What Are The Differences Between Men’s And Women’s Golf Balls?

Golf balls marketed to women mostly tend to differ from golf balls marketed to men in their compression rate.

In general, women have slower swings than men. Golf ball manufacturers have tended to target slower-swinging players with lower compression balls because, in theory, they should be a better fit for them. 

In reality, a golf ball has no clue about the gender of the golfer. The golf ball only reacts to the impact conditions you create. You should pick a ball based on your swing rather than gender.

Male vs Female golf balls

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This is really a measure of how much force is required to deform the ball. The higher the compression rating the more force (swing speed) will be required to get the best from the ball.

Most of the balls played on the PGA Tour and DP World Tour are likely to be quite high-compression models given that the players are all swinging the club at pretty high-speed.

Even on the LPGA Tour, many players use high-compression balls like the Titleist Pro V1x because their swings are fast enough to make the most of the ball.

Slower swinging amateurs might find they prefer the feel of a lower compression ball. However, testing by mygolfspy suggests even players with slow swing speeds will be losing out on some distance if they switch to a low-compression golf ball. Although at slower swing speeds the differences might be small enough for them to be not too important.

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Given that female golfers tend to have slower swings compared with their male counterparts means they will find it more difficult to launch the ball and keep it airborne. In order to help, manufacturers may change the aerodynamic properties of the ball by altering the number of dimples and also their size and shape to improve the amount of lift that the ball will generate.

This enhanced lift should help slower swingers keep the ball in the air for longer whether they are men, women, seniors or juniors.


The most obvious difference between golf balls targeted at men or women is the cosmetics and packaging. Products targeting lady golfers tend to use more “feminine” color schemes and possibly different names. The packaging might also put some men off.

Taylormade Kalea
Photo Geoffrey Baker – TaylorMade Kalea

Can Women Play With Men’s Golf Balls?

Of course, it comes down to a combination of swing speed, spin and feel. A player needs to play a ball that they are comfortable with and that performs how they want it to in different parts of the game.

Do they like the feel when putting and chipping? Do they get sufficient spin on their irons? Are they happy with their driving distance?

Can Men Play With Women’s Golf Balls?

Yes, men can use women’s golf balls. It comes down to whether the performance characteristics of the ball suit the player. Not everyone wants to play a tour ball or can afford to. A ladies’ ball might be right for your game. You need to try it to find out.

How Do I Choose A Golf Ball?

The best advice is usually to start on the green and work up to your long game. Try different types of balls when putting and chipping and make a short list of ones that you like.

Try using these balls with your irons to see which gives the best tradeoff of distance and stopping power. Then take the leaders out and see which performs the best from the tee in terms of distance and dispersion.

Once you find a ball you like then stick to that ball going forward.

If you are a beginner then you might want to favor cheaper golf balls as you probably tend to lose a few and golf balls can be quite expensive.

What Are The Best Golf Balls For Women?

The best golf balls for women really depend on the swing of the woman in question. A lady with a reasonable swing speed of say 85+ mph with her driver could probably play most of the urethane models on the market quite happily although she may prefer the feel of one of the softer balls like the Callaway Chrome Soft.

It really comes down to the launch conditions she is able to generate. If she is struggling to generate spin then a urethane ball is probably a good bet while a player that generates too much spin might consider something that doesn’t spin as much – maybe something like the Chrome Soft X LS even though that will probably feel like a firmer ball.

Just because a ball is marketed at women doesn’t mean it is going to be the best option for every female golfer.

What Are The Differences Between Men’s And Women’s Golf Balls: Conclusion

The reality is that a golf ball targeting female golfers would work equally well for any player with a slower swing. Obviously, some men might be put off by the packaging or color scheme used on the ball but that should not come into it when the performance of the ball might be superior to the “men’s” ball that they currently use.

Now, can men use women’s clubs and vice-versa?

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What are the best ladies’ golf balls?

Taylormade Kalea Golf Ball

If you are looking for a ball specifically aimed at ladies then the Callaway Reva or TaylorMade Kalea are good choices as is the Srixon Soft Feel Lady. However, you should select a ball based on your impact conditions not on the marketing. A golf ball has no idea of the gender of the player only how the club came into contact with it.

What is the difference between men’s and women’s golf clubs?

Generally speaking, ladies’ clubs will have shorter, lighter more flexible shafts with thinner grips. The lofts may be slightly increased compared to clubs for men to help get the ball into the air with slower swing speeds.

Do women’s golf balls go further?

Since most golf balls marketed to women are low compression they will most likely not go further as low compression balls tend not to travel as far as higher compression balls. The difference is more pronounced at higher swing speeds.

Are ladies’ golf balls different to men’s?

Aside from color schemes and marketing techniques, the balls aimed at women are not so different from most other low-compression golf balls. They might have a dimple pattern to try to achieve a higher trajectory but then so do many other balls on the market aimed at players who lack clubhead speed.

Best golf balls for beginner ladies?

Beginners tend to lose lots of balls and don’t usually strike the ball well all that often so a relatively cheap 2-piece ball will probably be the best option. The Srixon Soft Feel Lady is a good option for those starting out. As their game improves they can look to move to a better-quality ball like the Pro V1.

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