Get Cash For Your Golf Clubs

Do you tend to be a bit of a hoarder? Is your garage looking more like a pro shop?

Maybe it’s time to trim down your golf club inventory a bit! Do you really need that set of MacGregor blades that you last used 15 years ago?

The market for used golf clubs is huge!

Here are some ways that you can get cash for your golf clubs (or credit).

Get Cash For Your Golf Clubs

Where Can You Sell Your Clubs?

Physical Locations

The advantage of using a local physical store is that you should get your money or credit immediately. The disadvantage is a reduced price because there aren’t multiple potential bidders on your clubs.

Local Professional

If you are thinking of upgrading your clubs rather than outright selling then your local PGA professional is likely to cut you a deal.

However, just like trading in a used car, you may find it better to sell your club separately rather than trade them in for a newer model.

The best thing to do is have a chat with the pro to see if they do trade-ins and if so then what would your clubs be worth against the model you are thinking of buying.

Some pros are able to offer good deals because they get preferential terms from the manufacturer now and again. They will probably refer to golfbidder to give you an idea of how much you might receive.

Some pros might be prepared to sell your club for a cut of the sale even if you aren’t intending to purchase anything although likely they would only offer this service to members if at all.

Your Local Golf Store

Just like with a PGA pro you are more likely to be able to trade in rather than outright sell to a golf shop however it’s definitely an option worth exploring.

They will likely have a bigger range of products than your local pro shop so the clubs you want are more likely to be available there.

You might be surprised at the deal you are offered and you don’t know unless you ask.


The main advantage of selling online is the fact you will get many more potential customers viewing your clubs. This should lead to a higher selling price compared with taking your local golf shop. That has to be balanced however against the additional costs that you might incur when using an online system.


The most obvious place for most people to sell their old golf clubs. When I’ve been looking on the site lately to pick up one or two items I’m always a bit surprised at just how much they seem to fetch.

The sheer volume of people using the site means that pretty much every club you might want is going to be available on there at some point.

Given the cost of golf clubs it’s no surprise that some unscrupulous people try to sell fake clubs so if you are checking out any second-hand clubs (no matter where) then always be a bit careful.

If you don’t already have an eBay account it is really simple to set one up. Once you have done that you can start listing your clubs for sale.

No matter what you’re selling on eBay it’s best to make sure you get the right category so you get the most eyes on your item. You should also add plenty of images and details of any issues with your clubs.

I tend to prefer the auction format but I always set a reserve. You can if you wish, go for the “buy it now” option which lets you set a specific price to let your item go.

There’s also a feature that lets potential purchasers make an offer. It really depends on how good an item you’re selling and how likely multiple people will be interested.

The simplest way of receiving money when selling clubs on eBay is to use your PayPal account. Although this you will incur some transaction fees.

Depending on how much your items sell for you may find that the PayPal fees and eBay fees add up to quite a chunk of the money you were going to receive.

You also have the hassle of shipping your clubs out if the buyer doesn’t live close enough to pick them up.


A well-known company that has been trading for 15 years and now includes a number of physical locations across the United States.

The Golf Club

Based in Austin, Texas, The Golf Club has a showroom that you can visit if you are in the area. In order to sell or trade-in your clubs, you first need to get an estimate of their value by visiting the value guide at

Request a shipping label and send your clubs in. Your club will be appraised and you’ll get your cash or credit (10% more).

Golf Club Brokers

Originally they started trading on eBay thousand six and now have their own dedicated website. They have a retail store in Marble Hill, Georgia and have managed 34,000 transactions through eBay down the years with almost 100% positive feedback.


If you are based in the UK then one of the most well-known sites for selling or trading your clubs is Golfbidder.

Just create an account so you can get a quote for the clubs you’d like to sell or part exchange.

In addition to trading in clubs, they also sell a range of golf clothing and golf balls.


The online presence of the long-running UK monthly golf magazine has a for sale/wanted section where you can post Private classified ads for golf equipment that you no longer need.


If you’re over in Australia you might want to try this site which will let you sell or part-exchange your equipment. You can visit their retail store.


A popular golf forum with a classified section although it looks like this might cost you $5 If you aren’t an active member of the forum.


A pretty basic site, let’s be honest. It does have a for-sale section though so you can list your clubs. As it works on a geographical basis you’ll be limiting yourself to just your local area though so that’s going to reduce the number of potential buyers and therefore the final selling price for your items.

Personally, I’d rather post things than have visitors to my house but you have to choose the best way for you.

Facebook Marketplace

If you tend to use Facebook a lot then you might want to consider selling the clubs on the marketplace. However, you might be limiting yourself somewhat as it tends to restrict listings geographically a bit like Craigslist.

Get Cash For Your Golf Clubs: Conclusion

Golf is a pretty expensive game these days so don’t leave loads of money gathering dust in your garage. Just be honest with your descriptions and everybody will be happy.

There are so many ways you can get cash for your golf clubs.

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