Do Driving Ranges Close In The Rain?

Rainy days can put a damper on fun activities, like going to the driving range. But do these places actually close when it rains? It’s an important question for golfers eager to get out and practice their swing. This article will answer that question – do driving ranges close in the rain?

We’ll also consider how you can still work on your game even if the weather turns sour. So grab your umbrella and read on!

Do Driving Ranges Close In The Rain

Are Driving Ranges Open In The Rain?

Are driving ranges open in inclement weather? It’s a question that many golfers ponder on days when the rain starts to fall. The answer is, it depends. Some driving ranges have covered areas or offer access to indoor facilities and are therefore able to remain open in the rain. Outdoor driving ranges, however, may close more because nobody wants to practice in a pour-down.

If you’re planning an outdoor practice session at a range with no protective covering, make sure you bring along some rain gear just in case. This will ensure your comfort while playing. Adequate clothing can also go a long way toward helping you stay warm if temperatures drop due to the sudden change in weather conditions. In either situation, it pays to be prepared for anything Mother Nature throws your way!

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Depending on the drainage some ranges may need to close because it might become impossible to collect the golf ball’s that have been hit.

Is It Safe To Play Golf In The Rain?

To be honest I was never much of a fan of playing golf in the rain and the older I get the less of a fan I become. Going to an uncovered driving range in bad weather is a total no-no for me although I have occasionally used a covered range in order to beat the weather.

Trying to hit a golf ball in the rain can be a tricky endeavor. Fortunately, a covered range should make it possible to play in even the wettest conditions unless the wind is blowing the rain straight at you! If you were setting out on the course you would need rain pants, rain jacket, a golf umbrella, waterproof shoes and gloves, as well as a protective cover for your bag. Covering up with proper waterproof attire will help keep you dry and comfortable during your round but at the range, you can dispense with all those and concentrate on hitting shots in relative comfort! You might need a towel though to dry your clubheads!

You may find the range mat is a bit slippery though as some water will inevitably work its way inside.

In some parts of the world lightning regularly accompanies rain and in those circumstances, it’s best to head for the clubhouse or home! The last thing you want to do is be holding a metal stick in the air during a thunderstorm.

Are There Any Advantages To Using A Driving Range When It Rains?

Obviously, the driving range is a much more inviting place to be if your other choice is getting soaked on the course but are there any other advantages to using the range when it’s raining?

The big advantage is you can avoid getting your gear soaking wet while still working on your swing. Any decent golfer knows it’s more difficult to hold a club once the grip is wet. You also won’t have to spend time drying everything like you would after a round in the wet.

If you only have limited opportunities to play then even wet weather won’t put too much of a dampener on your practice session if you have access to a covered hitting area.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Using A Driving Range When It Rains?

The biggest one is that the range is likely to be very busy. If the weather is bad many golfers will look to work on their game on the range instead. This means you can probably forget a quiet session. You might even have to queue to get a bay!

Time For A Quick Bucket
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Time For A Quick Bucket?

The Right Attire For Playing In The Rain

Rain can put a damper on any golf outing although driving ranges usually stay open in the rain. It’s important to dress appropriately if you’re planning to practice despite the rain:

  • Clothing:
  • Wear clothing that will keep you dry and comfortable while playing; lightweight layers are ideal for this purpose.
  • Waterproof or water-resistant shoes are also essential when playing in the rain because wet feet can be very uncomfortable.
  • Don’t forget an umbrella—it’ll provide some extra protection from the elements! You have to get to from your car after all!
  • Accessories:
  • A waterproof bag is key if you want to keep your clubs dry.
  • Rain gloves will help you keep a grip on your club and give you better control over shots.
  • Other Considerations:
  • Be sure to bring plenty of towels so that you can keep your hands and clubs dry after each shot.
  • If it’s too cold outside, try wearing multiple layers as well as warm socks and gloves that won’t interfere with your swing.

No matter what type of weather conditions you find yourself facing on the driving range, being prepared with the right attire is key to staying safe, comfortable, and enjoying your round of golf in spite of the rain.

Even if you’re undercover at your local driving range you still need to think about the weather. Having the right clothing and golf shoes can make even the rainiest day better.

Why Do Driving Ranges Stay Open When It Rains?

Now that you know what to wear when playing in the rain, it’s important to understand why driving ranges will stay open even in heavy rain. Many golfers will still head out for a range session due to their desire to play better golf and improve their swing regardless of the weather.

Public access driving ranges are there to make money for the owner so they won’t want to close unless there is a very good reason. Certainly, some light rain isn’t going to cause a closure of the facility even if it is uncovered. If the turf gets too waterlogged for the driving range picker to collect golf balls then unfortunately the range will eventually have to close as they will run out of them.

Does The Season Affect Whether A Driving Range Is Open?

The weather conditions can affect whether a driving range is open or not, particularly when it comes to turf driving ranges. While some golf courses offer all-weather ranges that are operational rain or shine, many of the more traditional grass driving ranges might close in wet and windy weather. This means that during certain times of year, players may have fewer opportunities to practice their swing on a driving range before playing competitively. Although it’s fair to say that if the driving range is closed it’s unlikely that a nearby course is open.

Grass Driving Range
Grass Driving Range

Is Topgolf Open In The Rain?

Generally speaking, TopGolf remains open during rainy days but they may shorten their hours depending on the location. When you go to TopGolf, be sure to check if your local facility has adjusted its opening hours before visiting! 

Covered Vs Uncovered Driving Range Considerations

Like a lighthouse in the sea of rain, covered driving ranges stay open to golfers who don’t want their game to be foiled by wet weather. With roofed hitting bays and even heated areas, these facilities are havens for golfers when the heavens open up. On the other hand, uncovered driving ranges will close with even the slightest sprinkles, leaving you out in the cold with nowhere to work on your golf game.

When determining which type of range is right for you, consider what conditions are most important for your ideal practice session. If keeping you dry is paramount, then search for a covered facility that offers protection from rain or snow. Some may also have indoor simulators where players can hit range balls into monitors and get instant feedback on accuracy and distance. For those seeking outdoor practice sessions no matter what mother nature throws at them, an uncovered range might be best suited. Here players can benefit from natural elements such as wind direction and air temperature while honing their skills without getting soaked.

How Can I Practice If The Range Is Closed?

If the weather is so bad that both the golf course and range are closed then you will need to find a golf simulator if you want to work on your full swing. There are a few of these springing up here and there if you live in a big city.

Yardage Markers At Driving Range
Photo Geoffrey Baker – Yardage Markers At Driving Range

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Is There A Limit To How Many People Can Play At A Driving Range In The Rain?

Covered ranges have hitting bays so by definition there’s a limit on the number of golfers that can tee off at any one time. An uncovered practice area might not have any marked-out bays but there’s still a limit to how many people can fit since you wouldn’t want to be worrying about hitting people next to you!

Do Driving Ranges Close In The Rain: Summary

In all my years playing golf I’ve never come across a driving range that closed due to rain, snow yes but not rain. However, that might be because in the UK at least the vast majority of ranges are covered. Uncovered ranges probably still don’t close but very few people would want to use them in bad weather.

Using the driving range when it’s raining might be more difficult as everyone else will probably have the same idea.

All in all, there are ways to make golfing in the rain more enjoyable – but ultimately it’s up to each individual golfer. Whether it’s raining cats and dogs outside or just drizzling lightly – use common sense and stay safe!

Do golf courses close when it’s raining?

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