What Does Good Good Mean In Golf?

What Does Good Good Mean In Golf
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Good Good?

A few years ago the term “good, good” would have meant only one thing to a golfer. With the rise of a certain YouTube channel, it now has a second meaning.

For most golfers “good, good” is golf slang used to tell your opponent in match play that you will concede their putt if they will concede yours.

In the last couple of years, it has developed a second meaning with the rise of a popular golf-related YouTube channel called Good Good.

When Do I Use The Phrase Good, Good?

If you are playing a knockout match then you might decide to say good, good to your opponent when you have both putted close to the hole. If you think their putt is a gimme and you believe your putt is a gimme then an offer of good, good when accepted will move the game along quicker by saving you both grinding over short putts. It’s really a question that is often asked by players who don’t fancy their chances of making their own putt.

How Close Do You Need To Be For Good Good
Photo Geoffrey Baker – How Close Do You Need To Be For Good Good?

If your putting isn’t so hot you might also use it when you are both outside gimme distance in an attempt to avoid having to make a missable putt and potentially lose the hole.

In a proper competitive situation rather than a friendly game I would see it as a lack of confidence in my opponent’s putting if they kept saying good, good nearly every hole.

Remember that you can only agree to concede putts on an individual hole basis. You can’t agree before the start of the round to concede all putts inside a certain length, well not if you are playing in an official competition anyway!

Of course, concessions aren’t allowed if you are playing in a stroke play tournament.

Rickie Fowler vs Good Good

What Is The Good Good YouTube Channel?

The Good Good YouTube channel might be how you first came across the term. It was started back in July of 2020 and now has 344 videos and over 1 million subscribers (April 2023). Originally the channel featured six people:

Although Horvat and Morris have now left the channel to pursue other avenues.

The videos often feature various matches sometimes against professional golfers like Rickie Fowler or Xander Schauffele.

What Does Good Good Mean In Golf: Summary

So there you have it. Originally good good meant a mutually agreed concession of putts. Now it also refers to a golf channel on YouTube.

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