How To Find Golf Partners To Play With

On the one hand, golf is great because you don’t necessarily need other people to play or practice with. However, golfing solo can become a bit boring after a while particularly if you’re a single in amongst two balls, three balls and foursomes.

Finding a regular group to play with or even just one other person can make the game much more enjoyable for many reasons.

Here are some of the ways I would recommend to help you find people to play with.

How To Find Golf Partners To Play With

Join a Golf Club 

Depending on the size of the club you would be looking at hundreds or possibly even thousands of potential playing partners. In such a target-rich environment it should be possible to find someone who wants to have a game with you!

Some clubs can be more welcoming than others to new members though, usually dependent upon how long a waiting list they have!

Many clubs will have one or two social events a year specifically for new members who can get a chance to meet up with other fellow newcomers and hopefully strike up a friendship or two.

Most clubs will also organize weekly competitions which will give you the chance to put your name down with different groups of people every week.

Team matches are also an excellent opportunity for you to develop some golfing relationships by making yourself available to represent your new club.

There will usually be a roll-up of some kind on the weekend where you can just turn up and groups will be drawn at random.

As a new member, it’s also advisable to use the bar and restaurant or practice facilities and in this way, you can also introduce yourself to other members who may invite you to join them on the course.

There are so many benefits to being a member of a golf club.

Ask The Pro

Whether you’re a member at the club or not, if you mention to the staff in the pro shop that you’re a single looking for a game they will almost always be able to fix you up. If you are on your best behavior that may lead to an invite for future games!

Ask Other Players

Hang around the 1st tee or practice green and ask people whether they have room for an extra player. Most people are pretty amenable unless they’re playing a match or are beginners themselves and a little worried about playing with people they don’t know.

Take Group Lessons

If you’re new to golf or you need your technique improving then why not take some group lessons? You may find other people in the group in a similar position to you who are looking for potential playing partners as well.

Enter Open Competitions

Many clubs have competitions open to anyone with a handicap so just check out your local clubs and get your name down. In addition to meeting new people, you also get the chance to play some different courses.

At some clubs, you may even find more casual weekday events for golfers looking for a quick nine after work.

Social Media and Online Forums

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter might all be potential avenues for finding some new golf friends.

Some of the big online golf forums even have sections where you can post that you are looking for a game.

In the UK for example you can post on the Golf Monthly forum in their arrange a game section. Members of the forum have been organizing meetups since 2009.

Over in the States, you can try or TheHackersparadise. You could also give ReadyToPlayGolf a try either on their website or app.

If you are in the UK then you could sign up for the golfer’s friend. You can search by region, age group, handicap and availability.

Best App To Find Golf Partners

The Grint app also has the option to post “vacancies” in your group to fellow Grint users. You could try some of the specific apps for “golf partners” but looking at the number of downloads in the google play store I don’t think your chances of finding a playing partner will be high as most only have a few thousand downloads at best.

Friends/Relatives/Work Colleagues

See if any of your friends/relatives/colleagues want to try out the driving range or better yet if you have a TopGolf or quality indoor simulator nearby they might like to try it. You never know, you may get them hooked on golf and hey presto you have a new golfing partner.

How To Find Golf Partners To Play With: Conclusion

Having no one to play golf with can suck at times but don’t let that stop you from playing golf. Even if the tips above don’t work every time you should still get out on the course and get working on your game. It’s great for your mental and physical health (assuming you aren’t using a ride-on cart!). You may often end up joining up with people during your round which can lead to new golfing friendships.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What’s the best way to find people to play golf with?

If you don’t have any regular playing partners then probably the best thing to do is join a club. Make use of the clubhouse and attend social events. These are both great ways to meet potential golfing partners.

You could also sign up for some competitions or team matches.

Failing that turn up at a busy time and see if the pro can fix you up with a game.

Can you meet people playing golf?

If you turn up at a golf club on your own you will often be paired up with other golfers if it’s busy. Even during quiet periods, you might want to see if there are any other singles going out as it can be a more enjoyable game as a two-ball.

Is there a Tinder for Golf Partners?

If you are looking to find romance on the links then in the UK you could try EliteGolfDating or Sportpartner (this is also just for arranging games).

It seems that many golf dating sites have been set up over the years only to fail. One of the few that seems to be still going in the US is MeetLocalGolfers.

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