Seed SD-02 Vs Seed SD-X1

If you are fed up of paying $50 for a dozen golf balls then maybe one of these models from direct-to-consumer brand Seed could be right up your alley.

We’ll compare them side by side to help you decide which one is right for you.

If you want the quick answer then the SD-X1 is going to play like the Pro V1 and the SD-X1 is more like the Pro V1x.

Seed Sd 02 Vs Seed Sd X1
Photo Geoffrey Baker

Overview Of Seed Golf Balls Range

Seed Golf Balls are like a breath of fresh air for golfers looking for high-performance gear without the high prices. With its range of tour-grade balls, Seed offers quality products that deliver great results without breaking the bank. The company was founded by Dean Klatt who had many years of experience in the golf industry.

Two of the most popular models from Seed are the SD-X1 and the SD-02 Pro Tour. The SD-X1 is designed to give you maximum distance on your drives while still providing excellent control around the greens. The SD-02 Pro Tour has been engineered to provide a superior feel and spin with each shot, making it perfect for players who demand accuracy and consistency in their game. 

Both models compare favorably against other premium golf ball brands such as Titleist Pro V1 – offering comparable levels of performance at much lower prices. So, if you’re looking for top-quality golf balls without spending too much money then Seed has got you covered!

Seed Sd X1
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Seed SD-X1

Subscription Cost And Benefits

Seed is offering a slightly different model from many of the other DTC ball brands. Instead of wanting you to buy in bulk for the best discounts they offer a subscription model. This allows you to spread the cost of your purchases out over the year. You can get Seed balls delivered monthly, bimonthly or quarterly depending on how many you think you will use!

With subscription costs starting at $29/€29/£25, you can stock up on these premium performance balls without breaking the bank.

You can of course buy the balls in bulk to get these prices with the price rising to $35/€35/£30 for a single dozen.

Is The Subscription Price Worth It?

We all want the best for our game, but are these balls worth the subscription price?

To an extent, it comes down to what you are currently paying for your golf balls. If you are shelling out $50 for a dozen Pro V1s then it would seem to me that they ate very much worth it because I don’t see a great deal of difference in terms of performance between these and the Titleist equivalents.

While an elite golfer might want to nitpick for 99% of the players out there I doubt they could tell the difference if the balls turned up with no logos in plain packaging. Most of us aren’t consistent enough for small differences in spin rates to make a meaningful difference to our scores.

If you want to use a urethane ball but tend to lose balls before taking them out of play for wear and tear then you probably need to start looking at Seed or one of the other DTC brands (Snell Golf also has some great products).

Seed Sd 02
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Seed SD-02

Construction And Performance

Both balls have urethane covers that offer low driver spin but offer plenty of control around the green with your wedges. The SD-02 offers a softer feel while the SD-X1 offers potentially more distance off the tee.

Launch AngleLow Low 
PriceStarting from $29 per dozen (for subscription or 5+ dozen)Starting from $29 per dozen (for subscription or 5+ dozen)
Comparison of Seed SD-02 and SD-X1

In terms of distance with driver and irons, I couldn’t really see a consistent difference between the balls although my clubhead speed with the driver isn’t really high enough to get the best out of these types of balls (85-90 mph). Launch monitor testing with my Flightscope Mevo didn’t show up too much of a difference between the launch numbers to be honest.

The SD-02 did feel a bit firmer when chipping and putting but to me wasn’t much different from a Pro V1x. In terms of spin again I didn’t see much difference between these two balls.

The restrictions imposed by the USGA and R&A on ball speed mean that ball manufacturers can only do so much when releasing new ball models.

Testing out Seed balls round the green

Comparison: Seed SD-02 Vs. SD-X1

If you have a higher swing speed then you probably play the Pro V1x so out of these two the best ball for you would be the Seed SD-02 the Pro Tour. With its firmer feel and 4-piece construction, it will probably suit your swing better.

If you have a more typical club golfers swing speed (90-100 mph) then you would probably play the Pro V1 and so the Seed SD-X1 the Pro X1 will be a better fit for your game.

Players should expect excellent control from 100 yards in as well as improved compression distribution for increased feel without sacrificing power or accuracy.

Where Are Seed Golf Balls Manufactured?

Seed Golf is based in Ireland at the Institute of Technology in Carlow where they perform their R&D. The balls are manufactured in Taiwan with many of the materials provided by DuPont.

Other Balls In The Seed Range

Seed offers a couple of other balls with a urethane cover. The SD-05 is a supersoft ball that aims to capture a similar market to the Titleist AVX or Callaway Chrome Soft. The SD-01 is the original Pro V1 style ball with a 3-piece construction.

They also do a 2-piece distance ball the SD-15 Country Mile. This ball is a low compression surlyn ball that would suit golfers that currently play the Srixon AD333.

Pro V1x And Seed Sd 02
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Pro V1x And Seed SD-02

Alternatives To The Seed SD-X1

There are now plenty of DTC ball manufacturers offering Pro V1-like performance for around 60% of the price. Find out more about these Pro V1 beaters here.

Seed SD-02 Vs Seed SD-X1: Conclusion

The Seed Golf ball range provides excellent quality balls for a great price. The subscription service is interesting, offering the biggest discount without having to order 5 dozen in one go.

But which ball should you choose? Both the SD-02 and SD-X1 have their own unique features that can take your game to the next level.

Overall, the decision comes down to personal preference. If you prefer a slightly softer ball then the SD-X1 is the one to go for. If maximum distance is what you’re after then go with the SD-02.

Whichever way you decide to go, both of these Seed golf balls will help improve your game in ways you wouldn’t expect!

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