Most Expensive Golf Ball

You probably think that Titleist Pro V1’s for around $50 per dozen are expensive. Compared with some of the balls I’ve managed to find for sale they are actually pretty cheap! Some of the following balls aren’t necessarily ones you would choose to play with. I know I wouldn’t as I’d be too worried about losing them!

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most expensive golf ball

Retail Golf Balls

Ferrari Logo Golf Balls – $267.93 per dozen (£50 per sleeve of 3)

Easily the most expensive ‘ordinary’ balls that I could find coming in at almost $22.28 for each and every ball. In fact, this was the cheapest I could find them with a number of sellers asking significantly more!

For the money, you would hope to be getting a top-quality golf ball but according to the details from another seller, it looks like these particular balls are surlyn covered. So in reality a $20-$30 per dozen golfball is being marked up by a factor of 10 due to the Ferrari logo!

Although I suppose if you’re rich enough to afford a Ferrari you could probably splash out on a sleeve of three!

XXIO Premium – $134 per dozen (£100)

Not that easy to find although considering they cost more than twice what it would cost to buy Pro V1’s I guess the market for them is fairly small. They make some interesting claims on the box including excellent durability which is completely blown out the water in this video by Rick Shiels

Rick Shiels reviews the XXIO premium ball

At that price, they really would have to be stupendously good in every category when compared with the likes of the TaylorMade TP5 or the Titleist Pro V1 and it is quite plain that they just aren’t.

Bentley – $90 per dozen (£50 for 9)

Another car manufacturer tries to cash in on their brand name to make some money with golf-related accessories including golf balls. At least they sound like a reasonable product given that they are urethane-covered. They are also meant to be lower compression however so may not suit those of you with faster swings who happened to be driving a Bentley Continental GT and wants a matching golf ball! It’s also odd why they’ve decided to opt for selling them in boxes of nine!

Vice Pro Plus Golf Limited Edition – $87.33 per dozen (£65.20)

The first ball in this list where the performance almost lives up to the price. This is Vice’s premium offering. A four-piece urethane-covered ball designed for low driver spin and extra carry. The outstanding feature of the limited edition version is the gold color. I could almost be tempted to get some of these balls if I was playing somewhere really really special such as Augusta National. Although I’d still swap it out for a less expensive ball round amen corner!

Dixon Fire – $75 per dozen

The most expensive ball in their range, it is designed for players with swings and access of a hundred mph and those looking for a high spinning firmer golf ball. The main selling point of the balls and one of the reasons they are so expensive is their eco-friendly credentials. However, a number of reviews I’ve seen would suggest they’re not particularly good.

Volvik Marvel Gift Set – $75 per dozen ($25 for 4)

Not a ball that many people would attempt to put in play, to be honest, but the addition of your favorite superhero to the packaging and design of the ball makes for a hefty price tag of more than six dollars per ball. Definitely one for Marvel cinematic universe aficionados.

Titleist Pro V1 – $50 – $54 per dozen

The number one ball in golf or so the company tagline goes. The ball that kicked off the transition from wound balata to urethane covered solid core construction golf balls at the start of the millennium. Played by professionals and elite amateurs in their droves. I don’t think anybody ever turns their nose up at a Titleist Pro V1 if they come across one while searching for their own ball!

Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track – $50 – $53 per dozen

Callaway’s Pro V1 equivalent and a very solid offering that also features their triple track alignment technology to give you an edge on the greens.

TaylorMade TP5 Collegiate edition $52 per dozen

TaylorMade’s premium ball with the addition of collegiate logos For those looking to show their allegiance to their alma mater.

For those prices, you might wonder whether expensive golf balls are worth the money.

Golf Ball Memorabilia

Despite some eye-watering prices, these retail balls seem cheap when compared with golf balls used by famous players or antique balls from the 19th or early 20th century.

Ben Hogan Autographed Ball $1,333 (2021)

Sold by golden age golf auctions in the summer of 2021 this ball featuring an authenticated signature by the Hawk managed to achieve a four-figure valuation.

Tiger Woods Autographed Nike $9,533 (2021)

At the same auction, a Nike ball autographed by Tiger managed to reach almost $10,000 which shows the level of interest in Mr. Woods.

Tiger Woods Nike 2005 Masters – $30,326 (2018)

Taking it up a notch is the Nike ball used by Tiger whilst winning the 2005 Masters which went for a little over $30,000 at auction in 2018.

Rory McIlroy 2014 Open Championship – $52,038 (2014)

Surprisingly the young Irishman manages to outdo his hero with a price of $52,000 for a ball he used on the final day Of the 2014 open championship.

Bobby Jones Autographed Ball – $55,865 

Rory fell slightly short of the $55,000 sale price achieved for a ball autographed by the man who won the Impregnable Quadrilateral.

Vintage Golf Balls Sold At Auction

If you are looking for a special gift for the golfer in your life and you don’t mind going large then you could take a look at The Golf Auction. They have loads of golfing memorabilia including many golf balls signed by top players in the game. You could easily spend several hundred to several thousand dollars here!

Back in 2012, some divers went on a hunt for some balls in a lake. Not that unusual given the market for lake balls but these weren’t just some old Pinnacles or TopFiltes. These were gutta percha balls that Old Tom Morris hit into Lough Salt in County Donegal while designing Rosapenna Links. If they had managed to find them they would have been worth quite a lot!

For some years the most expensive ball sold at auction was an Allan Robertson featherie that sold for $11,500 in 1989. This was later bested by a Victorian featherie purchased by the owner of Valderrama G.C., Jaime Ortiz Patino for $31,842 in 1995 and is the most expensive ball according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Most Expensive Golf Ball: Conclusion

If you want to become a serious golf ball collector then clearly you need some seriously deep pockets!

Remember the next time you fire your Pro V1 out of bounds just be thankful you weren’t using a really expensive ball!

What’s your limit for a dozen balls?

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