Best Putters Under $100


New putters from Scotty Cameron, Ping, TayorMade, Odyssey and Bettinardi often cost many hundreds of dollars. I thought I would take a look at some options for people with a more modest budget.

For those of you that like a champagne lifestyle on beer money I’m also going to have a look at some used premium putters that won’t break the bank!

Like most things in life, however, you usually get what you pay for.

A blade putter
Scotty Cameron Futura X12 – definitely not a sub $100 putter

Things to Consider

Before buying a putter you might want to take a look at my putter buying guide.

If you don’t have the time to read the whole article I’ll cover the main points here.

There are two main styles of putter, blade or mallet.

A blade putter has a smaller, narrower head which may or may not feature some form of perimeter weighting.

A mallet putter will have a much larger head. Its main selling point will be higher levels of forgiveness due to the way that the weight is distributed. Mallet putters generally come with much fancier sightlines to help you line up your putts.

Beginners may find the added forgiveness of a mallet putter particularly useful. In addition, they may prefer the sight of a larger clubhead behind the ball.

Purists would tend toward using a blade putter.

The majority of putters these days come with some form of an insert in the face. These really took off in the mid-90s. The main selling point of face inserts is that they are made from soft materials and therefore offer better feedback to the player. This is especially true if you use a hard, distance-type ball.

One area most people don’t consider is the length of the putter. This can have a great impact on your results with the club. Ideally, you want to get fitted to find the ideal length and lie.

The final criterion when buying any golf club is going to be the cost. Golf club costs have, in my opinion, increased way above the rate of inflation over the last 30 years. Putters are one of the worst offenders.

Where to Buy?

In terms of price, you are generally going to find that online stores have the lowest prices. With golf clubs however, it is usually best to try them out beforehand so you will need to visit a golf or sporting goods shop.

If you decide on a particular putter you can always ask the store if they will price match if it is available cheaper online. Many retail stores will now try to price match whenever possible.

The other advantage of visiting the store is that they might have special deals on discontinued models. If you have your heart set on an Odyssey or TaylorMade putter then there is a good chance of you finding them at a deep discount once they are discontinued. This tends to happen less often with Scotty Cameron and Ping in my experience.

New Putters

Mallet Putters

Wilson putters

Wilson Bean Infinite Putter

One of a range of putters from Wilson with classic understated looks. Simple sightlines, oversized grip and a double-milled face.
Available in 34 or 35-inch shaft lengths.

For a range of putters in the sub- $100 category, I think it would be difficult to look much beyond these Wilson Infinite putters.

If you’re new to golf and looking for your first putter or are in the market for a change then I think you will be hard-pressed to find better value for money.

Cleveland Huntington Beach #6

Part of a range of classic putter designs which come in at just under $100.

Features a precision-milled face for a softer feel and an oversized Winn ProX grip. Not in the least flashy but should get the job done as well as putters that are three or four times as expensive.

“Putting is like wisdom – partly a natural gift and partly the accumulation of experience.”

Arnold Palmer

Ray Cook Silver Ray SR400

Ray Cook started making putters in the early 60s and some of his early customers even included the likes of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. The company was acquired by Rock Bottom Golf in 2011.

The SR 400 is a relatively uncomplicated design by modern standards. Somewhat similar to the old Odyssey Sabretooth design in fact.

You should be able to pick this putter up for around $50 or less. That’s the price of a putter cover for some of the more expensive models!

It’s available in two lengths in a 34-inch or 35-inch and has a mid-size paddle grip.

Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500

If you like the idea of the TaylorMade spider putter but not the price then this could be the one for you.

Undoubtedly ‘inspired’ By the TaylorMade spider this could be yours for less than a used original.

Also available in 34 or 35-inch lengths with a mid-sized paddle grip.

Not surprisingly at this price point, there have been a number of reviews mentioning how easily the finish on the Ray Cook putters chips. I have owned both the original spider and still own a ghost spider. Even the top manufacturer’s products will lose some of their luster over a number of rounds. You need to bear in mind the price point of the putter you are buying and therefore the likely quality of the materials that have been employed.

Indeed top manufacturers’ putters can degrade fairly quickly. I owned a Ping Doc putter some years ago. Unfortunately, I had to get rid of it as the coating didn’t react well with some chemicals used on the course causing the head to have unsightly pitting.

Tour Edge HP Series

The HP series features several different mallet-shaped putters. They are available in lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches.

They all feature a jumbo Tour Edge putter grip. The series 10 model is another that has clearly been ‘influenced’ by the TaylorMade spider.

The face insert features micro-grooves to reduce skidding and encourage a purer roll.

You should be able to pick up one of these putters for $60 or even less.

Blade Putters

Tour Edge HP Series

In addition to the wide range of mallet putters in the range there is also a blade putter available. It has a similar design with a face insert to reduce skidding and a Tour Edge jumbo grip to reduce the wristiness of your stroke.

