the prize money and who does not.

How Does The Missed Cut Affect A Player’s Career?

A missed cut in a golf tournament can have both short-term and long-term effects on a player’s career. In the short term, it means that the player will not have a chance to win the tournament or get a share of the prize money. It can also affect the player’s confidence and momentum, as missing a cut can be a demoralizing experience.

In the long term, missing cuts can have a more significant impact on a player’s career. It can lower the player’s world ranking and affect their ability to qualify for future tournaments. It can also affect their sponsorship deals and endorsements, as sponsors prefer players who perform well and get exposure in the media.

What Does MDF Mean?

This abbreviation stands for made cut did not finish. In certain circumstances, there might be two cuts in an event. Usually on a PGA Tour event the top 70 and those tied for 70th make the cut. However, if more than 78 players are tied after two rounds an extra cut is made after the third round to reduce the field to 70 and ties.

Justin Rose speaks on his 21 missed cuts

Who Is Famous For Missing Cuts?

Justin Rose earned the nickname “just invite” because he failed to make the cut in his first 21 events after turning pro following his performance at the 1998 Open at Royal Birkdale.

Most Cuts Made

Jay Haas has made the most cuts during his PGA Tour career an incredible 592 according to the PGA Tour media guide. Tiger Woods has the longest cuts-made streak with 142 weekends before failing at the 2005 Byron Nelson Championship.

Guan Tian Liang is the youngest player to make the cut when he played in the 2013 Masters at just 14 years, 5 months, 17 days!


In summary, MC is an abbreviation for “missed cut” in golf, which means that a player has failed to play well enough in a tournament and is thus out of the competition. Missing cuts can have short-term and long-term effects on a player’s career, affecting their confidence, momentum, world ranking, and financial incentives. 

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