Best Golf Games On PS5 in 2023

If you have the leading console from Sony then to be honest your choice of golf games is pretty limited. Hopefully, a couple of new releases that are due in the next few months might change that but until then you are probably going to have to stick to playing these three games.

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Best Golf Games On PS5

PGA Tour 2K21

Originally started out as the Golf Club series back in 2014. 2K Games managed to grab the PGA Tour license from EA Sports with their 2021 version of the game. You can take on PGA pros like Justin Thomas on some real courses like TPC Sawgrass, Eastlake Golf Club, Riviera and Quail Hollow.

You can play in career mode to try and win the FedEx Cup. Commentary is provided by former PGA Champion and current Sky TV commentator Rich Beem. You have multiplayer options and can join in with players worldwide using online modes if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

You can customize your own players and even build your own courses. Of the current golf games on PlayStation, this is most like the real thing.

It’s really only a PS4 title but works because the PlayStation 5 plays PS4 games as well.

One reason why this game works so well is the use of the haptic feedback available in the controllers. The controls are difficult to master as you need to learn how the analog stick movements and speed will affect the shots you produce on screen.

You can now get a new updated version of this game PGA Tour 2k23.

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PGA Tour 2k23

Embark on a journey through the PGA TOUR and become the next FedExCup Champion. Compete against the pros and create your own rivalries. You can now play as both male and female players, including the legendary Tiger Woods, in local or online modes. Play on licensed courses such as East Lake Golf Club, TPC Sawgrass, and TPC Scottsdale.

Design your own course with the Course Designer, with thousands of customizable objects and the ability to share it with others across platforms. Introducing Topgolf, with competitive 1-4 player local and online play – perfect for both novice and experienced players alike. You can also host your own online societies to manage tournaments and seasons, or challenge your friends to a game of Divot Derby or Casual mode.

Golf With Your Friends

If you prefer something a little more fun than the more simulation-like PGA Tour game then Golf With Your Friends is definitely worth a look.

First published in 2020 by Blacklight Interactive the focus is much more on competing with friends locally or online rather than creating a realistic golf simulation.

You can challenge yourself against up to 11 other golfers over a total of 13 levels. Each of the levels has 18 holes making a grand total of 234.

Controlling the golf ball is a little different from how you might be used to in other golf games from the past.

While loading times have been a problem with the PS4 version of the game the upgraded PS five version seems to have improved markedly.

If you’re after a “party game” with a golf theme then Golf With Friends is definitely worth a look.

Everybody’s Golf

If you prefer an arcade golf game rather than a simulator then Everybody’s Golf may be the best option for you.

Released in 2017 by Clap Hanz this should offer a good combination of competition and excitement.

This is actually the seventh installment of the Hotshots Golf Series which began on the PlayStation in 1997.

The game has been renamed to fit in with the title of the Japanese original.

Six courses are included with the game and you can purchase an additional five if you want a little bit more variety.

The game features a number of cartoonish characters and even allows you the opportunity to create up to 4 of your own design.

As with many other titles you can compete in career mode or against other players online.

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Everybody’s Golf

  • Everybody’s Golf is a game for PS4 that anybody can play with three simple button clicks
  • Easy to play for gamers and golfers alike with the classic power gauge and three button click mechanic
  • Variety of customization with the most character customization options in franchise history
  • New activities such as fishing, karting and collecting items across the courses
  • More than 60 challenges, twice as many as the last Hot Shots Golf release
  • Compete in global tournament with other players and play with your family or friends through the online/offline-multiplayer mode (some online modes will require a PS Plus membership)

Upcoming Releases

EA Sports appear to be getting back in the game by releasing PGA Tour in the spring of 2023. This will feature all four majors, the Players Championship and the FedEx Cup. In addition, you will be able to sample the LPGA Tour, US Amateur and Korn Ferry Tour.

The latest version of the long-running franchise will feature some iconic golf courses such as the Augusta National, the Old Course at St. Andrews, Pebble Beach Golf Links, East Lake Golf Club, Southern Hills Country Club and the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island.

Hopefully, the PlayStation 5 version does a good job.

The other game that might have computer golf fans on the edge of their seats is 2K Games PGA Tour 2k23. No doubt this will build on the success of 2K 21 but should grab a little more attention as it will be the first computer game to feature Tiger Woods on the cover for nearly 10 years. Rory McIlroy had been the cover star more recently. A unique add-on for this version is the addition of a TopGolf driving range.

This game should be out in October 2022 but does look quite pricey.

Shooter McGavin interviews Tiger Woods

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PGA Tour 2K23

  • Compete against PGA TOUR pros and become the FedExCup Champion
  • Play as male and female pros, including Tiger Woods, in online and local play
  • Access licensed courses such as East Lake Golf Club, TPC Sawgrass, TPC Scottsdale, and more
  • Create your own dream course with the Course Designer and share across platforms
  • Enjoy 1-4 player local and online Topgolf
  • Run online societies and tournaments, or test your skills against friends in Divot Derby and Casual mode

Reviews of PGA Tour are a little mixed but if you absolutely must play Augusta then you can pick it up below.

Top Pick

Amazon Product Image EA Sports PGA Tour

EA Sports PGA Tour

  • Powered by official PGA TOUR ShotLink and TrackMan data, Pure Strike provides unique golf swings with a fluid feel, and realistic outcomes on every golf shot.
  • Combines golfer-specific tendencies with unique Course Dynamics and revolutionized Ball Behavior for the premier golf gameplay experience.
  • Course Dynamics backed by a rigorous course tuning process from tee to green ensures no two golf courses play the same.
  • Revolutionized Ball Behavior delivers next-gen responsiveness so once your shot lands, the golf ball spins, bounces, dribbles, and rolls as it would in real life.
  • Home of the Majors, including the Masters Tournament, the PGA Championship, the U.S. Open Championship, and The Open Championship.
  • 30 courses available, including some of the world’s most exclusive, designed in stunning quality with Frostbite.

Best Golf Games On PS5: Conclusion

Depending on whether you want a more realistic golf experience or an arcade-style game you can pick from one of the current top three games. Hopefully, in the next few months, the new releases from HB Studios and EA will give us a golf game feet to grace the newest generation of consoles.

If you prefer PC gaming then I have a rundown of the best PC Golf Games.

What are the best PS5 golf games?

The current options include the recently released EA Sports PGA Tour, 2K Studios have their latest release PGA Tour 2K23. Older games that remain favorites include PGA Tour 2K21 and Everybody’s Golf.

Is There A PS5 version of PGA Tour?

Yes the new PGA Tour game from EA Sports is available as a PS5 game

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