Golf Gloves – How Many Should You Wear?


Golf gloves are a relatively recent addition to the golf bag. They didn’t become popular until the 1950s but these days an overwhelming majority of tour players wear one but only on their non-dominant hand.

Let’s look at the reasons why and whether you might be better off using two gloves or maybe not wearing one at all!

golf gloves - how many should you wear

Why Wear A Glove?

The main reason why a golfer would wear a glove is to get a better grip on the club. The added traction compared with your bare hand helps you maintain control of the club without having to grip the club too tightly.

Maintaining a lighter grip pressure is important. If you feel like needing to strangle the club then this will undoubtedly add tension in your wrists and forearms which will reduce the fluidity of your motion and lead to lower clubhead speed and probably also directional inconsistency.

It will also reduce or prevent the formation of calluses or blisters.

If you suffer from especially sweaty hands or if you are playing in hot or humid conditions then a glove should help, particularly if you take several and rotate them so you are using a “dry” glove. In fact, there is a case to be made for two gloves in these situations.

You might need to consider giving your gloves a wash if they get too soiled.

cabretta leather golf glove reviews
Photo Geoffrey Baker – selection of gloves

Should I Wear Two Gloves?

If one glove provides extra grip then shouldn’t I wear one on both hands? 

Most amateurs don’t wear two gloves but to be honest I think that is as much to do with copying what professionals do and also not wanting to look “different”. 

If you turn up wearing two gloves you may get a few second glances or even a few comments from your playing partners.

How many professionals have you seen wearing two gloves? Only a handful! Sorry, excuse the pun!

In the recent past Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey was the most successful player on the PGA Tour that played with gloves on both hands. Aaron Rai is another of the two glove brigade that has been making a name for himself on the DP World Tour (European Tour). More recently he has been appearing on leaderboards on the PGA Tour too. These are the exception though.

Professionals don’t consider the added grip on the lower hand worthwhile. That is probably because the lower hand grips mainly in the fingers and unless they use the baseball grip one of those isn’t actually on the club!

It is also down to the fact that it is what they are used to. When you start playing golf almost everyone wears only one glove so you do the same. After playing for a while it would feel quite strange to change and start using a glove on your dominant hand.

You may find that wearing a second glove affects your “feel” but that is such a subjective thing that you would need to try for yourself to see how it affects you.

Another reason why people tend to stick with just one glove is that many players remove their glove when chipping and putting so they don’t want to mess about doing that for two gloves which they will then have to replace on the next tee.

Worn Puma glove
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Worn Puma glove

When Should I Consider Two Gloves?

In cold weather, two gloves can be really useful in keeping your hands warm enough to play good golf. There is nothing worse than losing feeling in your hands due to cold weather. 

Golfing in heavy rain is also likely to be improved with two gloves, especially if they are ones designed specifically for wet weather. Indeed some rain gloves work best when your grips are thoroughly soaked!

Should I Bother With A Golf Glove?

It’s down to personal preference. There is nothing in the rules of golf that states you must wear a glove. If you feel you have sufficient control of the golf club without wearing a glove then what’s to stop you?

Fred Couples is arguably the most famous example of a player who didn’t wear a glove. He recently explained that as a junior he couldn’t afford to keep replacing them so he just got used to playing without one.

Leather or Artificial Glove?

It really depends on how important you think feel is to the game of golf. A well fitting leather glove just feels so much better than one made from man-made fibers. Keeping a grip on the club during your golf swing is a lot easier with a well-fitting Cabretta leather glove than without one.

Golf Gloves – How Many Should You Wear: Conclusion

So, do you want to be different, or fall in line with the herd? It’s probably worth trying a few rounds without a glove, with one or two gloves to see which you prefer. Most importantly what gives you the best results? At the end of the day what works for the pros may not necessarily be best for you! 

If you want to see some reviews of the best golf gloves then check out my long-term glove test.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What Are Winter Gloves?

Winter gloves are designed to be used during colder weather. They generally are sold in pairs as you will want to keep both hands warm. It is one of the rare occasions when I will wear two golf gloves. The other one is during heavy rain.

Which hand should you wear a golf glove on?

If you are a right-handed golfer then you wear your glove on your left hand and vice-versa.

How many gloves do professional golfers use?

Professional golfers have been known to get through 18 gloves in a round! This is unusual though. Usually, they will have a few in the bag in case it rains or if its humid.

Did golfers always wear gloves?

No golfers have not always worn gloves. Even as recently as the 1950s players like Ben Hogan didn’t wear a glove.

Why does my glove wear out on the palm?

Your glove is likely to wear out on the palm because of your golf grip. If you grip too far up the grip then it will begin to rub a hole in the palm of the glove. Try moving your hands slightly down the grip so you have a little bit of the grip protruding.

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