Wilson Windy City Infinite

Right at the top end of the budget for this article but it is from a well-regarded manufacturer who has been producing golf equipment for a long time.

The club has a somewhat understated look, certainly when compared with many modern putters. A classic heel-and-toe weighted blade putter with simple alignment lines. Would please someone looking for a classic-style putter.

Comes with an oversize grip and uses counterbalance technology to give a higher balance point to help you produce a smoother stroke.

Assuming you don’t want an insert putter then I would put this near the top of your list if you only want to spend $100.

Cleveland putters

Cleveland Huntington Beach #1

What appears to be a high-quality product for a bargain price. A simple heel-toe design with a milled face. A single site line to help you line up. It comes fitted with a Winn ProX oversized grip.

It has a suggested selling price of just over $100 but I have seen it available for just under $100 so have included it.

None of these putters will give you bragging rights with your regular playing partners. However, they would find it hard to argue with the price/performance ratio.

A putter costing four times as much is not going to make you hole four times as many putts.

I would suggest testing out the Cleveland, Wilson and Tour Edge models to see which suits you best.

If you are on a really tight budget and would prefer to get something from a big name then you might be tempted by the Wilson harmonized series. They retail at around the $40 mark. I actually picked one of these up as an impulse buy in GolfTown a few years ago and to be honest even at the modest price it was probably not a good decision. It ended up on eBay within a few weeks.


At the time of writing, I was unable to find any Scotty Cameron putters with a buy-it-now price of less than $100 on eBay. You may find it might be possible for you to win an auction though!

However, there were a number of other putters from premium brands available. Although their condition did leave something to be desired.

Mallet Putters

Ping Craz-E

Available in a number of different versions over the years. I did use one of these myself for a couple of years – the G2i edition.

Unfortunately, I tend to change my putter’s the way some people change their socks. I even bought a putter mid-round on one occasion!

So for a putter to last even a couple of years in my bag it must have been pretty good.

Looking at the models available on eBay at this price point they do look a bit ‘tired’. I think that is likely to be the case given how expensive putters have become over the last 10 years, even the second-hand market is unlikely to be cheap.

TaylorMade Spider/Ghost Spider

At one time I had the original spider and I still have a Ghost Spider as my spare putter.

The design of this putter always gave me quite a lot of confidence when standing over a putt.

In fact, I switched to the ghost spider because I felt it helped me line up a little better.

Unfortunately, I found that it was even more prone to damage than my original spider or at least the fact that it was painted white made it stand out more.

If you’re in the second-hand market and looking at any of the ‘Ghost’ putters you will struggle to find any that aren’t badly marked at this price point.

Blade Putters

Best putters under $100
classic Ping Anser

Ping Anser

An all-time classic. Has been re-released many, many times over the years in different types of metal and with and without face inserts.

I managed to pick up a used Anser on eBay 20 years ago for around £25 ($35) which I used intermittently for a few years. Unfortunately I always personally found mallet putters gave me more confidence.

Best Putters Under $100: Conclusion

First and foremost you want a putter that gives you confidence. If you lack confidence on the greens then you are unlikely to putt well.

If you are looking at one of the new models then you should have the advantage of being able to test out the putter in the shop before making a decision.
Decide on a particular model based on performance and feel. Then take a close look at the putter and make sure it has been manufactured well based on its price before parting with your hard-earned cash.

At the very least you need to feel like you are getting value for money. There’s no point buying a cheap putter if you end up replacing it in 12 months.

I would tend to lean toward the Wilson or Cleveland models mentioned earlier.

At this price point, It seems quite difficult to find a used putter that is in reasonable condition. At least what I would consider a reasonable condition!

If you are considering buying used, my advice would be to stick to putters with as simple a design as possible. Ideally, something milled from a piece of metal with no fancy inserts or paint jobs. In theory, at least you should get something that looks reasonable.

The third option would be to keep an eye out for discontinued putters which may be sold off at “bargain” prices. Everyone’s idea of a bargain is slightly different. Only you can decide if it’s worth paying $150 for a putter that was $300 rather than $50 for a used or ‘cheap’ putter.

In summary, if it were my money I would test the Wilson Infinite series against the Cleveland Huntington Beach series to find the putter I liked best.

Ping zing Putter
Ping Zing


What is the best putter for a high handicapper?

The best putter for a high handicapper is actually the same as the best putter for a low handicapper.

Whichever one the player feels the most comfortable with and produces the best results.

In general, people will tend to putt better with more forgiving putters such as mallets. However, some people just prefer the look and feel of a blade putter. Golf can often be a confidence game and putting even more so.

What is the best putter for the average golfer?

Again I would say exactly the same.

The best putter for an average golfer is the one that they feel comfortable with.

If it doesn’t suit their ‘eye’ then they are unlikely to produce good results.

If you’re new to golf then the best option is probably to visit your local golf store and try a few different models to see which you prefer.

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